Chapter VII Water Testing Everywhere

Wu'er was her biological son. No matter how much scheming and scheming she did, she would not push her son to the heart of the matter. She would also not use her own son to achieve any goals!

This way, the words that Wu'er said just now wouldn't have been taught by her! If not for Third Madam, it could only be Madam Xin's doing!

"Alright, it's time for Wu'er to take an afternoon nap. After seeing my sister, it's time for me to go back." As Third Wife spoke, she took hold of the young prefecture lord's hand and walked towards the door.

However, he suddenly stopped when he saw that the third wife was about to reach his door.

Third Wife turned around and smiled at Fourth Wife. "Little Sister, you've been married into the Prince's Mansion for quite some time now, and you've seen this iron-made, flowing, beautiful woman! However, there were very few sisters who were able to stay with me in the end. I believe you should be well aware of the reason! "

Third Wife said while patting the young prefecture lord on the head. "If we sisters were to speak a few words ourselves, no one would go out and say them! If it doesn't work, I still have Wu'er! Thinking back to how difficult it was for me to help an outsider by giving birth to him! Now, no matter who it is that has ill intentions towards him, I will definitely not let them off! "Little sister is about to become pregnant, and is already being remembered by others. Being pregnant for ten months, your little sister still has a long way to go. Whether you're a human or a ghost, don't you think you've made a mistake!"

Saying this, the Third Madame took the young prefecture lord's hand and said, "Be good and follow mother back. Tell mother where the osmanthus cake tastes good, and mother will also learn to make it for you, okay?"

Third Wife's coaxing voice gradually faded away as the room fell into silence! What Third Madam said before she left was really thought-provoking!

Su Jiu Li was silent. She began to admire this woman!

These few simple sentences not only pushed the blame onto Lady Xin, but also pulled her and Fourth Madam to the same side!

She and the Third Madam were both human mothers. Even if they were to lose all decorum in the future, at this moment, their common enemy was the beloved and prodigal Madam Xin!

Mrs. Four thoughtfully took two steps back and slumped on the soft couch without a word.

Su Jiu Li looked at her appearance of weighing the pros and cons as he silently thought to himself. If she did not take this opportunity to add some firewood and completely ignite the fire left behind by the Third Wife, when would she be able to?

"Yes, Mistress." After making up his mind, Su Jiu Li took a cup of tea from the side and offered it to Fourth Wife. Elder sister is currently pregnant and is not easily angered. Furthermore, she drinks a cup of tea to moisten her throat. "

Fourth Wife took the teacup from Su Jiu Li's hands in a slightly entranced manner. Su Jiu Li took this opportunity to wipe Fourth Wife's hands lightly with the brocade handkerchief in his hand.

Su Jiu Li returned to his seat and sat down, coughing twice. "Sisters have no boundaries when it comes to chatting. Didn't you just say that this year's winter had come too early? Not to mention elder sister, I also feel cold on my body! When we go back later, little sister will ask Hu Po to prepare some charcoal early! "

Su Jiu Li's words pulled the topic back to today's conflict between Lady Xin and Fourth Wife!

Fourth Wife suddenly frowned, showing an impatient expression. She was naturally unhappy about what happened just now. Now that she heard Su Jiu Li speak, she became more and more agitated no matter how she listened.

"Little sister is talking about it, but it's just that …" "We don't have such good fortune, Sister Four. We can use such good silverwire carbon!"

Only now did Su Jiu Li notice that there was a Fifth Wife who had yet to leave the house! Taking a peek, Su Jiu Li sized up the Fifth Wife by accident.

Unlike the other girls in the mansion, this Fifth Wife looked very pure and innocent. Although she wasn't a beauty, she had a completely different kind of tranquility to her.

Su Jiu Li looked at the Fifth Madam with a faint smile and nodded. If her appearance was shocking, then she was a person with a clear soul! One could tell from her words that she was much more quick-witted than the Fourth Madam on the bed!

Su Jiu Li only said one sentence, but this Fifth Wife already understood in her heart. To be able to sing one song at a time was half the effort compared to her monologue!

"What sister said is right. These silver threads are expensive, and the amount that comes out of the mansion every year is not much. Naturally, it's to be used when someone is pregnant like Fourth Sister!"

Fifth Wife smiled and replied with a nod of her head, "I've rarely seen my younger sister walk around this backyard. I didn't expect that not only does my younger sister look like a fairy, but her personality is also very good! If all the newbies in this house are as understanding as their sisters, then we can get along! "

Su Jiu Li embarrassedly lowered his head. "Fifth Sister is too kind. His little sister was unlucky, her body was not agile, and she didn't dare to come out and disturb the rest of the sisters' peace and quiet. In addition … In the end, we still have to see the face of the prince. The people below can clearly see his intentions! "

As the two of them exchanged a few words, Su Jiu Li's gaze shifted. He saw that Fourth Wife's face was slightly flushed and her chest was moving up and down. It seemed as if she was having a hard time calming down. It was about time!

"Sigh... "My sister finally said something clear!" Fifth Wife let out a soft sigh and then raised her head to look at Su Jiu Li and Fourth Wife. "I heard that our Prince has bestowed the jade pendant he always wore on his body to Lady Xin?"

"Elder sister …"

Before Fifth Wife could finish speaking, Su Jiu Li hurriedly opened his mouth to interrupt her. With a troubled expression on his face, he deliberately waved his hand.

"Big sister doesn't know?"

"Do you know what it is?" Fifth Madam looked to be at a loss, but she wasn't clear on what was going on in her heart. Besides her, who else could be clear about what was going on?

Su Jiu Li leaned slightly towards the Fifth Wife and lowered his voice, allowing everyone in the room to hear him clearly!

"Elder sister, don't you know that today, this Lady Xin used the medallion bestowed upon her by the prince to snatch the silver threads from Fourth Sister's hands?"

"Ah?" Such a thing actually happened? " Fifth Madam covered her mouth in disbelief. She did not forget to glance at the furious Fourth Madam who was sitting on the soft couch.


Fourth Wife finally could not hold it in any longer and threw the teacup in her hand out! The teacup fell to the ground, scattering bits and pieces of it all over her body to express her resentment!

Looking at Fourth Wife's furious expression, Su Jiu Li knew that he had already succeeded in more than half of the cases! There was no point in staying any longer. He slowly stood up and bowed to the two madams.

"Cough, cough, I'm not feeling well, so I shouldn't sit here for too long. I need some good rest, so I won't disturb you too much. I'll come visit you another day."

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