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Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C2 Documents received
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C2 Documents received

Soong Jiayin stared at the marriage certificate in her hand. She composed herself and her first reaction was to try and chase him. However, a couple walking towards the office blocked her way. When the crowd cleared, all Soong Jiayin could see was the man's back as he was hurrying away. She had barely shouted waving at him when he drove away.

An exasperated Soong Jiayin did not know what to do. She flung the marriage certificate onto the ground and cried out, "Who are you? Come back!"

There were many onlookers gazing at her. Soong Jiayin was breathing heavily. Her heart thumped out. She knew that she could not chase the car. She lowered her head and picked up the small red book. The moment she opened it, she saw the photo of the two of them, in which she had a dumbfounded look on her face and the man beside her had a calm countenance and a deep gaze.

Soong Jiayin glanced at name in the red book: Gong Yichen. She read the name aloud, her fingers running through every alphabet. Then reached into her pocket, but it was empty. Soong Jiayin was so scared that a shiver ran down her spine in extreme helplessness. Her phone was gone!

Soong Jiayin placed her hands across her forehead. She bowed her head and closed her eyes trying to focus on the cycle of events. She reflected on each moment as to what had happened. She was just on the phone with Wuh Zihao. Then that man suddenly ran over and pulled her away. Her phone must have been lost at that time.

Soong Jiayin grit her teeth. She was full of remorse and hatred for this man. She tightly gripped the little red book in her hand, wishing she could tear it off. She took a deep breath. Gong Yichen, right? You better not let me find you. I will not spare you!

When Soong Jiayin returned to the dormitory, her room-mate Min Peipei was eating instant noodles. Upon seeing Soong Jiayin, she gasped in astonishment. She retorted, "Yin, why are you back? Where is Wuh Zihao? Quickly let me see your marriage certificate!"

Min Peipei's question sharply pierced Soong Jiayin's heart. Everything had happened too quickly and she had not recovered from her shock until now!

"What happened to you, Jiayin? Did something happen? Don't keep quiet. Did Wuh Zihao bully you? " Min Peipei noticed Jiayin's stone-like silence. She stopped eating and anxiously walked around Soong Jiayin.

Soong Jiayin composed her thoughts and pulled Min Peipei to the bed. She lightly said, "I am fine. But I have two news to tell you. Which one do you want to hear?"

Min Peipei frowned and asked, "Two pieces of news? What do you mean? You found out that you are pregnant?"

Soong Jiayin rolled her eyes at her, " Can't you think of something normal? "

Min Peipei was blatant in her response," You are so mysterious, how would I know what could happen? "

Soong Jiayin sighed and shook her head, "The first thing is, I broke up with Zihao. "

"What?" Min Peipei exclaimed.

Soong Jiayin had anticipated Min Peipei's reaction. She slowly took out a small red book from her pocket and looked at it blankly. "Although the process was a little different, the result was the same. "

Min Peipei stared at the small red book in shock. She snatched it and immediately said, "You have already received the certificate. Why did you say you broke up with Wuh Zihao?" Min Peipei opened the small red book and was dumbfounded. She was stunned for a while before she said in disbelief, "No way. What is this? Who is this person? "

Soong Jiayin was still confused and crestfallen. She snatched the small notebook back and began to tell Min Peipei about the day's experience.

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