Chapter II Who is the real mastermind

She was originally the youngest daughter of the General's Estate, Su Jiu Li. She had been intelligent since a young age, and her personality was similar to her father Su Wei. That was why her father held her in his hands since she was young.

Today, Japan went hunting with her father and brother in the outskirts of Beijing. They accidentally ran into the dense forest when they were chasing a sika deer. Coincidentally, the poisonous snake startled her horse, causing it to run uncontrollably …

The last impression that lingered in Su Jiu Li's mind was that the horse fell down the cliff with her.

Thinking of this, Han Jiu Li sucked in a breath of cold air. Could it be that she was borrowing a corpse to pay back her soul? And this "corpse" was her cousin Lin Yingyue!

The two of them had seen each other often since they were young. Lin Yingyue and Su Jiu Li's personalities were completely different. Su Jiu Li was a resolute, decisive, and intelligent person. Su Wei had treated this daughter of his very best.

However, Lin Yingyue had a gentle and gentle personality. She was gentle, gentle, and weak. She never left her mouth. In the end, she suffered from a cough that worsened when the time came.

Although their personalities were far from one another, Su Jiu Li liked Lin Yingyue. The two of them were fated to be born on the same day, and even the location of their birthmarks were the same.

The old lady serving Su Jiu Li often said that such sisterhood must have been twisted together in his previous life!

At the age of 15, Lin Yingyue married her father to the Third Prince as her concubine. For this reason, Su Jiu Li even sent his personal servant, Hu Po Yue, to marry Lin Yingyue.

Hu Po had been sold into the General's Estate as a slave and sent to Su Jiu Li's side to take care of her. He had learnt some martial arts after staying by her side for a long time, and because of this, Su Jiu Li had gifted her to Lin Yingyue.

Upon entering the Third Prince's estate, Su Jiu Li was unable to come close. All he could do was allow Hu Po to take good care of this weak cousin of his.

"Miss, where are you uncomfortable?" Amber asked carefully.

Su Jiu Li raised his head to look at Ling Long and Hu Po. Even Su Jiu Li himself found it hard to accept such a ridiculous matter. How could he let others know about it?

"I... "It's nothing, it's just …"

Su Jiu Li understood in his heart that if he really did come back from the dead, and if he borrowed Lin Yingyue's body, then … Lin Yingyue died.

Although Lin Yingyue's body was weak and she could cough repeatedly, it was not a severe condition where medicine and pills were ineffective. How could there be such a serious illness that could not be cured?

Thinking of this, Su Jiu Li clenched his fists. His inability to protect Lin Yingyue was already too late for her to regret. The matter had already reached this stage.

Everything could be delayed, but this matter had to be delayed at the most urgent!

"Amber, today, Yue'er … "Why would my illness worsen?" The sudden change in status made it hard for Su Jiuli to accept.

"You were coughing really badly this morning, and Linglong made some medicine for you. After you drink it, you'll …" Amber seemed to have thought of something, and turned to look at Linglong.

"What did you say, Amber? You suspect that I was the one who harmed the little miss?"

"No way!"

Su Jiuli knew that Linglong was saved by Lin Yingyue from the hands of those assassins. Linglong was also deeply grateful to Lin Yingyue. She swore to be loyal to her master at all costs, and it definitely wasn't her!

"Amber, go. Put away the rest of the soup and find someone to take a good look!" Amber accepted the order and hurried out of the room.

Linglong's tears streamed down her face, "Miss …"

"Alright, stop crying. Go out and help me ask around. How is cousin now?"

"Miss Biao?" Although Linglong didn't understand, she still left the house as ordered.

As he sat there by himself, Su Jiu Li's heart began to pound. It was all too sudden. She needed to know as soon as possible if she was really dead, and how the general's estate was doing right now!

And here. The Third Prince's Mansion looked magnificent, but it was filled with murderous intent. Lin Yingyue, who had a fearless and cowardly nature, would be killed by someone. Su Jiu Li was already used to being unrestrained. How could he bear to spend his entire life in this place!

She still had her father and brother. She had to go back! However, it was easier said than done …

Not to mention whether anyone would believe it or not, even if she did, she was already the concubine of the third prince. If she forced her way back, not only would the General's Estate be implicated, but the Lin Clan as well.

However, she wasn't willing to waste her entire life in this place. Leaving was inevitable, and the third prince had to let her go on his own to ensure that everyone was safe and sound.

As for before she left, she had to protect herself well. Whether it was these scheming women or the Third Prince that she had never met, no one could hurt her in the slightest.

Although he was alive, his body was still weak. After making such a ruckus just now, Su Jiu Li was already feeling somewhat tired. He wanted to lie down and rest, but when he closed his eyes, it was all the past of Lin Yingyue. He had not only inherited this body, but also Lin Yingyue's memories.

There was her, as well as the beautiful childhood she had spent with Lin Yingyue. She thought about it … Tears rolled down his cheeks.

It was late in the evening, and Linglong came back first. After entering the house, her eyes avoided looking at him, and she seemed to be hesitating.

Linglong knew that her mistress was very close to her young mistress of the Su family, and her body was still recovering. If she received this news, it would be difficult for her to take her anger …

"Speak, I can bear it."

Linglong twisted the brocade handkerchief in her hand, biting her lips before slowly opening her mouth, "Miss, this servant knows that you and Miss Biao have been together since you were young, there's no need to talk about such feelings, it's just that …"

Su Jiuli raised his head to look at Linglong. Her reaction also allowed Su Jiuli to guess eighty to ninety percent of the points. However, before he could say anything, she had always harbored traces of fantasies in her heart.

"The heavens are jealous of her beauty. "She accidentally fell off the cliff and the general's estate sent everyone to search for her. So far, there has been no news, but I'm afraid …"

Feeling that what she said was not right, Linglong immediately changed her words, "Miss Biao, it is only natural that you will return safely. Miss, please be at ease."

As she spoke, Linglong's voice became softer and softer. She was very curious as to how her young miss found out about Su Jiu Li's accident and even told her to investigate the situation. However, looking at the young miss's appearance, all her questions could only be placed in her heart.

Sure enough, Su Jiu Li sighed. It seemed that he had truly died due to luck. He and Lin Yingyue had been born on the same day for the same year, and now they had died on the same day.

Su Jiu Li gently closed his eyes, and his crystal clear tears instantly fell. From today onwards, she was going to live with both of their lives. Lin Yingyue's body, Su Jiu Li's soul.

"Miss, don't be like this. Your body is more important!"

The sky gradually darkened. When Hu Po rushed back to the Floating Cloud Pavilion, Su Jiu Li had just used medicine. Upon seeing Hu Po enter the room, Su Jiuli shot a glance at Linglong before she slowly stepped forward and lightly closed the door.

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