Chapter Ten What the hell was she doing in her gourd?

Fifth Madam faintly shook her head before turning to Xiang'er. "Have you seen how she looked when she entered and left the estate?"

Xiang'er didn't understand what Fifth Wife meant by that. She only nodded blankly and said, "I have. At that time, I heard that the prince married the number one beauty in the capital. This servant couldn't help but be curious and looked for an opportunity to take a look."

"Then... If I give you that face of hers, what would happen to you? "

"This... "Your servant doesn't dare say …" Xiang'er's face reddened as she lowered her head in hesitation.

Although she didn't say it out loud, her reaction already gave her the answer.

Fifth Wife smiled as she poked her head with her index finger. "You're still hiding things from me. That little girl is getting more and more naughty!"

"This servant doesn't dare, but …"

"This little girl's mind is quite heavy!" If I have that kind of appearance, how would I be willing to be bullied and earn a place in the Palace of Hua-Yang? "

The Fifth Madam didn't blame Xiang'er as she smiled and whispered.

"Yes! What a pity that such a good piece of skin has been given to her! " Xiang'er followed up on Fifth Wife's words.

"Then I would like to ask you. Since she originally did not have the intention to fight and could endure being bullied and trampled on, why did she come out to celebrate Fourth Madam's pregnancy today?"

Xiang'er was stunned by Fifth Wife's question. She guessed, "This …" Perhaps it was out of courtesy? Since they haven't died yet, they still have to live in the backyard of the Prince's Mansion. It would be better to let them have their way and perhaps even live a peaceful life. "

"Oh? Obstructed by etiquette? However, every word she said in Fourth Wife's hall had landed on her heart! Is this also etiquette? "

Xiang'er was speechless, her delicate eyebrows knitted together. "Then madam, your meaning is …"

"Let me ask you again, which woman really doesn't care about their appearance? Even if she did not act in such a perverted manner, could she still face the matter of her face being disfigured so suddenly? "

Xiang'er nodded. "Madam is right!" This servant had a rash on her face a while ago and was too shy to see anyone. She really wished she could find a hole to hide in! Sixth Madam, today … "It's really true..."

Xiang'er thought about it for a moment. She really couldn't find any words to describe Su Jiu Li's uncaring appearance.

Fifth Madam looked at the lake's surface quietly. A gentle breeze blew past, causing ripples on the surface.

Xiang'er stood to the side, still thinking about what she had just said. Suddenly, she came to a realization and leaned over the Fifth Wife. Madame, could it be. Did this Sixth Madam want to play the pig to eat the tiger? Her face was not ruined at all? "

Fifth Madam's expression was calm. This was what she had guessed anyway. However... There were too many things she couldn't understand!

"I'm not sure..." Fifth Wife shook her head faintly. "I can see that she's so young. If she really has such a deep heart, then it might not be too scary! However... I just saw the loneliness and desolation in her eyes, and it didn't seem like she was pretending! "

"This servant doesn't understand either, then …" What is your ladyship planning to do? "

"Just watch!" I don't know why, but I have a feeling she's not a scheming person. But it is also possible that I have misjudged him... However, no matter what she wants to do, no matter how much trouble she causes, as long as it doesn't hurt the Prince or Mai Xi, what does the life or death of others have to do with me! "

Mai Xi was the maiden name of the young prefecture lord. This name had also been given to her by the Third Prince, and it was taken from Xie Zhuang's < Encyclopedia of the Moon >.

When Xiang'er saw that the Fifth Madam was about to get up, she hurried forward to help her up. "Madame is overthinking things. The prince is like a phoenix among men, and the young princess is a proud daughter of heaven. Even the wangfei would not dare to have such thoughts if she was an unfavoured wife!"

As soon as Xiang'er finished speaking, the Fifth Madam suddenly turned and glared at her. "Have you taken to heart the things that I've repeatedly reminded you of?"

Xiang'er also knew that she had said the wrong thing. She was so frightened that she kneeled to the ground. "This servant was wrong. This servant has too many mouths, this servant has too many. Madame, please don't get angry!"

As she spoke, Xiang'er raised her hand and slapped herself heavily.

She had really used all of her strength in this slap. After it landed, a red mark instantly appeared on her small face.

"When Fifth Wife saw that she was about to attack again, she hurriedly reached out her hand to stop her." Alright, hurry up and get up. Let's see what you look like! I'll tell you one last time. Within this mansion, the prince naturally cannot speak freely about this matter, and that is even more so for the imperial concubine! If you want to live, you have to control your own mouth! "

Xiang'er nodded her head in agreement. "This servant will remember this!"

It wasn't that Xiang'er didn't know why her wife was so afraid of the wangfei. However, things had changed and she had somewhat relaxed her guard. On the other hand, the Fifth Madam lived ten years of cautious living.

Su Jiu Li could be considered to have trained in it since he was young. Since childhood, his body had become light and vigorous, and his movements were swift and agile. Now that she was in Lin Yingyue's shoes, she was already tired after only half a day. She just lazily laid on the soft couch and didn't like to move.

Although his body didn't have any strength, his mind was spinning non-stop.

Hu Po accompanied Su Li on the side, occasionally glancing at him. For some reason, she had the feeling that this Miss Cousin had become a completely different person since her escape from death that day!

However, if she really had to say it, and Amber could not say it clearly, then the left side was just one of her feelings!

"Hu Po, do you know the background of this Fifth Wife?"

"This servant has heard of Miss's words. "I heard that this Fifth Madam was born from a concubine of the Marquis' daughter. Although she was born from a concubine, her family background is not ordinary!"

Su Jiu Li wrinkled his brow. He never thought that she would actually be the daughter of the Marquis of Jing!

Speaking of this Jingguo Duke, he was also a well-known figure!

When Su Jiu Li was young, he had met General Su once before, but at that time, she was still young, so her impression of this Jingguo Duke was already unclear.

Later, I heard that the Jingguo Duke died in the battle with the Turkic, and his body was wrapped in horsehide.

At that time, Su Jiu Li's mother was seriously ill and bedridden. General Su was indebted to the Emperor for his benevolence. He had only stayed in the capital for half a month before he was a step too late!

After hearing the news that the Jing Guo had stained the battlefield with his blood, General Su blamed himself endlessly. He could not get it out of his heart even after a long time!

His Majesty felt that the Duke of Jingguo had sacrificed his life for the country, and that he was loyal to both sides in pursuit of the position of Duke of Jingguo. The original wife was also conferred a second rank title, and all the sons of the household were rewarded.

Speaking of which, this Jingguo Duke was truly unlucky!

He had married a wife and four concubines in his life, but not a single woman had left a child for him! There were only two daughters on her knees. One of them was from the main house, while the other was from a concubine.

Now that he thought about it, this Fifth Madam was the Second Miss.

The Marquis was an upright, upright, and extraordinary man. His descendants shouldn't be evil, right …

Su Jiu Li somewhat restlessly rubbed the space between her eyebrows. She was also a bit confused now!

In the hall of the Fourth Wife, the Fifth Wife was singing with her without explanation, and every word was spoken in her stead.

However, just now when the two of them were alone, she probed every inch, as if she wanted to peel off Su Jiu Li's skin and see if she understood what was going on.

Even Su Jiu Li didn't know what the Fifth Wife was up to for her capriciousness!

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