Chapter VI: None of the backyard is an oil-saving lamp

As Su Jiu Li spoke, he took out a brocade handkerchief from his sleeve and unwittingly waved it in front of Fourth Wife. The faint aroma of medicine immediately dispersed.

Mentioning this matter, Fourth Wife's anger attacked her heart. She took a deep breath, but was still unable to suppress the fire in her heart.

"That bitch, who does she think she is? Her origins are unknown and her origins are suspicious! "How dare a bastard like that steal from me? I will definitely teach her a lesson in the future!"

Su Jiu Li coldly laughed in his heart. Women truly looked exactly the same when they acted so arrogantly!

In the end, Fourth Madam was just a brainless embroidered pillow. This was why she was already so impatient when she was pregnant! Judging from her appearance, she was just on the verge of blurting out how she had poisoned Lin Yingyue, and how she had framed Lady Xin!

As he thought of this, Su Jiu Li's heart became increasingly restless!

Lin Yingyue was such a gentle girl. In the past, Su Jiuli didn't even dare to speak loudly to her! Today, these women had done this to her for the sake of gaining favor!

It would be reasonable if Lin Yingyue was doted on, but she was just a person who was struggling in the palace!

In the near future, it would be used as a tool to frame someone!

Su Jiu Li suppressed the hatred in his heart and took a deep breath. At this moment, a clear and childish voice came from inside the room.

"Auntie Xin is the most beautiful!" The osmanthus cake that she makes is also the most delicious one! "

With that said, the room instantly quieted down!

Su Jiu Li turned his head to look at the little boy in surprise. She had never even considered including a child in her calculations! However, she had never expected that this child's words would actually help her so much!

Sure enough, the third wife's reaction was even more intense than Su Jiu Li had expected. She grabbed her son and pulled him in front of her, her eyes wide as if she wanted to devour him as she harshly berated him.

"What did you just say? When did you ever go to that fox. Lady Xin's courtyard? You even ate what she gave you? Did I tell you not to eat what others give you? This child, why don't you have any memory! "

The more the third wife spoke, the more nervous she became. Although she looked a little fierce, she was still more concerned. As she scolded the child, she knocked away the pastry in his hand!

"Eat, eat, eat. You only know how to eat!" What if someone poisoned him? How many times have mother told you that you are the only male heir in the entire palace and your royal father's only bloodline! There are many pairs of eyes in this house staring at us two everyday, so you can't just let your mother have some rest! "

The cake in the child's hand was smashed away and he immediately cried out in fear. He knew what to say, so he just kept on crying.

The third wife also knew that her current appearance was a little fearful of others. Seeing her child crying uncontrollably from fright, she touched his head in heartache.

"Wu'er, good girl, mother said all this for your own good!" You are my mother's darling, you are still young, I do not understand. All the large and small ones in this mansion are not easy to deal with! Right now, even those that have yet to be born do not stop. How can mother be at ease when you say that! "

Su Jiu Li stood at the side, quietly listening. He couldn't help but sneer in his heart. What was laughing was not the faces of the women in front of him, but the unmet third prince!

The Third Prince was an influential figure in the capital! He was different from the other princes in that he was famous for his loose and unrestrained character!

Although Su Jiu Li had never seen this infamous Third Prince before, at home, his father and brothers had often mentioned how he had acted so recklessly in the imperial court!

In front of the emperor and all the officials of the civil and military forces, the Third Prince was acting the same way.

However, who would have thought that such a dissolute and greedy man would actually bring up women in the manor who were of the same virtue as him!

However, he didn't know if he, the Third Prince, would be able to receive the favor of a beautiful woman while these women were scheming and fighting to the death!

Third Wife's words were not only meant for her son to hear, but more importantly, it was intended to beat down on the other women in the room!

As expected, after hearing these words, Fourth Wife felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles. She had originally been lying lazily on the couch, but now she abruptly stood up and glared at Third Wife.

"Elder sister's words are incomprehensible to little sister!" Not to mention that the pastries in my courtyard were specially sent over by the Third Prince, just with your last sentence, you made it so that little sister couldn't take it! "

Third Madam didn't even raise her head as if she hadn't heard the Fourth Madam. She caressed her son's head and comforted him.

When Fourth Wife saw that she could no longer go down the stairs, she stood up in a hurry.

"Elder sister and I are both mothers now, and since we were born, we should be taught well! As the saying goes, there is always someone who owes their debt to even those who are wronged. If you want to fall down in someone else's place, you can just find someone to make up for it. What is the meaning of coming here to scold someone else? "

Su Jiu Li stood the closest to the Fourth Madam. She could clearly see the flushed cheeks of the Fourth Madam, as well as the faintly discernible green veins on her forehead.

It was also no wonder that the young prefecture lord's words had already touched Fourth Wife's brow. Before this matter could end, Third Wife had caused such a ruckus. How could Fourth Wife take it lying down?

Only after Fourth Wife finished her sentence did Third Wife stand up slowly. She pulled her son and raised her head to look at Fourth Wife.

"What little sister said is right. I am a mother, everything is naturally for Wu'er's sake." If elder sister says anything unpleasant today, don't take it to heart. "After all …"

Third Madam suddenly dragged her words, causing the hearts of the people in the room to rise to their throats.

"Since little sister knows that grievances have a owner, then it's good! Just now, Wu Er's words were definitely not taught by me, as the mother. I, the elder sister, am a straightforward person. If there really is something wrong with me, then I naturally have to explain it clearly in front of my face! It's not like some foxy girls who only know how to use underhanded methods! "

As soon as Third Wife's words fell, Su Jiu Li called out to her in his heart! It seemed that she had underestimated these women.

To be able to stand in such a creepy backyard was certainly not enough! What did Lin Yingyue, who was renowned throughout the capital, do? Wasn't she killed without even receiving the Third Prince's kindness?

Now that he thought about it this way, the few women who were still standing here facing off against each other naturally had their outstanding points!

It was as if the words of the third wife in front of him had clearly scolded all the women in the room just now! Especially the fourth lady, she had not escaped the fate of having a baby in her womb!

However, the last words she said to Fourth Madam Ling pushed all her previous mistakes onto Lady Xin!

To others, the third wife's meaning was obvious.

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