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C20 Appendicitis

Soong Jiayin was in so much pain that she could not help but moan. She covered her stomach and did not dare to move. She was afraid that it would hurt even more.

"Yin, don't worry. I will take you to the doctor. " Gong Yichen carried her and hurriedly walked out.

He carefully put Soong Jiayin in the passenger seat. He quickly sat in the driver's seat. He started the engine and sped on the road.

He saw that Soong Jiayin was in so much pain that there was not a trace of blood on her face. Her face was so pale that it was as white as a piece of paper.

Bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down her cheeks and onto her clothes, wetting her collar.

Soong Jiayin's moans could not be stopped by his ears. She was in so much pain that she almost cried.

Gong Yichen pursed his lips and stared at the road in front of him without saying a word. He could not help but increase his speed again.

He began to regret. As expected, he should have stopped Soong Jiayin from eating this kind of unclean and unknown thing in time. He actually forgot about it when he saw her eating so happily.

Because Gong Yichen's speed was extremely fast, he arrived at Zheng Rui's department in a short while.

After parking the car, Gong Yichen anxiously carried Soong Jiayin and ran to Zheng Rui's office.

When Gong Yichen rudely carried Soong Jiayin into Zheng Rui's office, Zheng Rui was so scared that he almost screamed.

Zheng Rui calmed himself down and let out a sigh of relief when he saw that it was Gong Yichen who had barged in. "Why are you in such a hurry?"

"Quickly, help me take a look. What happened to her? Her stomach has been hurting ever since she ate the roasted noodles. " As he spoke, Gong Yichen gently placed Soong Jiayin on the snow-white hospital bed. He took a step back to make it convenient for Zheng Rui to diagnose her.

Zheng Rui nodded. Just as he was about to walk forward to check, the phone in his pocket rang at an inappropriate time.

On the screen of the phone was the name of Gong Yichen's father - Gong Jianting.

Compared to Gong Yichen, his father was Zheng Rui's direct superior. He did not dare not answer the phone.

He tried to use his power again and again, but Zheng Rui still said apologetically to Gong Yichen, "One minute, just one minute. "

As he spoke, he pressed the answer button.

"Zheng Rui, Yichen is with you, right? I heard he found a woman to marry?" On the other side of the phone was Gong's father's dignified voice. He had the imposing manner of a king.

Zheng Rui did not dare to lie and could only respond. "Yes. "

"What kind of woman is she? Ask him to bring her here for me to take a look. " Gong's father's tone was like an order.

"This. . . " Zheng Rui looked at Soong Jiayin, who was in so much pain that she almost died on the bed. He glanced at Gong Yichen, who was frowning anxiously. He did not know how to answer Gong Jianting.

He said something unimportant and hung up the phone.

He sighed, but he could not bear to tell Gong Yichen about it.

"Who called just now?" The alert Gong Yichen narrowed his eyes and asked probingly.

"Nothing. Let me see how she is now. " Zheng Rui did not answer his question directly. He pointed to Soong Jiayin on the hospital bed and quickly changed the topic.

He took out the stethoscope and roughly listened to Soong Jiayin from all directions. Zheng Rui shook his head and changed to a high-tech instrument to check her.

Time passed minute by minute. Gong Yichen could not help at all. He could only stand by the side and worry.

After a long time, Zheng Rui finally took off the stethoscope hanging on his ear. He said righteously, "This is probably acute appendicitis. "

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