The late autumn afternoon sun lazily sprinkled on the green flagstones of the small courtyard. The wooden hibiscus and the wooden hibiscus that were coiled inside the fence were coincidentally in use. Turning around, he saw a bunch of flowers hanging from the white flowers and purple vines by the side of the path. Along with a gust of autumn wind, a light and elegant fragrance lingered over the entire small courtyard.

The courtyard was quiet and elegant, but the room was deathly silent!

The servant girl, Ling Long, knelt in front of the bed and sobbed uncontrollably. From time to time, she would turn her head to look, not knowing when the doctor would come and whether the young miss on the bed could still hold on.

At this moment, hurried footsteps came from inside the courtyard!

Linglong hurriedly stood up and rushed to the door. Before she could reach out her hand, she was hit by the door that was kicked open, causing her to fall to the ground.

Unexpectedly, the one who entered wasn't the doctor, but Third Prince's doted upon Seventh Wife He Xin.

Their young mistress, Lin Yingyue, was the third prince's sixth wife. She had been unpopular since the day she married into the clan, and now that she was on her last breath, Lady Xin naturally did not put them in her eyes.

Linglong knew that the situation was bad, "Madam Xin! What are you doing?! "

Madam Xin ignored Ling Long who was lying on the floor. She walked up to the bed, grabbed the clothes of the woman on the bed, and pulled her down to the ground with force.

Just now, the servant girl had carried her Persian cat back, claiming that it was Madam Yue who beat it up.

"Bitch, who allowed you to have the guts to touch my heart!" Lady Xin looked at the lifeless Lin Yingyue on the ground and wished she could eat her alive!

Linglong, who had just fallen to the ground a moment ago, rushed up to the woman and blocked her, "Lady Xin, please be lenient. I don't know if my Miss will live or die, how can I harm your precious treasure?"

Lady Xin raised her leg and kicked Linglong away, "Slut, how can I let you say that!" "Men, drag him out and shoot him with your staff!"

The situation in the room was anxious, but the woman on the floor remained silent. His face was frighteningly pale, and the blood on the corner of his mouth had dried up. He looked like he was completely exhausted, like a lamp that had run out of oil.

When the servants, who had followed Madam Xin into the courtyard, received the order, they immediately dragged Linglong out of the courtyard. Just as they arrived outside the courtyard, Ling Long struggled to lift her head and saw her good sister Hu Po and her husband hurrying into the courtyard.

"Amber!" Quick, save the little miss! " Linglong finally saw hope.

Hu Po walked up quickly and pulled Ling Long behind him. A few servants stepped forward, and Hu Po's eyes widened, she extended her hand, and with a few moves, she pushed Ling Long back.

He quickly entered the house and saw that Lady Xin was furiously whipping the woman who had already lost her breath.

Hu Po took a big step forward, trying to protect her heart, "Madam, for what is going on, my Miss is already like this, but you still won't forgive me!?" "If this gets to the ears of the wangfei, even you won't be able to gain anything from it!"

"Lowly servant, you actually dare to speak to me like that, you …"

Before Lady Xin could finish her words, she saw a middle-aged man walk into the room. The man who raised his hand suddenly stopped in midair and then slowly descended.

On the other hand, Lady Xin recognized this doctor. He was the Keeper of the Purge Hall, and the woman in the mansion was suffering from an illness. If there was nothing serious, she would look for him to treat her illness.

Although Lady Xin was insolent, she was not stupid!

The insolence of the Prince's Mansion was a matter of the Inner Academy. However, if there was an outsider present, it would be hard to listen to this news! If a single mistake were to spread to the ears of the third prince, it might not even be worth it.

"Manager Luo, please save my family's Miss …" Ling Long rushed up while crying, and together with Hu Po, she carried the woman onto the bed and laid her down.

Manager Luo was speechless. He nodded and went to the side of the bed to check the pulse of the woman.

At the side, Lady Xin shook the brocade handkerchief in her hands. "How unlucky. Normally, she looks like she's about to die, but who knew that her heart would be so vicious. She even dares to beat up my darling!"

Mentioning this matter, Madam Xin's anger was rekindled.

"Lady Xin, our Miss really doesn't have one! After the beginning of autumn, my young lady's cough became even more severe, and she rarely went out. After Miss drank the medicine, she suddenly vomited blood and fainted. From the start of today, she has never left the Floating Cloud Pavilion. "

After listening to Linglong's words, Lady Xin looked at the girl on the bed and frowned. She carefully thought about what had happened today and felt that she had been a bit reckless.

She didn't even ask why.

Shopkeeper Luo stood up and sighed. He turned around and looked at the several people. He couldn't hide his obvious intention in his words.

"Madam Yue's pulse is very thin. She is obviously suffering from Qi stagnation and blood stasis. If she were to strike her lungs in reverse, I'm afraid …"

As soon as Shopkeeper Luo finished his sentence, Linglong turned around and laid on top of the woman's body, crying. Amber's heart sank as she immediately understood her husband's meaning. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to escape this time …

Hu Po was about to bend over to help Ling Long up, but before he could get close, he suddenly heard a loud cough from the girl on the bed. It startled everyone present, and they all turned to look at the girl on the bed.

The woman held onto her chest and coughed out a mouthful of blood. She sat up shakily. When she raised her head, there was a hint of anger on her face!

Shopkeeper Luo's hand shook and the medicine box almost fell to the ground.

This … Shopkeeper Luo was puzzled. He quickly went forward and held the woman's wrist. Although her pulse was slow, it was already fine.

That was clearly not the case just now. This person is already dead, why now …

Seeing the woman suddenly awaken, Lady Xin was quite frightened. "What bad luck!" I must have justice with the wangfei for today's matters! "Don't think that you can hide just because you're pretending to be sick!"

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and hurriedly left the Floating Cloud Pavilion with his servants.

Shopkeeper Luo's face was full of suspicion, but he didn't know why. He could only admit that he was not very knowledgeable, and leave with his medicine case.

The other three masters and servants looked at each other, but Linglong was too scared to answer when she cried, "Miss, you scared me to death. If anything happens to you, then I will go with you!"

"What are you saying!" Hu Po stared at Ling Long, and turned to look at the woman on the bed, "Miss, are you feeling better now?"

"Amber... Linglong? Why are you guys here? " Just as she had woken up, her mind had become blank. She slowly calmed down, but her mind gradually became clear.

Hearing the woman's words, the two of them looked at each other, wondering why their young lady would ask such a question. Miss, what's wrong with you? Of course this servant and Linglong are by your side. "

"You shouldn't …"

The girl felt that everything before her was real and blurry. Shadows kept flashing through her mind. Suddenly, she stood up and rushed to the dressing table with shaky steps. She reached out her hand to caress her face …

How could this be? The face that appeared in the copper mirror … It was actually his cousin Lin Yingyue!

The woman reached out for her arm in disbelief. After feeling the pain, she loosened her grip and the same face appeared in the mirror. The woman's vision began to blur as false images flashed before her eyes …

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