Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C19 My Stomach Hurts
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Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C19 My Stomach Hurts
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C19 My Stomach Hurts

When Soong Jiayin returned to the Gong family, she was surprised to find that Gong Yichen had already returned. He was sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper attentively.

Seeing that she had returned, Gong Yichen raised his eyebrows slightly and his face remained calm. "You are back?"

"Yes, sir. " After changing her shoes, Soong Jiayin also sat on the sofa with the warm grilled noodles in her hands. She prepared to open the packaging and eat.

This special food attracted Gong Yichen's scrutinizing gaze.

He stared at the grilled noodles with a golden luster. He frowned slightly and asked in disbelief, "Do you want to eat this?"

"Yeah. " Soong Jiayin nodded as if it was a matter of course.

Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something and moved the cold noodles in front of Gong Yichen. "Do you want some? It's very delicious. "

"No need. I have finished dinner. " Gong Yichen refused without thinking. He turned his gaze back to the news in the newspaper.

Since Gong Yichen did not want to eat, Soong Jiayin did not force him. She pried open the chopsticks, picked up a piece of cold noodles, and put it into her mouth to chew carefully.

With Soong Jiayin eating by his side, Gong Yichen could not read the newspaper at all. He stared at the same line of words for a long time, but could not move his gaze away.

He glanced at Soong Jiayin who was eating happily. He glanced at her and reminded her faintly. "Don't buy this kind of stuff in the future. It's unhygienic. If you want to eat, just ask the housekeeper to do it. "

"Alright. " Soong Jiayin pursed her lips and swallowed a large mouthful of cold noodles.

Sure enough, the taste was still so pure. It was exactly the same as the taste she ate when she was young. It really reminded her of the past.

A young master like Gong Yichen, who had grown up in a greenhouse, was different. He definitely had never eaten grilled cold noodles before. That was why he calmly advised her not to eat it.

Sometimes, she felt that a young master like Gong Yichen was quite pitiful. It was a pity that she had never eaten any of the delicious street snacks.

Even though Gong Yichen advised her to eat less and slower, Soong Jiayin acted as if she did not hear him. In a short while, she ate the whole box of cold noodles.

Satisfied, Soong Jiayin put down the empty lunchbox and wiped her mouth before leaning on the sofa to rest.

She sighed. "Sure enough, street snacks still have a charm. "

But just as she finished speaking, her expression suddenly changed. Her happy expression instantly changed from one of joy to one of deep frown.

Soong Jiayin gritted her silver teeth and bit her lower lip, as if she was trying hard to restrain something.

"What's wrong with you?" Gong Yichen put down the newspaper in his hand. He noticed Soong Jiayin's unusual behavior and asked with a frown.

"My stomach hurts. . . " Soong Jiayin squeezed out these few words from the gaps of her teeth.

Her hands tightly hugged her stomach and her entire body curled up on the sofa. Her body shrank into a ball and trembled slightly.

"My stomach hurts. . . " Suddenly, the sharp pain eroded her entire body. She bit her lips and her pink smile turned pale.

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