At night, Gu Qingyou stood alone in front of the French window, frowning slightly. She was nervous.

Ye Shuo had just told her that Jiang Jun would be back tonight.

Yes, in the half month she had been Jiang Jun's "wife", she had yet to personally see Jiang Jun.

Her understanding of Jiang Jun limited it to him being a handsome young man who was in charge of the C City's Jiang?s Group. He was the CEO of the Jiang?s Group and often appeared on television and in the newspapers.

She was really curious about what kind of person he was ?

The media reported that he was very cold, as if he was not a very easy-going person.

However, he was handsome and rich, and his feelings towards Xia Qingchen for so many years were always single-minded, to the point where there were almost no rumours about him. This also seemed to indicate that he was merely a low-key and indifferent person, and his character should not be bad.

If so, she was lucky.

However, she really wasn't confident in her heart. After all, they were going to play the role of husband and wife later on, yet she didn't even know what kind of person he was ?

She was worried that she would fail.

Sighing, Gu Qingyou slowly closed his eyes.

In fact, it was meaningless for her to ponder about Jiang Jun here. No matter what kind of person he was, the deal between her and Jiang Jun had already been reached, and she had to fulfill the terms of the agreement no matter what ?

Play the role of Jiang Jun's wife to give birth to his children.

Thinking about that, Gu Qingyou shook her head, removing the worry in her mind.

Just then, the respectful voice of the servant came from outside the door, "Madam Gu Qingyou, Madam is inviting you downstairs for dinner."

Hearing that, Gu Qingyou hurriedly replied with a clear and melodious voice, "Okay, I will go down immediately." She hurried to the bathroom to fix her makeup.

In the dining hall on the first floor of Jiang's Mansion, Director Jiang and his wife were already sitting at the dining table.

"Dad, mom, sorry, I came down late." After Gu Qingyou sat down, he said apologetically to the two elders.

The Director Jiang couple looked kind and amiable, especially the Mrs Jiang. After instructing the servant to scoop up a bowl of soup for her, they lovingly said, "Xia Qingchen, you're too thin, drink more soup ? Mommy likes you to get fatter. "

Director Jiang said: "Xia Qingchen seems to have lost a bit of weight compared to when they were getting married a month ago."

Gu Qingyou elegantly lifted the bowl of soup and gently replied, "Indeed I am slightly thinner, I think I am a bit prettier."

Mrs Jiang smiled lightly, "I do understand. When Mom was young, she also wanted to be thin. No matter how thin she is, she still felt that it was a bit too late. Now that I'm old, I don't have much luck. "

"Mommy's figure is very good!" Gu Qingyou praised her seriously, her clear eyes revealing a trace of envy. "I keep praying that in the future I will also have a good figure like mother!"

"Take a look ?" Mrs Jiang was coaxed to the point that he had a smile plastered on his face, "Qing Chen really knows how to speak!"

"I'm telling the truth. Mom's body is like a young man's."

Mrs Jiang smiled happily, it was as sweet as eating honey. "Quickly drink the soup, this is the soup I cooked for you personally."

Gu Qingyou's clear eyes lit up, "Wa, then I want to drink two more bowls."

"Alright, alright." Mrs Jiang laughed happily.

Gu Qingyou was satisfied as he gulped down the soup. The taste was indeed excellent.

When the butler presented the second bowl of soup to Gu Qingyou, he chuckled and said, "Young madam should drink a few more bowls. Madame has personally cooked for you all afternoon... Doctor Lin said that this soup is most suitable for your body. "

Heal her body?

Gu Qingyou suddenly stopped in her movements as she was drinking the soup.

Mrs Jiang glanced at the butler unhappily, but only smiled and did not reprimand him, "You, are just talking too much."

The butler chuckled and left.

Mrs Jiang then explained to Gu Qingyou, "Xia Qingchen, don't listen to the butler. Mom just thinks you're too thin and wants to take care of your body. I have no other ideas. "

"That's right. Qingchen, don't think too much." The Director Jiang agreed benevolently.

Gu Qingyou blushed slightly, then raised her elegant and white face and smiled sweetly to the two elders: "Jiang Jun is already thirty years old, I also want Jiang Jun to become a father sooner."

When the Director Jiang couple heard this, they were overjoyed.

"It's enough for you to think that way. Most young people these days don't want children this early. Don't feel any pressure, just let nature take its course. " The Mrs Jiang said.

Gu Qingyou calmly nodded, "En."

At this time, a servant walked into the dining hall and bowed respectfully, "Sir, Madam, Boss Jiang is back."

"Ah, Jiang Jun is back?"

Mrs Jiang was ecstatic and stood up from the dining table.

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