Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C9 You Hopeless Man!
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Cold Prince Charming Spoils Me/C9 You Hopeless Man!
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C9 You Hopeless Man!

Soong Jiayin was so angry that she almost threw her phone. She pondered for a while, involuntarily changed her clothes, and rushed to the school entrance.

When Soong Jiayin arrived at the school gate, Gong Yichen's Maybach was already waiting at the door. The swanky and gorgeous luxury car attracted much attention. Fortunately, there were not many classmates during the holidays.

Gong Yichen slowly rolled down the window, revealing a handsome face. He looked at Soong Jiayin and said, "Get in the car. "

Soong Jiayin was displeased with Gong Yichen's commanding tone, but she had no choice. She bowed her head and settled herself in the front passenger seat.

Once seated, Soong Jiayin impatiently asked, "What about our matters?"

As Gong Yichen ignited the engine, he retorted equivocally, "What do you mean by our matter? I don't remember what happened between us. "

Soong Jiayin cursed Gong Yichen in her heart. To her, he was a hooligan and she could swear to it. There was a jerk and she realized that their car had already rolled out of the premises. Pangs of nervousness hit her as she asked, "Where are you taking me?"

Gong Yichen's sardonic, wry reply startled her. He said, "To the hotel. "

"You animal! Rogue! Let me out of the car!" Soong Jiayin immediately shouted.

Putting on a mask of innocence, and trying to be one up in the game, Gong Yichen responded, "I am just inviting you to dinner. Why are you so nervous?"

Soong Jiayin finally understood that Gong Yichen was playing with her. In anger, she leaned against the seat and went stark silent. For a long time, she perused. Finally she said, "I don't mind. I'm just an ordinary university student. But you are different, the heir of the Gong family. What do you think will happen to your reputation if I spread the news of our marriage? "

Gong Yichen pretended to be enlightened and said, "You are right! I'm so stupid. Why didn't I think of this? "

By now Soong Jiayin was more relaxed and in control. She smiled and said, "Are you afraid now? I advise you to quickly divorce me. Otherwise, I will sell this news to a magazine and it will be a hot cake for anyone. Then the situation will not be as amenable to you. Maybe I can fetch a good price for it. Who knows... "

Gong Yichen nodded: "You are right. I don't know what the consequences of this matter will be. " He jumped the topic and stared at Soong Jiayin. He then commented, "Why don't you try it? I am also very curious. "

Her eyes emitted fire, so angry she was. She kept glaring at Gong Yichen and yet she could not say a word.

Gong Yichen saw Soong Jiayin's condition and heartily laughed aloud. His banter continued for long. Ultimately, he composed himself and chuckled, "Yin, you are really the most interesting woman I have ever seen. "

"Don't call me that!" distressed Soong Jiayin murmured.

Gong Yichen frowned and gave a demeaning look. He said gingerly, "We have such a close relationship. If I don't call you Yin, what else can I call you? Do I have to call you wife?"

Hearing these words, Soong Jiayin was furious. In her intense rage, she snapped back quite loudly, "Don't be so self-absorbed here! I am not your wife. Tomorrow, we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce. "

Gong Yichen knew Soong Jiayin was going to cause trouble, but he was not bothered. Gong Yichen's car turned around the corner and into the porch of a luxury hotel. He hopped out instantly, went around the car to extend the courtesies to her by opening the door for Soong Jiayin and trying to escort her out. He bent over and said, "Please come out of the car, Young Madam Gong. "

Infuriated Soong Jiayin wanted to burst out and let the whole hell break loose. She noticed that Gong Yichen hardly paid any heed to what she said. Rather he conveniently ignored whatever she said. She looked around and saw that there were waiters and security guards. So she could only give up and comply to Gong Yichen's wish. Hence, she obeyed.

Gong Yichen put his hand on the car door in a considerate manner, afraid Soong Jiayin might hit her head. When he helped Soong Jiayin out of the car, he even whispered softly into her ear, "Madam, how's my service?"

Soong Jiayin's body turned absolutely numb. She was distraught and fazed. She covered her ears and merely stared at Gong Yichen. Maybe, a faint smile came to her face.

Gong Yichen was joyed to see Soong Jiayin smiling. Then he cleared his throat, tidied his suit, and firmly grabbed Soong Jiayin's hand. Soong Jiayin was speechless. She wanted to pull her hand back, but her hand was entangled in a tight grip to his palm and she could barely move it. Soong Jiayin had no other recourse. She could only follow him into the hotel. When the hotel lobby staff saw Gong Yichen, they all bowed and greeted him, "Young Master Gong. "

Gong Yichen almost whispered as he walked, "Yin, I have brought you to see someone later. You don't have to be nervous."

"What?" Soong Jiayin's footsteps paused and she muttered in disbelief, "Why do I have to accompany you to see somebody...whoever it is? I do not have this obligation!"

Gong Yichen paused and looked straight into her eyes. His words were measured as he responded, "You are the wife who officially received the marriage certificate with me. Why do you not have this obligation?"

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