Cold Feet/C18 Chapter 18
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Cold Feet/C18 Chapter 18
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C18 Chapter 18


“I didn’t get her name,” I reply. I don’t want to mention Viola’s name. It might just be the passion killer Christine has referred to and I’m not going to take a chance on opening up the conversation in that direction.

I order another round of drinks and then another. We’re getting more and more comfortable with each other and the whiskey is having the desired effect and lowering our walls.

“So, what made you decide to talk to me in the elevator and ask a stranger for a drink?” Christine finally asks.

I hesitate and wonder if I should tell the truth. The alcohol gives me the courage and I decide what the hell.

“Sometimes I like to be spontaneous.”

Spontaneous?” Christine asks surprised. “You mean you just ask girls to have a drink with you any time, anywhere when the need to be spontaneous strikes you?”

“Not quite...” I sit forward and lean towards her.

“What then?” she asks intrigued by my unfinished sentence.

I look around quickly as if worried that someone might see us or overhear. I gauge the noise level so that I can be sure she hears me but not everyone around us as well.

“When I see a beautiful, confident woman…” I slowly lean closer to her as I speak and she begins to lean towards me to be sure that she doesn’t miss a word of what I say. I look into her bright green eyes and hold her gaze. “… that has no idea of her beauty and the effect…” I move closer still.

Christine is rapt with attention as she listens and I draw nearer. She licks her lips and prompts me, “… the effect?”

“… the effect that she has on men … and absolutely no idea of how intoxicating her perfume is …” I am now standing next to her talking into her ear. Her long, soft hair brushes my nose and lips. “… a woman whose gaze mesmerizes me and whose lips promise the most amazing kisses if only she will let a man kiss them. That’s when I want to be spontaneous” I finish and place a soft kiss just in front of her ear.

I begin to retreat and my eyes meet her gaze as soon as I am far enough away to see her eyes. She moves faster than I expected and grabs my shirt staying my retreat back to my seat. She pulls my shirt indicating she wants me to come closer again. I move closer and her lips find mine, hungrily, briefly. Then she pushes me back a little.

“How’s that for spontaneous?” she almost whispers.

“Perfect,” I smile.

Neither of us needs to say another word right then. I call the waiter and get the bill. We finish our drinks as we wait for the bill. A short while later it’s settled and we leave. We hail a cab and head back to Christine’s place.

Christine lives on the forty-sixth floor of a high-rise apartment. She unlocks the door and enters dropping her bag on the table in the entrance hall as she turns to hold the door open for me. I step in and she closes and locks the door behind me. Before I can wander further into the apartment, she catches my hand and pulls me back to where she is now leaning against the door.

She pulls me close and our lips meet as my hands settle on her hips. Our kisses are brief, teasing, exploring, wanting more. Then I take her face in my hands and fix my lips to hers. My tongue pushes forward and her lips part willingly inviting entry. Our tongues collide and writhe like lovers, exploring and sharing our desire and passion.

My hands lower from her face and begin to explore her body through her dress. It’s not enough. I want more. Much more. I reach behind her and find the zip of her dress and pull it down in one smooth movement. My fingers hook the edges of her open dress and pull it to the sides. She lowers her arms letting me slide the dress off her shoulders. As soon as her arms are free, her hands are back in my hair as we kiss.

Her dress hangs from her waist pinned by our bodies but there’s enough room for me to slide my hands between the dress and her skin. I’m searching for her panties. It doesn’t take long to realize she’s not wearing any. I break our kiss with the discovery.

“Really?” I ask in disbelief.

She smiles like a naughty girl that’s been caught red-handed. “I decided to be spontaneous this morning,” she jokes.

“If I had known, you would have been in trouble in the elevator,” I say.

“Oh really?” she laughs. “You would have had to work very fast.”

“I could have used my lawyer’s directness,” I joke.

“And it might have worked,” she replies before we kiss again.

She lowers her arms long enough to push her dress the rest of the way down. Then she takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom wearing nothing but her high heels and her bra while I enjoy the view of her long legs and firm ass from behind.

In the room she quickly kicks off her shoes and removes her bra before she falls on the bed, naked. She rolls over onto her stomach. She hugs a pillow and rests her head on it.

I stare at her unashamedly. My eyes roam up from her feet over her perfectly defined calves and then over the backs of her thighs. Her legs are parted giving me a clear view of her pussy between her legs. The curve of her ass, the curve of her thighs where they meet her ass and her waxed slit between them drives me wild.

My cock is straining in my pants by now. Her ass is firm and round, and the valley between her ass cheeks is so damn sexy. Her back is strong and toned and I see the dimples on either side of her spine at hip level. Someone told me that myth has it that women with those dimples are incredibly horny.

Her spine carves a shallow valley between the flesh and muscles of her back up to her shoulders and her neck.

“Are you going to stand there all night and admire me or are you going to fuck me?” she asks from the pillow.

I quickly finish undressing and climb on the bed by her feet.

I am on my knees between her legs and she has to part her legs more to give me room. It greatly improves my view of her slit resting on her soft duvet. The skin around it is a slightly darker hue than the rest of her skin because of the pubic hair’s regrowth. It creates a perfect contrast and my gaze is fixed on it as my cock strains for it.

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