Cold Feet/C19 Chapter 19
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Cold Feet/C19 Chapter 19
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C19 Chapter 19


I run my hands up her smooth legs first on the outside and then on the inside. My touch is firm at first as I grab her soft flesh in my hands. I want to feel her, grab her, have her, all of her in my hands. Then my touch eases as I gradually begin to stroke her legs with my fingers. I start to trace soft strokes up her legs inching higher every time until they finally brush her slit. I touch it again. My fingers start lower and I find her clit. I gently apply pressure and she raises her hips ever so slightly as a soft moan escapes her lips. As I move my finger up and back it slides into her easily. She is wet and ready.

I remove my finger and she lowers her hips to the bed again. I support myself on my arms as I lean forward. I inhale deeply and I can smell her desire, her sex. It almost drives me wild. I kiss her ass and move up planting soft kisses on her back. When I reach her neck and cheeks my hardness presses against her. She moans and moves her hips again trying to position herself so I can enter her easily.

I struggle to resist since I want her so badly but I want to deny her and myself this moment as long as possible, making it last longer.

She senses me moving away.

“Tease. Give me what I want,” she demands hungrily, “or I’ll show you I can be just as selfish or worse.”

Her tone tells me she’ll live up to her threat and so I relent a little. She shifts and connects with my shaft. I press forward a bit until I am just inside her.

“Ah fuck yes,” she whisper-sighs. I hold myself there and give tiny thrusts but don’t give her my full length.

She decides to take matters into her own hands and suddenly pushes up and back with her arms. I don’t expect it and in the next instant, I’m buried as deep as I can go in her.

“Yes, dammit! That’s what I’m talking about!” she exclaims.

Now that I’m buried deep in her and can feel her wetness on me, I start long, deep thrusts. She responds and moves her hips in unison with me making my thrusts harder and deeper. I can hear our sex as we move hungrily, lustfully, and passionately.

I smack her ass repeatedly until her cheeks are red. They are so damn sexy. I run my hands over the backs of her thighs and the curve of her ass as I watch myself driving into her from above. Then I stop and withdraw.

“Turn around,” I say. She collapses on her side and turns on her back positioning herself below me. I enter her again and support myself with my arms as I thrust into her. Our eyes meet and our gaze burns with passion. As I thrust into her, she wraps her arms around my back and runs her hands up and down. She grabs my ass and tries to pull me even deeper into her with every stroke.

Feeling that it still isn’t enough, she digs her fingernails into my ass. I drive into her harder than ever before.

“Yes! Just. Like. That!” she exclaims as I drive even harder into her. I was afraid of hurting her but she can take it, wants it. Her moans become more audible and I can feel she is nearing her climax. When her orgasm hits, her nails leave my ass and claw my back.

I drive into her harder and I’m not far behind. Before her cries end, I feel myself swelling and then exploding inside her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she exclaims. “Oh Yes! I’ve never been fucked this good!” she exclaims.

I slow my thrusts as my orgasm passes and she clenches me with the walls of her pussy. I rest, still supporting myself on my arms. Then, before I become flaccid, she orgasms again before I finally lie down next to her.

We both stare at the ceiling in silence for a while as our breathing returns to normal. Then she rolls on her side and wraps her arm around me.

“That was the best fuck ever,” she whispers in my ear before she nibbles it gently.

“It was awesome,” I say. We make small talk for a while until I realize she has fallen asleep draped over me. I never stay the night as a rule but I don’t want to wake her just then so I decide to wait until she’s in a deep sleep before extricating myself from her and leaving.

As I wait, I drift off to sleep. I am woken by her sometime during the night for round two after which we fall asleep again and I sleep through until the morning.


I wake up and roll over. Slowly I open my eyes and wonder where I am. As I remember, I reach out my arm and find the bed empty. I feel something against the soft bedsheets and lift my head as I grasp it with my hand. It’s a note.

Good morning Sexy.

I don’t usually leave men in my bed but you looked so peaceful and I had to go. Take your time and fix yourself some breakfast and coffee or whatever. It would be nice to find you as I left you but that might be asking too much. A girl can hope though.

And if my hopes make me horny that’s okay.

If you have to go that’s fine too.

Call me later whatever you decide to do.


PS. Last night was awesome.

She’s added her number to the note and I save it on my phone. I read the message again. Short and sweet. Last night was awesome and I have to admit I would like to be here when she gets back but that might send the wrong message as much as we would both enjoy it if I stayed until she returned. Like, I don’t have a home to go home to, or my life’s too sad to go home so I’ll just stay here.

No. Not an option. Besides if I were to stay, it might create an unspoken idea of who is dominant here. And that’s just not going to happen.

I wonder why I’m even thinking of staying. I never stay the night so I’ve already broken my rule. Not intentionally though. I fell asleep waiting for her to be sleeping deeply.

Just an excuse, I tell myself. You broke the rule. It doesn’t matter how you dress it up. And now I’m contemplating being here when she gets back? Why? You know your rule. One-night stands and booty calls. That’s it. Nothing long-term or anything that would suggest moving towards anything long-term.

I sit up and pull back the covers. I look around and see she’s draped my clothes over the dressing table stool. I get up and head into the bathroom where I shower.

Feeling fresh, I get dressed and am about to leave when I realize it would be decent to leave a message.

No. Too much. I’ll text.

I leave her message on the dressing table. It seems less intimate than leaving it on the bedside table. Then I send her a quick text thanking her for last night and telling her I enjoyed it too. I don’t ask her where she is and I don’t allude to meeting again. Nothing to lead her on.

She replies as I ride down the elevator.

You woke up at last 😊

Yep 😊

You can have breakfast. Help yourself.

Thanks, but I’ll get something on the way home. I’m late.

Okay. If I had known you have an appointment today, I would have woken you.

Thanks. I think that would have made both of us late! Good luck for today.

Thanks. Chat later. C

Sure, I reply.

I’m not late for anything but it just sounds more plausible than saying I didn’t want to eat breakfast at her place. I wasn’t about to go through her kitchen cupboards and fridge to find something for breakfast. It’s a no-no in terms of boundaries.

I get home and change into something more casual before cooking myself a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. I read the newspaper and relax in front of the television for a while before feeling the urge to get some fresh air outside. I decide to go for a ride and don my riding gear.

I love to cycle. It’s always great to feel the wind in my face and to take the opportunity to explore the neighborhood and parks at a pace slower than driving in a car. It’s almost meditational for me.

As I ride my thoughts drift back to Christine who I imagine is working her tail off at some or other wedding reception. I think I should have spoken to her about collaborating but then we can always talk about it another time.

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