Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C18 President Gu's Consolation.
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Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C18 President Gu's Consolation.
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C18 President Gu's Consolation.

Wuh Zihao and the blonde girl made things difficult for Soong Jiayin, but she did not say anything. No matter how they humiliated her, she endured it and did not have any complaints.

After a long time, Wuh Zihao had enough. After all, he had already lost interest in her.

He knocked on the table in front of Soong Jiayin and ordered her, "I have already paid the deposit. I hope to see the blueprint as soon as possible. "

After he finished speaking, he and the blonde girl left the jewelry store angrily.

Soong Jiayin saw their backs gradually disappearing at the corner of the street and finally let out a long sigh of relief.

She stared at the paper in front of her that was filled with design requirements and fell into deep thought.

Wuh Zihao was really too much. It was clearly their private matter, but he actually forcefully dragged it into her work. If she had expressed her dissatisfaction just now, she might have been kicked out by the general manager now.

While she was in distress, the General Manager appeared behind her and gently patted her shoulder.

"Jiayin, your willpower is very good. You will definitely achieve great things in the future. " Lu Junyan comforted her. He saw everything that happened just now. Anyone who was sensible could tell that Wuh Zihao was looking for trouble on purpose. But that was their job. Customers were God.

"Thank you, CEO Lu. " Soong Jiayin nodded. Her tightly furrowed brows slowly relaxed.

Lu Junyan raised his hand to look at his watch and said, "You have to continue to work hard. You go back and have a good rest today. "

"Alright. " Soong Jiayin wanted to refuse, but when she remembered Wuh Zihao's unreasonable request just now, she could not help but agree.

She might want her brain to have a good rest.

After getting off work early, she did not squeeze into the subway as usual. On the contrary, she walked along the streets nearby.

The street at four o'clock in the afternoon was spacious and empty. It was different from the peak hours after work. They were two different worlds.

There were many stalls selling snacks on the side of the street. There were pancakes, fruits, mutton skewers, and potato pancakes. It had everything.

Soong Jiayin's mood immediately became happy when she saw them.

These were the street snacks that she liked to eat the most when she was in high school. Every time she went home after school, she would buy one or two favorite snacks. Now, they brought back her memories.

She touched her pocket. There was also ten yuan and change. She looked at a stall selling grilled noodles not far away and saw many students surrounding it. She curiously walked over.

The crispy grilled noodles were stir-fried on the pan with a golden luster. With all kinds of sauce, a box of ordinary grilled noodles became very delicious.

She couldn't resist the temptation. After thinking for a while, she still handed the money to the owner of a stall: "Boss, I want a serving of barbecue noodles to pack. "

A large serving of Roasted Cold Noodles was very heavy. At least, she had enough to eat.

She thought that she didn't know what to eat tonight. She could just bring the Roasted Cold Noodles back to the Gong residence for dinner.

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