brushwood Poison Concubine Qing Mo: The Evil King's beloved wife has no limits!

Chapter 11. Transforming into a mute

… …. Little … Seven...

The black-clothed man silently ground his teeth, and the corners of his lips that were hidden under the mask began to twitch.

"Hey, Xiao Qi, I'll take it that you're admitting it if you don't say anything!" Xiao Qi, tell me the story of your killer. Oh right, how much is the price you paid to kill a person? A hundred silver coins? That's not right? Two hundred silver taels? Still not right? Could it be five hundred silver? Your price is really expensive, hehe … "

Ruo Shui was in a very good mood. She didn't spend a single silver tael and instead used two words to persuade a powerful black clothed assassin to become her personal bodyguard …

As she was speaking, she suddenly felt as if she had gone silent. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. What was going on? How did he become a mute?

"Y-you shut your mouth first. Wait for me in front of the Liu Estate. I will clear your acupuncture points for you." Xiao Qi's voice came from behind him.

F * ck me! This damnable wood Xiao Qi actually pointed his mute acupoint!

Ruo Shui cursed in her heart and turned to glare at him.

Xiao Qi lifted her wooden face as if she didn't see it, and walked past her with an expressionless face …

One after the other, Liu Ruoshui and Xiao Qi finally arrived at the Liu Estate. The sky was almost completely dark. Under the eaves of the Liu Estate, a row of red lanterns had already lit up. The warm red halo illuminated the Liu Estate's entrance with warmth.

Just as he walked to the entrance, a figure suddenly scurried in through the open door. The figure dove head first into Ruo Shui's embrace, giving him a fright.

"Miss, wh-where did you go? Why did you return so late? I'm so worried about you. " The person in his embrace raised his head, revealing a delicate and pretty face.

Peach …

Ruo Shui quickly found the Little Peach's information from her original body's memory.

… …. Growing up together with her, they were like a sister's servant girl. Aside from her, the Prime Minister's father, she was the only person in the Liu Manor who treated her sincerely.

Seeing her worried little face, Ruoshui felt a warm sensation in her heart. She smiled as she stretched out her hand and caressed Little Peach's hair like a big sister.

"Silly girl, didn't I just return safely?"

Xiaotao was stunned, her mouth opened foolishly as she looked at Ruo Shui. No, that's not right, miss … Miss actually laughed!

Ever since her appearance had been ruined, she had never looked in the mirror again. She had spent her days in tears. For a whole year, she had never seen a smile on her young mistress's face.

But now, the young miss … she was actually smiling!

"Miss... "You, are you alright?" She pulled on her watery sleeve, pulled it close to the lantern, and looked at it carefully. Suddenly, she cried out in alarm.

"Miss, where is your white jade hairpin? Your head. "Your head is bleeding. Miss, quickly enter the house. I … I will immediately tell the prime minister to call the doctor …"

Xiao Hong ran back to the manor in panic, but was stopped by Ruoshui.

"Don't make a fuss, I'm fine. The blood is already flowing. Little Peach, what are you doing at the door, waiting for me? "

"It's really not flowing anymore?" Only after realizing that the bleeding stopped did she relax a little. She patted her chest and said, "You scared me to death Miss, if you ever want to go out again, you have to bring her along. You can't slip away by yourself like you did today."

"Alright, I'll definitely bring you along." Ruoshui comforted her by patting her shoulder.

"That's right, miss. The prime minister is waiting for you in the front hall. He has instructed you to meet him as soon as you return."

"My father? "What is it?"

"The young master heard about what happened to you today and lost his temper after returning to the manor. Miss, you must be careful. Also, Madam and Second Miss are here too. Miss, you …" Little Tao pulled Ruishui along as the two of them chattered.

Xiao Qi followed behind Luo Shui, silently enduring. She really didn't know how these two women could possibly have so much to say. It was so noisy, he really wanted to step forward and point a finger at each of them, clearing up all the acupuncture points.

"You don't have to go in. That's right, Little Peach, take Little Seven to our courtyard and place him in the side room next to mine. Wait on him and don't neglect him."

It was only then that Little Peach noticed Xiao Qi, who had been silently following Ruo Shui the whole time, and she jumped in fright.

"Miss, who is he?"

"His name is Xiao Qi, he's my personal bodyguard."

"It's fine, why did you get a guard? It's not convenient for a man to live in our yard." Xiaotao pouted and whispered.

"Hurry up and go. I'll tell you later. Remember, serve him well. Don't be slow." Ruo Shui was worried and said it again.

"Yes, miss." Little Peach pointed at Little Seven and said, "Come with me."

Seriously, isn't he just a mere guard who looks like a wooden block? Yet, the young mistress thinks that he is a treasure and wants me to serve him properly...

With a face full of unwillingness, Little Peach led Xiao Qi away into the darkness.

Ruoshui stood at the entrance of the front hall and looked at the brightly lit room. She raised her hand to rub her glabella, feeling a little exhausted.

He first scolded the scumbag, fought with Little San, fainted and was rescued, then racked his brains to collect Little Seven, walking over step by step without even being able to catch his breath. Now that he was back at the Manor, what he was about to face was yet another storm.

He had to keep his spirit up and continue fighting. He couldn't lose.

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