Cold Feet/C20 Chapter 20
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Cold Feet/C20 Chapter 20
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C20 Chapter 20


From what I gather, she is even more sought after as a wedding planner than Viola was.

At the thought of Viola, I wonder where she is now. She sold up and left. I don’t know if she moved somewhere else in the city or if she left town altogether. I feel sorry for her and what happened. In a way, I wonder if I contributed to her business going under by offering my card to her client. I tell myself it wasn’t my fault. If anyone was instrumental in her business destruction it was the reporter with her damaging report on wedding planners and the industry.

I am disappointed that I never managed to get closer to Viola and reluctantly I push thoughts of her away as I do every time I think of her which is surprisingly often. I tried sending her messages but she stopped answering and I have now given up. Why I chased her so much I don’t know. I don’t chase any woman. Never have. Never plan to.

Before that thought is gone, my thoughts turn to Christine again. I remember our night of passion and I have to admit it was one of the most passionate evenings I have had with any woman. What we had promises so much more if we were to get together again but I don’t normally go back for seconds. I find myself in a quandary as I explore a new area I’ve never been in before. I feel myself begin to harden at the memories of last night and the thoughts of what could be and I stop riding.

I sit on the sidewalk as I wait for my hardness to soften.

What’s wrong with you? I ask myself. You’ve never struggled for dates yet here you are thinking of going back for seconds. What’s up with breaking your rules?

The truth is I don’t know, but when I get home after my ride, I rush to check my phone for messages.

Christine has sent me a message.

See you tonight?

She followed the message with a picture of her panties captioned, If I’m sending you a picture of my panties it means I’m not wearing them…

The message was sent an hour ago. I need no more convincing. I’m hard instantly and I respond.

Tease. Your place? What time?

I’m surprised. She answers quickly but not what I expected.

Sorry, couldn’t wait. I got no answer from you so I decided to withdraw the offer.

What? I reply.

You can’t keep me waiting that long. You snooze you lose. I’ve made plans with my girlfriends for tonight. I have tomorrow open. Yes or no?

I can’t believe this woman. She’s a challenge and I enjoy a challenge. I haven’t had a challenge before. I forget all about my rules.

Sure. What time tomorrow? Your place?

8 am. My place.

Okay, I reply.

I know I’ve just gone against all my rules when it comes to women. Never go back the next day or even two days after as I am doing. But then rules are made to be broken. Besides, they’re my rules, and breaking them once can’t be such a bad thing. Can it?


Things happen faster than I expected in this small town. Amber put in a word with her supervisor before she left and I’m called in for an interview while she’s away.

The supervisor also happens to be the owner of Danzer’s. Charlie. I remember him from when I was a teenager. He’s older now of course and much calmer too but still strict and he’s still got all his wits about him. He doesn’t remember me but then I never really mixed with his son who I understand is now working on cruise ships somewhere in Asia.

“Amber had a lot of good things to say about you. I guess that’s enough to get a job here. I trust her and a friend of hers is a friend of mine. I will of course need your social security number and identity to run a check.”

“Of course,” I nod.

“Have you ever waitressed before?” Charlie asks.

“No, sir,” I reply.

“Well, you can come in and do a shift or two. It’s pretty easy to learn. It’s a bitch on the feet though so make sure you wear the most comfortable shoes you can. Sneakers work best. It’s not hard but it isn’t for everyone.”

I have no plans to do anything else so I ask if I can start learning right away.

“Sure. You can follow Lori around. Just watch and listen and you’ll be okay. Of course, you have to wear Danzer’s uniform so if you’ll give me your measurements here,” Charlie says as he taps a memo pad, “I’ll order two uniforms for you as soon as I can. You have to pay for them though.”

“Well, maybe I can use Amber’s if she decides to leave,” I tell Charlie. “I think I’m about her size anyway.”

“Oh yeah, that makes sense,” Charlie nods. “Okay then. If she stays, I’ll order new uniforms for you next week.”

I get acquainted with Lori who is old enough to be my mother. She knows the job inside out and just about all the clients too.

“Don’t let these customers get to you okay?” she says as I follow her around. “Some of them can be abrasive but if you take it with a pinch of salt and give them back as good as it gets, politely mind you, everyone will be happy.”

“Okay,” I say listening eagerly. I follow her like a puppy dog and smile politely and nod at clients when Lori introduces me and takes the orders. A few clients venture to make remarks or tease me but Lori puts them all in their place.

“Danzer’s is expanding,” one client says to his mate across the table. “They takin’ on new staff.”

‘Nice staff,” his mate replies giving me the eye before he winks.

“Don’t get too excited,” Lori says. “She’s writin’ an article on how waitresses and waiters keep the truck routes of America alive.”

“Wow, that’s somethin’,” the customer smiles. “About time someone created some more awareness ‘bout the truck routes of America. She can interview me any time she wants.”

I’m taken aback when he speaks about me as if I’m not there or can’t answer for myself.

“I think she’s done all the truckers interviews. She’s looking at it from the waiters' and waitress’s perspective now,” Lori says as she pockets her order book. “Besides, even if she’s just interviewin’ I don’t think your missus would want to hear you’re being interviewed by a lovely lady like her.”

“Oh, you’re jus’ full of it, ain’t ya,” the client calls as we walk back to the serving counter. Lori waves over her shoulder.

When we reach the serving counter, Lori pulls out the order pad, rips off the order, and passes it through to the kitchen.

“Just be friendly to them. No matter what they say. Never encourage them. Always put them off with jokes and smart remarks but don’t lead them on or tease them. These guys are regulars and they’re well behaved in here but we don’t know them beyond these walls so it’s best to keep it professional. Okay?”

“Got it,” I nod and smile at Lori.

I learn fast from Lori. It really is easy and Charlie wasn’t lying when he said the job was a killer on the feet.

“It’ll get better,” Lori says. “Your feet will toughen up and before you know it you won’t feel it anymore. You’ll be ‘waitress fit’ as we say.”

The day passes fast and I go home when Lori’s shift ends. I decide to do a double shift of following staff the next day so I can get a feel for the night shift clients who are different from the day shift clients. I have dinner at Danzer’s. It’s one of the perks of being an employee. I’m grateful I don’t need to cook when I get home because I’m beat. I take a quick bath and I’m in bed and fast asleep before I’ve been home an hour.

I’m back at the diner the next day and Amber walks in for the night shift, all smiles.

I give her a big hug. “How did it go?”

“Great. I got the job!” she practically shrieks jumping up and down.

“That’s great!” I exclaim with genuine joy for her even as my heart sinks knowing that I’ll be alone here now. I also long for Los Angeles even though I’ve just arrived. I don’t let my feelings show though. This is Amber’s moment and I don’t want to take away her joy. I’m truly happy for her.

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