Cold Feet/C9 Chapter 9
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Cold Feet/C9 Chapter 9
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C9 Chapter 9


I sit down at my table again. My chat with Viola didn’t go the way I had hoped. I know I’ve blown what we started outside in the garden. I am disappointed. She has had an effect on me like no other woman and I still can’t stop looking at her.

She’s one of the best at what she does. I’m one of the best at what I do too.

I know if we collaborated it would be great. With her reputation in her industry, Viola attracts top-tier clients because of her reputation. My kind of clients. The wealthier they are, the bigger the divorce settlements are. Makes sense doesn’t it?

That aside, they can also pay for the best legal advice before they get married if we collaborate. This is what Viola failed to recognize. My commissions are good and she stands to make good money simply from a referral. Why should she even care what happens later down the road? If anything, she’s likely to get at least one repeat client if the couple divorces and they remarry later. They’ll probably call her for their next wedding. Hell, there’s even their children a generation from now who’ll be getting married. She can easily get the children’s weddings too depending on how close she stays to her clients after they get married. I’ll cut her in on all the business I get from a client she refers to me and I’ll even refer business her way too.

I keep looking at her. I can’t help it. I’m wondering what’s got her so upset about what I said. Maybe it was just the wrong time and I should have arranged to speak with her after the wedding or on a day when she wasn’t running a wedding reception.

There is another reason why I can’t stop looking at her. She is unbelievably beautiful. I don’t believe in love but she is my type. By my type, I mean confident, sassy, proud, sexy, independent. The kind that doesn’t have time for relationships but takes what she needs from men when she needs it. Just as I take from women what I need when I need it. I don’t have time for relationships. I also don’t believe in them.

She catches me looking at her again and she shifts uncomfortably in her chair then sits forward, putting up her hand to cut me from her view. She says something to Ashley and then pushes her plate away. She hasn’t finished her food. Then she gets up and leaves the room.

My gaze follows her as she heads for the door. The sway of her hips is accentuated perfectly by the figure-hugging outfit she is wearing. The high heels she is wearing add height to her form and her long, silken black hair bounces softly with every step she takes.

I touch her panties in my pocket and remember how good she smells. I’m instantly hard again as I think of our encounter earlier tonight in the garden.

She doesn’t know she’s a goddess. Perfect. I’ve seen her type many times before. I hunt for her type. I have the most fun with them. First, I show them how beautiful they are and make them realize the effect they have on men. I like to make them self-aware. When a woman like Viola becomes self-aware of her beauty and sexuality, it increases her beauty and sexuality. Stripping away her innocence and teaching her the ways of the world, my world actually, is what I enjoy most.

My interest in Viola is more than just business. Hell, if she gives me no business and just lets me tame her, I guess I can live with it. It would be a pity though.

I realize everyone else is standing and so I stand as a waiter passes with a tray of champagne glasses. I lighten his tray by taking a glass and look at the main table where the toasts are beginning. The happy couple is whispering and smiling as the MC talks and jokes. They seem happy and I wish them all the best. I really do. Not everyone divorces. I just want to plant the seed that I’m here if ever either of them should need me. It’s not asking much.

The toasts continue for a while and I glance over to where Viola was sitting but she hasn’t returned. Ashley is there and she’s not looking at me. The toasts finish and the band begins to play. People cross to the happy couple at the table and offer their congratulations. I join in and congratulate the happy couple. A short while later the couple steps out onto the dance floor for their first dance. I watch them move around the dance floor gracefully. They don’t say much as they dance. The groom is almost a head taller than the bride and while she presses her head against his chest he is looking around as if he is looking for someone.

They are joined on the dance floor by some of the guests and soon the floor is crowded with happy couples. When the wedding couple finishes their dance, they return to the table and the groom excuses himself. I assume he’s going to relieve himself. The bride watches him go before she is distracted by a guest.

With the festivities almost in full swing, I decide it’s almost time for me to leave. Weddings are not my favorite events, even less so when I am without a partner.

I decide to go and look for Viola and try to speak to her again before I leave. I grab myself another drink from a passing waiter and begin to make my way through the guests to the main garden.

I find Viola halfway between the reception area the main building. Her back is turned to me and she is speaking into her walkie-talkie. She finishes and turns around. She jumps back in surprise.

“Oh my God!” she exclaims. “You gave me such a fright!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” I reply. I give her a moment to recover and then continue. “Look, I’m sorry for earlier. I think everything just came out wrong. Normally I can express myself quite clearly and I just don’t know what happened earlier…”

Viola is studying me coldly, “… I think you expressed yourself quite clearly back there Rick. You see the institution of marriage as an opportunity for future business, preying on the sorrow and anguish of others to make a living when that time comes, if ever. I have never met a lawyer like you. I’ve heard of, even seen ambulance chasers in action but this, you must have a hundred percent market share of your chosen niche…”

Viola breaks off as someone passes by. It’s the bride. She seems to be in a hurry to get somewhere.

“Trish, is everything okay?” Viola asks.

Trish barely stops and turns. “Yes. I just need the bathroom. I’ve waited too long already.”

“Okay. Don’t let me keep you,” Viola smiles.

Trish turns and continues her walk up to the main building.

Something in Trish’s manner tells me something is wrong. It’s not my wedding though and I am leaving anyway. Nevertheless, I decide to say something to Viola.

“I think somethings wrong with the bride…”

“So now you’re a doctor too?” Viola asks angrily in a low tone afraid that Trish might still be in earshot.

“No… I just want to help…”

“I don’t need your help, marriage killer. This is my wedding and I think everything’s going just fine…”

A woman’s shouts suddenly become audible from the main building. I can’t say for sure who it is but I have a pretty good idea.

Viola turns and runs for the main building. It takes me a moment before I follow her.

“Trish!” Viola calls as she runs to the building.

As we near the building the words of the woman’s shouts become clear.

“You… son… of… a… two… timing… bitch! And you! You… goddamn… damn… whore!”

Viola has entered the building with me in tow. She pushes her way through the crowd that has gathered already around the open bathroom door.

I follow Viola’s wake through the crowd and arrive at the front of the people just behind Viola. Trish is standing in front of the open bathroom door screaming at the groom whose pants are pooled around his ankles. He is still buried cock deep in the woman with him in the bathroom. I recognize the girl. Cherise. She is the bridesmaid. She looks away and exclaims to the groom, “Close the goddamn door, you idiot!”

He reaches to close it but can’t without slipping out of the bridesmaid and revealing himself to everyone watching.

Trish steps forward. She brandishes the cake knife threateningly, “You dare close this fucking door and I’ll cut your cock off you cheating son of a bitch!”

The groom, Eric, goes a deeper shade of red and tries to placate Trish, “Babe, I’m sorry. I am, I didn’t mean to…”

“Shut up!” Trish screams. “Shut up! Don’t try to sell me your lies!”

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