Chapter VIII: Riding on Thin Ice

"Aiyo, then I won't disturb Sister Four's rest any longer. I'm really a bit tired now that I'm talking about this. Sister will be leaving now."

Quickly walking out of the Duskfall Courtyard, Su Jiu Li raised his hand and handed the brocade handkerchief to Ling Long. "Hurry up and burn it!"

Linglong took the brocade handkerchief and was stunned for a moment. She wanted to ask a few more questions, but then she heard footsteps behind her.

Su Jiuli lightly pushed Linglong's arm and gave her a meaningful glance. Although Linglong had some doubts in her heart, she did not dare to delay Su Jiu Li's instructions. She quickly turned around and ran away.

Fifth Wife followed Su Jiu Li out of the Duskfall Courtyard. Su Jiu Li could clearly feel that there was someone behind him. It was likely that he knew who it was. She didn't want to get too close to these women. In order to avoid this Fifth Wife, she couldn't help but increase her pace.

"Yue'er, wait for me …"

Fifth Madam's voice rang out from behind him. Su Jiu Li had no choice but to stop his steps and slowly turn around. Traces of astonishment could be seen between his brows.

"Oh, my sister looks skinny, but her steps are swift enough to make me chase after her!"

Fifth Madam said as she raised her head to look in the direction of Linglong's departure, "What is this girl in such a hurry for? She left in such a hurry, I don't know if I can send my sister back first."

"My sister's medicine is still simmering on the stove. I told her to go back and look. His little sister's body was not affected by the wind. Since she had been out for a long time, she was naturally in a hurry to go back. I wonder what business do you have calling me sister? "

"You and I, sisters, must have something to say?" As the Fifth Wife spoke, she took Su Jiu Li's arm and said, "Zuo but when you go back, you're still alone. It's rare to see your little sister and you're so lucky, so I couldn't help but say a few words to you."

Su Jiu Li stared blankly. It was too late for him to pull back his arm. He could only allow the Fifth Madam to pull her arm forward.

"Big sister doesn't mind little sister's clumsy mouth, little sister is naturally happy. However... Your little sister's body is not up to standard, and you're afraid of getting sick and giving it to your big sister. "

"Little sister, are you saying that I'm a stranger? I don't have a precious body, so how could I be so delicate!" I can't let my little sister chat with me in this place, how about … Shall I go and sit at my sister's place? "

In his heart, Su Jiu Li was naturally unwilling! However, at this point, if the Fifth Madam still didn't agree, she might have to make herself another enemy!

"If sister doesn't mind, sister would naturally be happy."

The Fifth Madam knowingly smiled and carried Su Jiu Li back to the Floating Cloud Pavilion with her.

Along the way, Fifth Wife was enthusiastically chatting with Su Jiu Li. From rouge, makeup, to brocade silk and satin, the left side only had women paying attention to them and didn't hurt Da Ya's words.

After returning to the Floating Cloud Pavilion, Hu Po walked up to greet his fifth wife. When he saw her, he was also stunned for a moment before bowing to her.

"This servant pays her respects to the Fifth Madam. Miss, your medicine is ready, I was just about to pick you up. "

Su Jiu Li nodded, "Got it. Prepare some tea, you may leave."

Upon saying that, Su Jiu Li gave Hu Po a meaningful glance, and Hu Po took the order, turned around, and left to make preparations.

Arriving at the main hall, Su Jiu Li gave the fifth wife a seat. The fifth wife didn't immediately take a seat, but looked around.

"Aiya, my little sister is so elegant. Look at this, this top quality Tsui Shan screen makes people's hearts clear up. "And this calligraphy piece, the calligraphy strokes and the calligraphy characters, it must have come from little sister's calligraphy right?"

"Sister, you must be joking. It is already shameful to be doing it like that. However, you are the one who is coaxing yourself to be happy. Today, you have actually caught my eye."

Su Jiu Li looked at the Fifth Wife. Her expression was leisurely and relaxed. The way she looked around didn't seem strange at all.

However, after what had just happened, Su Jiu Li would never believe that the Fifth Wife had pestered her to come back only because of the "gossip" she spoke of!

However, Su Jiu Li still had not figured out exactly what medicine she had bought from the gourd.

However, since she had come, it was not as simple as looking around. Su Jiu Li also didn't want to waste time guessing what she was planning to do. It was fine to just watch. After all, it was just a matter of trying to block her advance!

"Sister, you don't have to be so modest. I may not be literate, but I have seen a lot of works written by other people. In my opinion, sister is not inferior to them!" Even if the Prince saw it, he would praise his sister! "

"Big sister, what are you talking about? Little sister can't take it." As Su Jiu Li spoke, he lowered his head and took a sip of tea. His voice also became much softer.

Fifth Wife walked around before she sat down beside Su Jiu Li. "If I told you, I'm afraid even little sister wouldn't believe me. I'm really looking at everything here!"

Su Jiu Li lightly laughed. "Elder sister, are you teasing me like this? If we are to really talk about it, I'm afraid that our Floating Cloud Pavilion is the most obstructing place for the third prince's manor! "

The Third Prince's residence was grand and magnificent. The decorations of each of these courtyards were priceless treasures!

Looking back at Floating Cloud Pavilion, it was as if it was a meditation hall. The few pieces of furniture in the room weren't worth much, and the items in the room didn't reveal their identity. It was just an ordinary girl's room.

"Hey, does little sister also value those things like those people outside? I feel that only this kind of elegant and simple beauty is worthy of someone as wonderful as little sister! "

As the Fifth Madam spoke, she turned around and looked around the room. "Speaking of which, I think that the most wonderful thing is …"

Su Jiu Li's action of putting down the teacup slowed down following the Fifth Wife's words. He turned around to look at her, and the Fifth Wife also happened to look over.

The two of them looked at each other. Fifth Wife's lips curled up as she continued, "So you're the one!"

"Me? Sister must be joking again! " Su Jiu Li avoided Fifth Wife's gaze. Although her words were very light, his heart was still beating like a drum.

In the end, Su Jiu Li had brought a secret with him! Moreover, she now had plans that could not be told to others. At this time, the Fifth Wife mysteriously said this. It was very hard for Su Jiu Li not to feel apprehensive.

"Little sister is very clear on whether this is a joke or not!" Fifth Madam said in a low voice.

Su Jiu Li did not pursue the matter further. She already knew in her heart that no matter how good the Fifth Madam's scheming was, she would not know about her matters! It was impossible for him to know what she was thinking or calculating!

If she couldn't calm herself down at this moment, she would admit defeat before Fifth Wife could use her trump card!

"Sister, you are so stupid. You really don't understand what sister means? However, if there's anything that little sister isn't thorough, big sister, please correct me. "

When Fifth Wife heard Su Jiu Li's words, she smiled. Her long, white fingers inadvertently fiddled with the nail on her crotch.

Su Jiu Li looked at her. This woman was so deep that she made her feel uneasy! Even though she was smiling, Su Jiu Li still felt that the dimples on her face were like bottomless abyss, waiting for her to accidentally fall down and smash her to smithereens!

Fifth Wife slowly raised her head and looked at Su Jiu Li. Her gaze was fixed on her face and her eyes were filled with meaning.

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