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C7 His Cold Eyes

When Gong Yichen returned, he saw Soong Jiayin curled up on the sofa, her face flushed. She was still wearing his jacket. Her rosy textured face had an imminent innocence. She was in deep slumber and how peaceful she looked!

Gong Yichen walked over to the sofa where she lay. He called her name softly, but there was no response. Gong Yichen frowned. Then, he bent down and touched her forehead. Lo and behold! He was shocked. she was burning with high fever. As an immediate reaction, he shook Soong Jiayin a couple of times, calling her name.

Soong Jiayin could hardly open her eyes. She moaned a few times, tilted her head to see what it was and again fell back to her dazed sleep. she could hardly move.

Gong Yichen made a call to the doctor. "Send a private doctor to my office, immediately!" He hung up and looked at Soong Jiayin again. A trace of worry surfaced in his eyes.

Moments later, there was a knock at the door. Gong Yichen said, "Please come in," but his eyes stared unblinkingly at Soong Jiayin.

As the door opened, a person entered with a medical kit. He looked at Gong Yichen and gave a sly expression. He said jokingly, "Who is this woman?"

Gong Yichen was stunned. He looked up and asked in surprise, "Why you?"

Zheng Rui put his medical kit on the coffee table. He took out a thermometer and said, "The young master of the Gong family wants to find a private doctor. Of course, they need to send the best doctor. "

Gong Yichen said lightly, "You are not modest. "

Zheng Rui did not care. He was about to put the thermometer under Soong Jiayin's armpit when Gong Yichen reached out to stop him. Gong Yichen said in his ususal nonchalant voice, "I will do it. " And he carefully put the thermometer in her armpit.

Zheng Rui gave a crooked smile, "You haven't told me who this woman is. " As he spoke, he looked at Soong Jiayin again, curled his lips, and said, "She can be considered cute, but she is really too ordinary for the Young Master Gong. "

This was enough for any person to take, more so for Gong Yichen. He gave Zheng Rui a reprimanding look. He said coldly, "You better not talk too much about things that don't concern you. "

Zheng Rui nodded with a smile. A minute later, he couldn't help but ask, "Let me guess, you like her?"

Gong Yichen stared at him coldly and said, "You are so inquisitive. Why don't I find you a gossip magazine and let you be a paparazzi?"

Zheng Rui was quick to change the topic now. He pointed at Soong Jiayin and said, "It's time. "

Gong Yichen tacitly took out the thermometer. Zheng Rui glanced at the reading and said, "She has low fever. It's not serious. I'll give her a shot. She'll recover very soon. " Saying so, he turned around and took out a syringe from the medicine box. He turned around to look at Gong Yichen and asked with a smile, "I need to give her an injection. Do you think it's okay? "

Gong Yichen looked coldly at Zheng Rui and asked, "What do you mean?"

Zheng Rui did not say anything. He tried to read Soong Jiayin's eyes.

Gong Yichen glared at Zheng Rui and said coldly, "No!"

Zheng Rui laughed mockingly, "I really should let others see your present appearance. You have truly broadened my horizons. " He wondered aloud and glanced at Soong Jiayin again in puzzlement, "Unfortunately, she is now asleep. Otherwise, I would really like to chat with the one who could subdue you. "

Gong Yichen scowled and gave a deadly stare to Zheng Rui. He was utterly displeased with this behavior. "Why didn't I notice before that you talked so much?"

Zheng Rui flicked the syringe as he said, "I don't talk so much to everyone. Take off her clothes and I'll inject her. " Before he had finished speaking, he saw Gong Yichen's eyes piercing him sharply like a knife. He immediately corrected himself, "Arm! I'll inject her in the upper arm!"

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