Chapter V Owner of Grievous Debts

After a moment, Linglong brought the breakfast back to the room with a face full of smiles. "Miss, can you guess what I just heard from your servant when I went to get the breakfast?"

Su Jiu Li was worrying about the fourth wife's pregnancy. Thus, Linglong asked about it but she didn't pay much attention to it. She merely gave a casual reply.

Linglong, on the other hand, didn't care at all, and her face lit up as she said, "Just now, this servant went to get breakfast, and heard from the servants that Fourth Wife had found out that she was pregnant. She seemed to be in high spirits, and said that the room was cold enough for the servants to prepare a land dragon. When Lady Xin learned of this, she did not want to be outdone, so she argued and had the servants prepare themselves. But you know, it's not even winter yet, and the manor's silver threads are not sufficient. The two of them quarreled over this matter, and in the end, what do you think we should do? "

Linglong stopped to let him know. Hearing about Fourth Wife and Lady Xin, Su Jiu Li pulled back his train of thought. "What happened next?"

Linglong had a face full of pride. "Later on, Lady Xin was unyielding and even took out the Third Prince's medallion, forcibly snatching the silver charcoal from Fourth Madam's hands!"

Silver-threaded charcoal?

Su Jiu Li's heart stirred. It was almost winter, and the weather seemed to be getting colder and colder. As he thought, a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of Su Jiu Li's mouth.

There is a path to heaven, but you refuse to take it. There is no door to hell, yet you barged in.

Su Jiu Li waved his hand, called Hu Po and Ling Long over, and carefully gave them a few instructions. After seeing the two of them nod their heads in understanding, they left the house in a hurry.

Linglong's matter was quite simple. She rushed back, but Hu Po never returned.

Su Jiu Li stood up and walked into the courtyard. He reached out his hand to gently stroke the Violet Vine, then looked in the direction of the courtyard door. Right now, he was waiting for news from Hu Po.

Upon seeing Hu Po appear at the door, Su Jiuli heaved a long sigh of relief. Hu Po quickly walked to Su Jiu Li's side and nodded.

Su Jiu Li understood. The good show was about to begin!

In the past, although she was not the legitimate daughter of the family, Su Wei had treated her better than the other children in the family. Hence, the disaster that was brought about was endless!

However, no matter what difficulties he encountered, Su Jiu Li would never be like those women in the inner courtyard, secretly scheming and using some cunning methods.

It wasn't that she didn't know, but that she disdained …

However, this was a different situation. Now that she had changed her appearance and become someone else, she wanted to avenge Lin Yingyue, to protect herself, and to leave this place in broad daylight!

If these methods that she looked down upon could be of some help to her, Su Jiu Li would not mind sending himself onstage to match these people to the end!

"Linglong, bring the things with you. Let's go take a look at Fourth Madam."

Ling Long and Hu Po were both stunned when they heard that Su Jiu Li was about to go out and meet someone. She shouldn't have revealed herself at this time, not to mention that her current face was utterly ruined. She had messed up the mansion's inner court, so she shouldn't have shown herself at this time!

Seeing the two of them looking at each other and standing there without moving, Su Jiu Li couldn't help but lightly sigh. "Let's go. If it's too late, this show will be over!"

Hu Po and Linglong still seemed to understand, but they did not ask any questions. Instead, they followed Su Jiu Li to the Lanzhou Pavilion.

Before they even reached the main courtyard of the Loxia Pavilion, Su Jiu Li raised his head and saw a woman walking over from afar. She was accompanied by a boy that was half a year old.

Third Wife's gaze swept across Su Jiu Li's defeated face when she saw that he didn't even raise his eyes.

With regards to the Sixth Madam, the people in the Prince's Mansion had also heard much and seen little of her.

Most people only knew that she was the young daughter of the Public Office's President, Lin Yaozong. Rumor had it that Miss Lin's mother came from a lowly background. In the past, she had only been a servant serving the Lin Yaozong by his side.

The night was warm, but this woman's fate was also good. Not long after, she became pregnant. Lin Yaozong could be considered a man of love and loyalty. He immediately took over the room and treated the mother and daughter duo pretty well.

As Lin Yingyue watched her grow up, her appearance became more and more outstanding. "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." It was unknown when the news had spread, but it had spread like wildfire: The young lady of the imperial edict, her looks were pretty, her employer's betrothal gift, and the bridal sedan belonging to the Xi Family.

Although those words were extremely unpleasant to hear, the truth was not bad either.

As the young mistress of the Lin Clan, Lin Yue's status was naturally esteemed. With such an attractive appearance, it could be said to be a request from every family.

However, speaking in detail, she was still a child in her next life after all. No matter how good her skin was, it wouldn't change her mother's birth.

For ordinary people, Lin Shangshu naturally wouldn't take them seriously. If she did marry, not only would she be aggrieved towards Lin Yingyue, but she would also humiliate Shang Shu Manor.

However, which famous family or family in the capital didn't care that a girl came from!

As a result, Lin Yingyue became the most eye-catching flower vase on the pavilion, and everyone stopped in their tracks.

Thinking like this, it was reasonable that Minister Lin would marry Lin Yingyue to the Third Prince as his concubine. Perhaps, this was what Lin Shangshu believed, the best place for Lin Yingyue.

Seeing the disdainful expression on Third Wife's face, Su Jiu Li bowed and greeted her. The third wife's footsteps did not stop at all as she arrogantly walked past Su Jiu Li.

Su Jiu Li looked at the back of the third wife. It was just as the rumors said! It looked like she wouldn't need to do anything else later!

As they zigzagged all the way to Fourth Wife's courtyard, Su Jiu Li and Third Wife reported in. Fourth Wife was leaning on the soft couch, not even lifting her head to fiddle with the quills in her hands.

There were already quite a few people gathered in the hall. This was the first time that Su Jiu Li had walked out of the Floating Cloud Pavilion.

"Screech!" This room was too hot! My little sister hasn't even been born yet, and she's already anxious to sit here and wait for the next month! " Third Madam said sarcastically.

"Third Madam," the moment Third Madam finished speaking, Fifth Madam, who was sitting beside her, also added in a strange tone. Fourth Sister's body is indeed expensive, it's simply incomparable! "

Fourth Wife let out an impatient sigh and said, "Fifth Sis, what kind of words are those? If we were to talk about Jin Gui, I'm afraid the prince in my stomach is causing a ruckus!"

Saying so, Fourth Madam lifted her head and glanced at the few people sitting in the hall. The others were all old, except for the sixth wife, Lin Yingyue …

The third wife was already astonished that she didn't die! He even came to congratulate her today. It was truly hard to imagine!

However, so what? She was already pregnant. Even Lady Xin would be trampled by her in the near future, not to mention this half-dead Sixth Madam.

No matter who it was, the reason why he let them in today was to see how these women fawned over him and flattered him.

Looking at the anxious atmosphere in the room, Su Jiu Li lightly coughed and walked over to Fourth Wife.

"Elder sister, I heard that you became angry today and I came to visit. Your pregnancy is a top priority. Don't be angry and hurt because of some trivial things."

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