Chapter III Who's Who Behind the Scene

"Miss, there's really a problem with the medicine! The medicine owner who saw the dregs said that your medicine is a common one that cures asthma, and there's nothing wrong with it. The licorice in the dregs is also normal, but there's an extra taste of it in the dregs. It's bitter, cold, poisonous, and especially when it's with the licorice, it's a taboo to die! "

Su Jiu Li let out a long sigh. As expected, Lin Yingyue had been killed by someone! Upon thinking of Hu Po's words, Su Jiu Li raised his head and looked at her.

"I'm afraid I made a mistake. Before I left, I specially went to the kitchen to collect all the dregs. I chose a stall in the northern part of the city that sold medicinal herbs far away from the Third Prince's residence. Please rest assured, Miss."

Su Jiuli nodded. Amber had always been a dependable person.

During the afternoon, Su Jiuli had asked about the situation in Linglong's Third Prince's Estate without resting. In addition to the main concubine, Lady Dong, there were seven concubines floating in the air. The ladies were all fighting for this title.

The Third Prince was a greedy and fresh man, and he had a reputation for being unruly!

The concubines in the mansion were always new and old. Other than the third wife, the Fang family, there was only one son, the fifth wife, and one daughter. Lin Yingyue was the sixth wife, and like the other concubines, she had nothing.

In the recent days, the most favored one was seventh wife He Xin, who had caused such a ruckus in the early morning. Third Prince stayed in her courtyard almost every night after entering the palace for the next month.

In the midst of her pampering, Lady Xin had been spoiled so much that she looked down on everyone else. In the third prince's residence, she seemed to be a king over everyone else.

On the other hand, Third Wife was more difficult to deal with. With a child by her side, her position in the mansion would be more stable, but she was still a step away from becoming the side concubine.

Su Jiu Li fiddled with the brocade handkerchief in his hand. She was very clear on Lin Yingyue's temperament. It was impossible for her to form enmity with others.

Since the person behind the scenes wasn't here for Lin Yingyue, he had only tried to poison her in order to bring harm to others.

Since Lady Xin came to cause trouble so openly, the mastermind definitely wasn't her. Furthermore, she was probably the thorn in the side that the mastermind wanted to get rid of!

Su Jiu Li was slightly impressed by the person who was directing them from behind the scenes. His actions were truly cautious!

She had poisoned Lin Yingyue's medicine and killed her cat to frame Lin Yingyue. This made her angry and she rushed straight to the Floating Cloud Pavilion to denounce them. By this time, Lin Yingyue was already dead, and Lady Xin was still unwilling to give up. If the wangfei or the third prince really did blame her, Lady Xin would not be able to escape.

Who would benefit from getting rid of Lady Xin?

That was too much. Second Madam, Third Madam, Fourth Madam, Fifth Madam, and that main wife who never came out. Regardless of what they were showing, it was undeniable that they were all secretly hoping that Lady Xin would immediately disappear.

Su Jiu Li felt that it wasn't difficult to find out who this person was. You have a good plan, and I've taken the stairs!

Right now, the person Su Jiu Li was most worried about was the Third Prince. Perhaps she could deal with all the women in the manor, but she couldn't refuse this man.

If he were to approach her, the thing he had to protect would instantly collapse. How would he be able to make her cower in fear?

Su Jiu Li frowned slightly as he lifted his eyes to sweep the area. As he inadvertently saw the unconsumed soup on the table, a flash of inspiration passed through his mind.

"Amber, I have been sensitive to nocturnal vines since I was young. If I don't submit, my entire body will become red. Do you remember?"

Hu Po didn't remember that Lin Yingyue had such a taboo. She raised her head to look at Ling Long, who was also confused. How could this be? She had never heard of him following her ever since he was a child.

"Miss, since childhood, you have been weak and easily awakened. Every night, you would take the Spirit Calming Tea. The Night Rattan has never slipped!"

"There was no such thing in the past, but there will be one in the future …."

The two looked at each other. Although Hu Po didn't understand, she nodded. "This servant will handle it."

With that, he turned and left the room.

Linglong wanted to ask, but she didn't dare to. However, she couldn't understand the meaning behind her young miss's words.

As night fell, Su Jiu Li quietly sat in front of the dressing table. He allowed Linglong to remove the beaded hairpins on her head one by one. Looking at this familiar face in the copper mirror, Su Jiu Li's emotions were assailed with a hundred emotions.

Yue'er, your elder sister will not let you die in vain. This is the last thing I can do.

Hearing a light knock on the door, Su Jiu Li turned his head and saw Hu Po walking in with a bowl of soup. Miss, your Spirit Calming Tea is ready. "Take it while it's hot."

Su Jiu Li took the medicine bowl. The effects of Spirit Calming Tea were light and light, and it was not difficult to drink some medicine that could calm one's mind. With a raise of his head, Su Jiu Li drank all of the medicine. He wiped the corner of his mouth with the brocade handkerchief and asked, "How was it with Lady Xin today?"

"In reply to Miss, Lady Xin is dying because of her Persian cat. The Third Prince originally went to her yard, but he didn't stay and went to Fourth Lady's yard." Hu Po took the medicine bowl from Su Jiu Li's hands and answered politely.

"It's only a cat, but Lady Xin loves it as if it were something else. An animal, how could it be more precious than a human! " Linglong snorted in disdain.

Su Jiu Li raised his head and looked at her. "These kinds of words are fatal if they come out of the courtyard. Do you know that?"

Linglong nodded, "Your servant spoke falsely, Miss won't blame me."

"Since Lady Xin loves cats so much, we'll let her love us enough!"

Su Jiu Li waved his hand, and Hu Po leaned over, nodded her head repeatedly, and left the house after responding. Linglong was confused as she watched Hu Po leave. She squatted down and looked at Su Jiu Li, "Miss … "Your servant …"

Su Jiu Li patted Ling Long. "It was you guys who took care of me in the past. From now on, I will protect you guys."

Although Linglong didn't understand, her tears were like pearls that had been cut off long ago. She reached out her arms to hug Su Jiu Li, "Miss, don't say it like that. This servant is incompetent and can't properly protect you."

Su Jiu Li was silent. Before today, Lin Yingyue was still a woman who needed someone to protect her. After today, she would be the one to stand up for him!

The next morning, the entire Floating Cloud Pavilion was in an uproar! The news of Madam Yue disfiguring her face instantly spread throughout the entire mansion.

Hu Li's husband, who had been invited by Hu Po, only said that Madam Yue had been poisoned yesterday and that her body had yet to recover from the residual poison, thus changing her physique. She was especially sensitive to the nocturnal vines in the Spirit Calming Tea, and now that she had a red rash all over her body, she could no longer look at her face.

Lin Yingyue was an unfavoured concubine. Not to mention disfiguring her face, even if she died, the Third Prince wouldn't even come out for a look. However, the main wife, Lady Dong, sent a mama by her side to ask a few questions before leaving.

Su Jiu Li leaned against the soft couch as he combed the black hair on his chest. This was the best. The more interesting it was, the better it would be. A person like the third prince, who disliked new things, would probably forget about her in a few days.

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