Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C1 Sir! Stop else I shall call for help!
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Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C1 Sir! Stop else I shall call for help!
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C1 Sir! Stop else I shall call for help!

With her phone in one hand, and anxiety writ on her face, Soong Jiayin nervously waited at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau. It was as if she could hear her heartbeat. Just the night before, her boyfriend had proposed to her for marriage. Love had been blossoming between the two for three long years. Imagine...three long years! And, at last Wu Zihao said he wanted to marry Soong Jiayin. Logically, they should have gotten married long ago. However, Soong Jiayin always felt that there was something amiss between the two of them. For some reason, Wuh Zihao did not disclose it. Therefore, their marriage could only be put aside for now.

Soong Jiayin looked at the time. It had been over half an hour since the appointed time but Wuh Zihao had not turned up still. Soong Jiayin simply sat at the door and looked at the couples entering and exiting. Though she should have been upset, yet she felt a sense of relief in her heart.

"Maybe, Wuh Zihao regretted it at the last minute". she thought.

When Wuh Zihao had called her yesterday to propose marriage, Soong Jiayin felt quite strange. Soong Jiayin and Wuh Zihao had never discussed this before. She did not know why they were suddenly going to get married.

Disappointed by the wait, Soong Jiayin was smiling wryly when she called Wuh Zihao. Wuh Zihao picked up the phone instantly. None of them uttered a word. After a long silence, Soong Jiayin said in a feeble tone: "Zihao, are you coming or not?"

Wuh Zihao hesitated and said, "Jiayin, I'm sorry. I was impulsive last night. Go home first. I. . . "

"Forget it. " Soong Jiayin cut Wuh Zihao short and murmured, "In that case, forget it. Let's break up. "

"What did you say?" Wuh Zihao almost screamed, aghast.

"I said break up. " Soong Jiayin calmly said, "I think it is meaningless for us to drag on like this. I. . . " Before Soong Jiayin could complete her words, someone was dragging her. That person had a tight grip on her wrist. Soong Jiayin turned in shock and saw the back of that person. She was almost yelling, "Sir! What do you want to do?"

But Soong Jiayin's assailant turned a deaf ear to her words. Without a moment's respite, he had shoved Soong Jiayin into the Civil Affairs Bureau. Soong Jiayin was overwhelmed and petrified. She retorted, "Sir! If you continue to be like this, I will call people!"

The tall man in front continued to ignore Soong Jiayin's words. He heaved Soong Jiayin into a small room and directly pressed her onto a chair. Before Soong Jiayin could say anything, the staff opposite took a photo of them. Soong Jiayin was visibly shaken, her head was spinning and her vision turned blank. She covered her eyes and shouted, "What are you guys doing? What do you mean?"

"Sir, Miss, please show your ID. " A staff member said politely.

Soong Jiayin's eyesight was still fazed. She narrowed her eyes and asked, "What exactly are you going to do?"

The man did not pay any heed to Soong Jiayin's utterances and, at last, took her bag. He took out Soong Jiayin's identity card and handed it to the staff member. Soong Jiayin bolted from her seat and swiftly tried to reach out to grab her ID card. However, the man was much hefty and he overpowered her with no effort. He grabbed Soong Jiayin's both wrists. All this while, the man wore an indifferent look.

Only then did Soong Jiayin raise her head to look at him. The man had a handsome nose and deep eyes. He was really very good looking. At this moment, Soong Jiayin was hardly in a mood to focus on the man's appearance. She was curt and straighforward. "Sir! I want to ask, what do you mean by this?"

The man was silent all this while. He wore a blank, expressionless look while he observed the staff's operations. By this time, the staff had finished the stamp work. One of them handed the two marriage certificates and the ID card to the man and said with a smile, "Congratulations, both of you!"

Soong Jiayin was stunned and asked, "What do you mean?"

The man took the two marriage certificates and put away his ID card. Then, he stuffed Soong Jiayin's ID card as well as the marriage certificate into her hands and without saying a word, turned around to leave.

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