Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C17 He Silently Endured It
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Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C17 He Silently Endured It
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C17 He Silently Endured It

Not only Wuh Zihao, There was also an enchanting blonde woman beside him.

This blonde woman was wearing a deep V-tight dress, which attracted a lot of attention.

Her lips were covered in bright red lipstick, and she was smiling brightly.

"Hello!" Soong Jiayin's mouth twitched, but she still politely greeted her.

She was originally thinking about why there would suddenly be a customer who wanted her to design a wedding ring. Now she understood when she saw Wuh Zihao's arrogant face. It was all his fault.

Ignoring Soong Jiayin's greeting and gaze, Wuh Zihao looked around and sighed. "This shop is small and broken. "

"May I ask if you want to design a wedding ring?" Soong Jiayin controlled her temper and did not lose her temper.

Wuh Zihao did not come to buy a wedding ring at all. He obviously came to find trouble on purpose. He even brought such an enchanting woman with him. He must want to show off his strength for her.

"Do you know how to do business? If I wasn't here to order a wedding ring, what would I be doing here?" Wuh Zihao approached her, his eyebrows slightly raised, as if he was deliberately provoking her.

The blonde girl beside him grabbed Wuh Zihao's arm and stared at Soong Jiayin. She smiled and said, "Zihao, don't be angry over a shop assistant. It's not worth it. "

Soong Jiayin sighed.

After all, this was the place where she worked, and it was also working time. The general manager had high hopes for her in the morning. If she were to be furious with Wuh Zihao because of her private matters, she would probably fall into his trap.

She put the design manual on the table in front of Wuh Zihao and tried to speak in a slow tone, "Sir, you can see what type you like. "

Wuh Zihao glanced at the manual and casually threw it to the blonde woman.

The handbook was filled with the most popular designs recently, and they were all classic works by famous people.

However, unexpectedly, after the blonde girl roughly flipped through a few pages, she felt bored and threw it aside.

She held her chin with one hand, thinking as she said: "I want one that looks simple and generous, with a European style and a Chinese style, the type that combines China and West. "

"Okay" Soong Jiayin paused for a moment and recorded all these requirements in the notebook.

The requirements for this style to go against each other were really difficult. Fortunately, she had recently learned a lesson that just happened to mention how to design this style. She only needed to search for the corresponding keywords on the internet. There should be no problem.

But following that, Wuh Zihao made a series of virtually impossible requests. "My ring also needs to be colorful. There must be at least ten colors, and there must be words engraved on it. I think that song Song of Eternal Hatred is quite suitable. Although it has a little more words, you should be able to satisfy our requirements, right?"

After saying that, Wuh Zihao and the blonde girl burst into laughter.

They told a joke that was deliberately made up to humiliate Soong Jiayin.

Wuh Zihao raised his eyebrows and a sly smile appeared on his face. "Then I will leave it to you, designer. "

When Wuh Zihao saw Soong Jiayin being bullied by him and could only silently endure it, he felt a little more at ease in his heart.

Soong Jiayin gritted her teeth, and her hands, which were under the table, also clenched into fists.

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