If they died, they would no longer be afraid!

"Actually, before my sister married into the palace, I had already heard of you. At that time, her little sister was a beauty that was renowned throughout the capital! Who would have thought that such a beautiful lady would actually read so many poetry books! This really makes big sister ashamed and envious! "

Su Jiu Li and the Fifth Wife sat facing each other, listening to her rambling without knowing what to say. However, there seemed to be a deeper meaning behind his words!

Fifth Wife paused for a moment after speaking. Seeing that Su Jiu Li had no intention of continuing, she didn't mind. He continued, "Ah... It seemed that the heavens were jealous of her beauty! Elder sister has never seen her younger sister's stunning appearance before, but now this … "

Fifth Wife's words suddenly brought up the rash on Su Jiu Li's face. Only then did Su Jiu Li suddenly recall that her face had been completely destroyed! He couldn't help but touch his face, "The left side is only sister Fu Bao, I can't take it!"

"Isn't it up to the gods to decide whether they can afford it or not? But his little sister's face … Was there really no hope? "I heard that little sister accidentally took a cure medicine, so you should be able to recover, right?"

"Sister doesn't understand medical principles, but the coaches that have been invited are all helpless!" Even if it was the will of the heavens, his little sister would still accept her fate! It's just a set of skin. If you don't bring it with you when you die, why bother thinking about it so arduously? "

"Does little sister really not care?" Fifth Madam raised her voice and asked.

Su Jiu Li slowly lowered his hand. When he raised his head to look at Fifth Wife, his eyes were filled with curiosity. He asked in return, "Why do you care so much, Big Sister?"

"Oh, why would I care? I'm just feeling sorry for my sister!" If it were me, I would probably be too embarrassed to even look at you! "

The moment those words left her mouth, Fifth Wife suddenly covered it, then looked at Su Jiu Li with an awkward expression. "Big Sis was straightforward and did not think much of it. Don't take my words to heart, Little Sister!"

"Sister, you're right. Sister is not a person who has never died!"

As Su Jiu Li spoke, he stood up. A moment ago, there was a trace of a smile on his face, but at this moment, he was already nowhere to be seen! The Fifth Madam's heart couldn't help but tremble when she saw the cold expression on her face. She didn't expect that her gentle look and her frightening gaze would cause her to be shocked!

"If you have already died, then you will no longer be afraid! My sister is also a ghost door before the door to pass through the people, life and death and I have long seen through! If it were not for father, sister would probably say that it was a choice! "

As he spoke to here, Su Jiu Li's expression slowly collapsed, and he revealed an unconcealable loneliness. Perhaps she didn't say a single heartfelt sentence today, except for this one exception!

"Even if no one cares about me anymore, there is still someone else I can't let go of! It's easy to die, but it's the hardest thing to feel at ease because you're unwilling to part with your life! "

Fifth Wife carefully observed Su Jiu Li's expression. The loneliness and worry on her face were real without the slightest trace of lying.

"Aiyo, aiyo, look at my mouth. It really doesn't please me!" It made his little sister sad … Big Sis will apologize to you! "

At this point, it was useless for the Fifth Madam to hold on. He couldn't get the answers he wanted to ask, but he couldn't get a clear understanding of the situation. As such, he was getting more and more confused.

The two of them sat and chatted for a while. Most likely, it was the Fifth Madam who spoke. Su Jiu Li listened. After a while, the Fifth Madam took the excuse that the county lord was awake and couldn't leave without someone, and then left the Floating Cloud Pavilion with her maidservants.

On the way back, the Fifth Madam tightly gripped her cloak without saying a single word. However, the brocade handkerchief in her hand was wrapped in a entanglement.

The young maid who followed behind him had noticed his expression and looked at her master's expression. From the moment they left the Floating Cloud Pavilion, she had been worrying about something.

"Madam, I see that you don't look too good. Why have you chatted with Sixth Madam for so long today? Are you tired?"

"Ask away!" Fifth Madam didn't blame him. She calmly replied.

The young maid smiled and quickly followed behind the Fifth Wife, "Madam, this servant was brought here by you. I can't escape your eyes no matter what! This servant was just curious. Ever since this Sixth Madam married into our Prince's Mansion, she has been disliked. "In the past, she could still be considered beautiful, but now that her face has been ruined, why do you have to be so polite with her?"

As the master and the servant spoke, they had already arrived at the back garden. Fifth Wife was in no hurry to return. She turned the corner of the corridor and sat in the pavilion by the lakeside.

"Xiang'er, do you know how I made it to where I am today?"

"This servant understands." Xiang'er nodded. "Madam, you're quite clear-minded and considerate. If you hadn't planned this well, you wouldn't have married into the Third Prince's estate." All these years, you have to be careful in every aspect so that you can preserve the young prefecture lord's life! "

Fifth Wife could only sigh helplessly. She thought back to back then, if she was not agile, she would have been married to the assistant minister's sickly son!

Fortunately, the Third Prince had rescued her from the fiery pit!

However, if she really did marry that year, then within a month, that disease would have gone to the west!

At that time, not even her husband's or her parents' families would be able to tolerate her. As a married woman, it was obvious what would happen to her!

However, would he be safe after escaping from the tiger's den?

He thought about all the times he had spent in the backyard of the Prince's Mansion, it could be said that he had been trembling with fear and treading on thin ice! Back then, if it wasn't for the third prince secretly taking care of her, she and her daughter would have already been corpses!

Although the Third Prince had been cold to her all these years, he had truly taken the young prefecture lord seriously! If it wasn't for this favor, even if the young prefecture lord was a girl, it would still be very difficult for him to grow up in the backyard of the prince's mansion!

Fifth Wife knew that the Third Prince didn't put her in his heart, but no matter the reason, the Third Prince's kindness to her mother and her daughter could be said to be as great as the heavens and earth!

Even if it wasn't for the husband and wife couple, Fifth Madam would still think highly of him! What's more, this man was the one she wanted to be together with for the rest of her life. No matter what he said or did, in the Fifth Madam's heart, the Third Prince was her heaven!

"A woman's appearance is given by the heavens. A good or bad looks cannot be blamed on anyone! If it was someone as ordinary as me, I could only seek for benefits. However, if you were as ignorant as the Sixth Madam, who has an unknown beauty and has a bit of agility, I'm afraid that you would mess up the entire backyard! "

Fifth Madam seemed to be talking to herself as she stared blankly at the lake. Her voice was soft, and she didn't care if Xiang'er, who was by her side, heard her.

"Is the Madam praising the Sixth Madam too much? Since she had married into the palace, the prince had not stayed in the Floating Cloud Pavilion for the night. Forget about that. The other wives in the backyard are trying their best to embarrass her, but this Sixth Wife doesn't even have the strength to put up a fight! "

As Xiang'er spoke, she bent down to lean towards the Fifth Wife. "This servant has also heard that there were some people who steeled their hearts on this Sixth Wife's escape from death a few days ago …" "Tell me, what can Chang'e do if she descends to the mortal realm?"

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