Cold Feet/C6 Chapter 6
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Cold Feet/C6 Chapter 6
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C6 Chapter 6


There you go, I think. Sure, she was the toughest bride yet for Ashley but there’s nothing to worry about.


The photos take a long time and by the time they’re finished the guests are waiting where they are seated in the garden area. Using my walkie-talkie, I check with everyone that we are ‘green’ and get confirmation from all of them.

I make my way to the table furthest from the tables of honor. I sit down and run through things again. Everything is taken care of.

The reception begins and the MC has the guests in laughter as he tells tales about the newlyweds and jokes with them. From here on out the MC runs the show. I take orders from him if need be and make sure what he needs at any given moment is taken care of.

The reception couldn’t be better. I think it’s one of the best ever. Ashley has arrived and is seated with me at the table. I assure her repeatedly that everything is okay and she seems to relax.

As we begin to eat, I see him. He doesn’t see me and my eyes follow him as he mingles with the other guests, smiling and talking with nothing but god-given confidence. I watch him because I want to know if he is with someone but at no stage do I see a partner.

I wonder who he is. I did not see him at the photo session so I doubt he is family. He must be here with an invite and I wonder who has invited him. He sees me again and smiles. I blush and look away again quickly. I feel my face grow redder as I see him approaching with my peripheral vision.

I realize he is looking straight at me. I feel my panties soaking again as I blush. Control yourself! I scold myself mentally. The man hasn’t even spoken to you yet and you’re flooding your panties! He probably only needs salt or something anyway.

I look up at him as he stops beside me. He looks down at me and his lips part in a smile revealing sparkling white teeth. I give him the quick once over. He is wearing a grey suit and a white shirt that looks as if it’s been pressed by a steamroller. There is not a single crease on it. It’s immaculate. He wears a tie which looks black in the light. It’s the right length. His suit fits perfectly. It’s neither too big nor too tight for his toned frame. His shoes finish his outfit and they simply gleam as if they’ve been waxed and polished at a car wash.

My eyes meet his again. He is still smiling. I blush again like a little girl who has just been spoken to by her first high school crush.

“Hi. I’m Rick,” he says offering his hand. His voice is so calm yet masculine and firm.

And I am so wet. No man has ever had this effect on me.

I stand so I won’t be craning my neck to admire this gorgeous, heaven-sent gift of a man. I take his hand and shake it without realizing what I am doing. I feel as if I have no control over my body and it’s simply acting of its own volition. His skin is soft and warm and I picture his hands running over my naked skin as I blush again.

“I’m Viola,” I say. “Pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Rick smiles. He leans across the table and offers his hand to Ashley who takes it and blushes as well. They greet each other before Rick turns back to me.

“Could we take a walk?” he asks.

“I… I…,” I stutter. I’m at a loss for words and look at Ashley desperately for help.

She is smiling and nods waving me away with her hand.

“… okay,” I manage to say.

He offers his arm and I link my arm through his. We wander away from the party into the gardens. There is still some time before the reception begins. I’m sure whatever he wishes to discuss will be over by then.

“It’s a lovely evening,” he says sounding as if he is observing something working exactly the way it should.

“I think it’s perfect,” I reply.

“Nearly perfect.” His remark tells me that he thinks something is missing.

“And what would make it perfect if I may ask?” I say looking up at him as we walk towards the beach.

“Getting to know you better,” he replies confidently.

I blush, thankful that it is night and there is little light for him to see how red my face is. My skin is a golden brown but despite its color, I’m sure he could see me blushing if there was enough light. Despite the cool breeze, I feel warmer than expected and I know it’s Rick’s remark and his closeness that is having this effect on me. What is wrong with you? No man has ever had this effect on me this quickly. I know I’m feeling like a little girl who has just been spoken to by her first high school crush. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I haven’t had someone in my life for a long time.

“Do you gatecrash weddings looking for women that you can charm and flirt with? Is that your strategy to find a girlfriend?” I tease.

He chuckles. “Not at all. I just happened to be invited to this wedding as a friend of a friend.”

“I had no idea that people were in the habit of inviting friends of friends to wedding receptions these days.”

Rick laughs. “Well, I’m glad I was invited otherwise I would never have met you.”

“Oh really?” I smile. “Tell me, does the hard sell really work with women for you?” I’m guessing it does. He’s so damn gorgeous. And while he’s straightforward and confident, he doesn’t come across as being arrogant.

“Is that what you call it?”

“Mm-hmm,” I reply.

“Well, then I must admit I don’t usually do the hard sell but tonight when I saw you, I thought I probably don’t have much time. You’re very busy with coordinating the wedding and, I might add, you’re doing an absolutely stellar job of it but I’m guessing that you walking with me right now is a luxury that you can scarcely afford unless you have someone who can hold the fort a while.”

“You seem to know me well,” I say glancing at him.

He stops and turns to look at me taking my hand in his with ease. If anyone saw us, they would easily think we were a couple. I am amazed at how he does not seem to think it might be considered creepy or think it might be crossing a line considering that we’ve only just met.

The truth is I don’t mind. As he holds my hand, I make no move to withdraw it from his. His hands are soft, and his touch gentle. His touch is setting my skin on fire and I don’t think a fire extinguisher can put out the fire between my thighs. His eyes, his voice, his smile are all so perfect and are all having an effect on me that no man has ever had.

“When I saw you tonight, I knew I had to get to know you better. I just felt … something. When our eyes met, I was drawn to you like a moth to a flame.”

“Careful then. You might get burned,” I tease.

“I somehow don’t think so,” he smiles. “I’m grateful you’re giving me this time and I don’t know how long we have so I’ll just come right out and say it.”

“Say what?” I ask.

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