Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C15 Agree to the Contract
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Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C15 Agree to the Contract
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C15 Agree to the Contract

Everything was going in the direction Gong Yichen had expected. Gong Yichen raised his lips in satisfaction and glanced at Soong Jiayin beside him. "Don't worry. "

Gong Yichen had always kept his word. Although it was only a one-year engagement, no one knew what would happen after a year.

Fortunately, there was no one in the dormitory. Soong Jiayin dragged her suitcase and took away the commonly used items. After that, she reluctantly got into Gong Yichen's car again.

Gong Yichen deliberately increased the strength of the accelerator and sped along the road. He wished he could reach home in the next second.

Gong Yichen's home and Soong Jiayin's could be said to be worlds apart. One was luxurious and imposing, the other was ordinary and simple.

When a huge European villa appeared, Gong Yichen stopped.

"Is it here?" Soong Jiayin looked at the luxurious villa in front of her and did not believe her eyes.

Is there such a magnificent place in this city? This was the first time Soong Jiayin saw it.

"Yes. " Gong Yichen answered Soong Jiayin's question.

As soon as Gong Yichen stopped the car, the housekeeper who had been waiting at the door opened the door for Gong Yichen and Soong Jiayin politely. Soong Jiayin's luggage was also carried into the room by someone.

Before Soong Jiayin could finish sighing, Gong Yichen gently pulled Soong Jiayin's hand and brought her into the villa.

Just like the exterior, the Gong family's decorations also had the theme of low-profile extravagance without exception, perfectly illustrating the beauty of the European style buildings.

Just the living room alone was enough to be a lot bigger than Soong Jiayin's entire home. Pure wood furniture was covered with simple tablecloths, and the entire room was greyish white as the main theme. It made people feel very relaxed.

Gong Yichen brought Soong Jiayin to visit each room. Gong Yichen brought Soong Jiayin to the second floor.

"This is your room. " Gong Yichen said and opened the door to a room.

Soong Jiayin's luggage had been placed in the room first.

Only this room's structure was different from the other rooms with gray and white main tones. The main tone was light pink in color. Even the curtains were made of semi-transparent lace curtains, successfully arousing Soong Jiayin's heart of a young girl.

The room was very big. There was a wardrobe, a desk, a dressing table, and other furniture. It seemed to be customized for Soong Jiayin.

Soong Jiayin was very satisfied with the arrangement of the room, especially the soft princess bed in front of her. It made people want to pounce on it and roll a few times.

From Soong Jiayin's expression, Gong Yichen knew that Soong Jiayin liked it.

Gong Yichen did not expect Soong Jiayin to have such a child side and would be so happy for a room.

Gong Yichen saw how cute Soong Jiayin was, and he could not help but reach out and rub Soong Jiayin's furry head.

"My room is next door. You can look for me if you need anything. " Before Soong Jiayin could say anything, Gong Yichen interrupted her.

"I know," Soong Jiayin said. Soong Jiayin pouted unhappily.

"You should have a good rest today. " After saying that, Gong Yichen walked out and closed the door for Soong Jiayin.

When Gong Yichen's footsteps disappeared, Soong Jiayin lied down on the soft and wide princess bed.

Soong Jiayin's intelligent eyes stared blankly at the snow white ceiling.

It seemed that Soong Jiayin really had to share a room with Gong Yichen in the future. She did not know what Min Peipei would think of Soong Jiayin if she knew.

But fortunately, as long as Soong Jiayin had the five million that Gong Yichen agreed to, her brother's tuition and the living expenses of the family would be settled. She would return it to Gong Yichen when Soong Jiayin earned money in the future. Soong Jiayin knew from a young age that girls needed to rely on hard work to win the future. Soong Jiayin hoped that other people would not only see her beauty, but also see her hard work.

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