Chapter Four: Causing a Rage in the Third Prince's Estate

After dealing with the people who tried to kill Lin Yingyue, Su Jiu Li would naturally 'kill' himself. She had been using the Golden Cicada's methods since she was young!

After noon, Hu Po bought the items Su Jiuli wanted, but when she returned to the Floating Cloud Pavilion, her face was full of worry.

Looking at Hu Po's expression, Su Jiu Li's heart felt a little unwell. He had a bad feeling about this, "Hu Po, did something happen?"

Amber was a very calm person. Something big must have happened to make her feel so uneasy. Hearing Su Jiu Li's question, Hu Po was silent. She did not want to lie, but she could not tell the truth.

"If you don't say it, how long can you keep it a secret? I'm afraid it would be even worse if someone else did."

Hu Po hesitated for a moment, clenched her fists and looked at Su Jiu Li, "Miss, this servant just left the mansion, General Lu found out …. Miss Watch has. "Jade Burying Fragrance!"

Su Jiu Li's heart clenched. Although he already knew it would be like this, hearing it with his own ears made his heart sink.

"Miss, I'm sorry …" Linglong softly comforted Su Jiu Li and helped him to a chair.

Su Jiu Li calmed his mind and raised his head to look at Hu Po, "How is the general's estate?"

"This servant has heard that the Grand General's bereaved daughter is now bedridden. It has been two days since the morning assembly, and the estate is currently dealing with Miss Biao's funeral."

Hearing that her father was severely ill, Su Jiu Li's heart ached. Right now, she really wanted to rush out of the third prince's mansion, but she knew that this was the only thing she could do!

Su Jiu Li waved his hand and sent Hu Po and Ling Long away. He wanted to calm himself down, and at this time, he had to avoid getting into a mess. Only by settling the matters here as soon as possible would he be able to return to the General's Estate to show his filial piety.

Hu Po and Ling Long walked to the door. Su Jiu Li called out to Hu Po, "Hu Po, be careful tonight." Hu Po and Ling Long left the room.

Just like that, Su Jiu Li sat upright as he recalled the appearances of his father and brothers. They must be extremely sad.

He just sat like this for an entire afternoon. When Linglong lightly knocked on the door, Su Jiu Li opened his mouth to reply. Only then did he realize that his voice was already gloomy and hoarse.

Watching the sun set bit by bit and the sky gradually darkened, Su Jiu Li tried to get up. Who knew that after sitting there for too long, his legs had long since become numb and he almost fell over.

"Let's move out a bit." Su Jiuli called Linglong into the room. Tidy up, I'm tired. "At night, there will be more ruckus …"

After a simple bath and changing his clothes, Su Jiu Li laid down.

When it was close to the sea, Hu Po knocked on the door and entered. When he walked to the bedside, he saw that Su Jiu Li had already settled down and was about to turn around and leave when he heard Su Jiu Li's voice from behind him. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes, as Miss has said, I have already placed Teng Tianjiao and the catnip in the corners of the courtyard."

Su Jiu Li slowly stood up, and Hu Po quickly took off her cloak from the shelf and covered her with it.

"Bring the tea set over, we'll wait slowly..." Amber turned and walked out of the room.

As he quietly sat in his room and watched the warm steam rise from the teacup in front of him, Su Jiu Li's heart slightly calmed down. Since she was young, she had always been a straightforward person, not inferior to men. It was her mother who had taught her how to make tea to calm her mind, so Su Jiu Li's tea was never meant to be drunk.

As they got closer, sounds started to come from outside the house. The late autumn air was getting colder and colder. The waves of autumn wind, mixed with the whimpering of cats, were getting weirder and weirder in this cold night.

"Does the Floating Cloud Pavilion have one?"

"Even the princess' courtyard hasn't fallen!"

Su Jiu Li nodded, this was good, after tonight, she would see who was human and who was ghost!

The sound of a cat's piercing cry echoed throughout the Third Prince's residence. Su Jiu Li stood up and opened the window to look outside. Several courtyards had already lit up and turned around. Su Jiu Li looked at Hu Po and said, "Go. Remember not to leave any traces behind."

Hu Po hastily retreated from the house. When she opened the door, a gust of cold wind blew in. Su Jiuli tightened his cloak. This late autumn night truly made one's heart shiver.

Amber returned after a sleepless night and the time was approaching. Upon entering the room, Su Jiu Li saw that Hu Po's clothes had a few slight holes.

"What's going on?"

"Reporting to young mistress, this servant is fine." Tonight, the Third Prince did not return to his residence. The worst case scenario was that he had to deal with the Fourth Wife's courtyard. "I heard that Fourth Wife sent her servants to chase out wild cats like crazy. Many servants were scratched and injured, but Fourth Wife still refused to let them go. The yard is still bustling with noise and excitement."

"Where's Lady Xin?"

"Lady Xin is also quite frightened. She usually doesn't fall in love with others. The one on the left is only a 'good dragon' like Lord Ye. If these cats really came, she would be scared."

"Go down and take a look at the situation in the Residence of Chen tomorrow morning." Su Jiu Li turned around and returned to the bed. Hu Po closed the door and left the room.

As he lay there on the bed, Su Jiu Li's heart was filled with a sense of dread. Good Fourth Wife, you and Lin Yingyue have no enmity with each other, yet you don't hesitate to commit murder and frame the blame for your own selfishness, so if you can do it, then it's best that you can bear it!

Such a thing had happened in the manor, and no one had slept a wink the entire night. Some people were physically and mentally exhausted, but there were also some who were guilty of being a thief and didn't dare to close their eyes in fear.

Linglong carried the copper basin into the room and saw that Su Jiu Li had already stood up. "Miss, did you sleep well last night?"

Su Jiuli shook his head, "I'm afraid no one slept soundly last night …" Is there any activity in the residence? "

"Miss, now all the servants in the mansion are spreading word. The events of last night are very strange, it must be Lady Xin's Persian cat vengeful spirit that did not disperse." Otherwise, when it's late autumn, the cats would have already gone to hide. Why would there be so many of them all at once, and even cause a ruckus when the time comes? "

"What else?" Su Jiu Li slowed down his voice and continued to ask.

"Also..." Linglong thought for a bit, "There's also Fourth Madam. She sent a servant to invite a doctor this morning, saying that she wanted to ask for a safe channel for Fourth Madam. This servant thinks that she must have been frightened sick by the cat's meow last night!"

He was afraid just like that? This was just the beginning!

Jiu Li stood up and turned his head. Linglong, seeing her, was startled. Her young lady's face … His skin was covered with red rash, and his originally white skin had turned dark.

"Miss, you …"

"Is it true?"

"Your servant is too sincere!" Ling Long then left the room to prepare breakfast.

Su Jiu Li had already prepared his next move. Since he already knew who was the culprit, then the next step would be to pay the debt of blood with blood!

Just as she was thinking, Hu Po rushed into the house and was about to say something, she turned around and closed the door.

"Miss, this is bad. The Fourth Wife is pregnant!" "The doctor just said that Fourth Madam's pregnancy was less than a month, and she suffered a shock last night. She should be well rested!"

Su Jiuli was startled. Pregnant? How could this be! Since Fourth Wife was pregnant, the Third Prince would take great care of her. If she wanted to make a move, it would be even more difficult. Forcing herself to make a move would only bring about endless troubles in the future.

Su Jiu Li frowned slightly. Everything had originally been planned, but now a child had appeared and disturbed all of Su Jiu Li's plans. It had truly happened wave after wave!

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