Cold Wife, Never Try to Escape/C85 Unexpected Meeting at the Hotel
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Cold Wife, Never Try to Escape/C85 Unexpected Meeting at the Hotel
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C85 Unexpected Meeting at the Hotel

Fu Jin stayed at Ms Ma's house that day and wrote her daughter's name on a red cloth and pasted it on her room. She told Ms Ma and her mother-in-law that she wanted to offer incense and pray when the time came.

Ms Ma's father-in-law was killed by a car a few years ago and no one mentioned it but Fu Jin accurately said that he died, so the entire family firmly believed in her. Furthermore, the next morning, he clearly woke up and was no longer as restless and restless as usual. The family was really overjoyed and grateful to Fu Jin. . .

Because Fu Jin finished her college entrance examination, she applied for leave from Ms Ma and did not come to class during the summer vacation. Ms Ma naturally agreed and followed Fu Jin back to school to pack her things. She even let her husband drive the couple to personally send Fu Jin back to Liuxi Village. . .

After staying at home for a week, Fu Jin wanted to return to school to sign up for her aspiration. She also told her parents that she would directly go to the provincial capital to see Geng Shijun and his wife. When Fu Dongshan and Zhang Xiu heard Fu Jin say that there should be no problem with the exam, she was especially happy. She took some mountain goods for her relatives and let Fu Jin take them. She sent the girl on the bus. . .

Fu Jin first went to school. Ms Ma saw that her application form only had the provincial police station and reminded worriedly, "Fu Jin, add another one. Even if this score is not up to us, we still have a way out!"

"No need. I just want to go to the police station. " Knowing that the teacher was doing it for her own good, Fu Jin faintly smiled.

Coming out of the school and sitting on the bus to the provincial capital, Fu Jin touched the phone in her pocket. She did not call Zhuo Yee in advance. Su Tinghee's sudden call that day made her make the final decision.

To tell Zhuo Yee clearly and hide from him, she could only lie to herself. If she waited too long, it would only hurt each other even more. She no longer had the qualifications to be his girlfriend. She could not let him fall deeper and deeper.

Fu Jin had extraordinary memories. She remembered very clearly the road she had taken two times by car. After exiting the bus stop, she took a taxi and arrived at the Geng family's house in about ten minutes. It was evening, so Fu Jin chose to come over on Friday. There should be someone at home at this time of the day.

"Oh! It's Jin! Mom! Quickly come and see who is here!" Wang Ya, who was playing with her daughter Miao in the courtyard, saw Fu Jin entering the courtyard and happily came over to pull her hand and shout towards the house.

"Who came. . . Jin? Oh my god! We were just talking about you! You heard us say you flew over! Hurry! Quickly go in and rest for a while. " Hsiao Yanxia was naturally surprised and happy when she saw her goddaughter suddenly appear.

"Jin? Aiya! Why didn't I tell you in advance? I knew you were coming, so I asked your brother to fetch you!" Geng Shijun heard the voice and was about to walk out. He saw Fu Jin enter the room and quickly went to get a drink.

"Your parents are pretty good?" The family sat down and Geng Shijun asked Fu Dongshan and his wife about their situation.

Fu Jin simply told them that they were all in good health and that they did not need to worry about their godfathers and godmothers. When Geng Shijun asked her about her studies, Fu Jin told them about her participation in the college entrance examination.

"You took the college entrance examination!" The family was shocked beyond Fu Jin's expectations.

"The college entrance examination a few days ago?" Wang Ya hugged her daughter and asked again uncertainly.

"Hehe, sister-in-law, how many more times are there for the college entrance exam!? You don't have to be surprised. There are many people at my age who can take the college entrance exam! Don't you have the college youth class!? They are younger than me!"

" Although there is, we have never heard of it in our province! Jin! Why did she think that she will be entering university this year?"

" Aiya! Let the child first talk about how she got into university! " Hsiao Yanxia interrupted her husband's words and let Fu Jin talk about the exam situation. She was more concerned about whether Fu Jin could pass the exam.

"I think there should be no problem. " Fu Jin showed a smile to everyone.

"Okay! Okay! This girl is too unexpected! " Geng Shijun clapped his hands and stood up. " In order to celebrate my daughter's success in the exam, I will treat today! Let's go to the red building!" Geng Shijun waved his hand and made a decision.

"Oh, oh, oh! I'm going to the restaurant!" Little Miao Miao happily jumped and clapped her little hands as she spun around in front of her grandpa and grandma.

Wang Ya drove Fu Jin, Hsiao Yanxia, husband and child out of the car. When they reached the hotel, Geng Ruiqi and his brother had already rushed over from the office. The family asked for a large private room and went in. They ordered a table of dishes and happily ate.

"Jin, you are really good. Come, let me give you a toast. I wish you can get into the university you like. " Geng Ruilin raised his wine glass and said to Fu Jin.

"Thank you, Big Brother. " He also raised the glass of red wine in front of him and took a sip with Geng Ruilin.

"Let me have a toast too, Jin. I really didn't expect you to be a bookworm!" Geng Ruiqi looked at Fu Jin opposite him and felt that although he liked her in his heart, it seemed that he was getting further and further away.

"Liu, thank you. What top student? I just learned in advance. " Fu Jin smiled and drank with Geng Ruiqi.

"Jin, which university do you want to go to?" Geng Shijun asked with concern.

"I filled in the provincial police station. "

"The provincial police station?" Everyone was stunned. As they all knew about this school.

"What about the second choice?" Wang Ya hugged Miao Miao and looked at Fu Jin.

"No more. "

"You only filled in one volunteer? Child, didn't the teacher remind you that you have three choices?" Hsiao Yanxia was a little anxious. If this child only filled in one score and did not reach the admission line, wouldn't this year's university entrance exam be in vain?

"The teacher already said so, but I only want to go to the police station. " Fu Jin knew that her godmother was worried about her, "Godmother, my results should be fine. Don't worry. "

. . . "That's right, mother. Jin knew in her heart that she should be confident by saying this. " Geng Ruilin looked at Fu Jin's calm look and felt that this child might really be okay!

This was the first time Fu Jin drank. After drinking a few cups, her head felt a little dizzy. She told everyone that she got up and went to the washroom. Just as she closed the bathroom door and squatted down, footsteps came from outside.

"Biao Zi this bastard drank too much for me again. " Hearing the sound, it seemed to be three women.

"Today, Young Master Yi also drank quite a bit. "

"Hey, I heard that the old lady who chased after Young Master Yi jumped off the building a few days ago in order to force Young Master Yi to marry her!"

"I know, she's Uncle Hong's daughter! There really are all kinds of people. Why don't you take a look at your own appearance? Would Young Master Yi like her? "

"She's not good-looking. Her father is awesome! However, she had overdone it. Even if she didn't fall to her death, she would still be crippled! No matter how awesome her father was, he wouldn't be able to cure her! Hahaha. "

"If I can't cure my daughter, I won't be able to cure the Zhuo family! Uncle Yang said that if Zhuo Yee didn't marry his daughter, he would let Zhuo Yee accompany him to death! "

"Sigh, Young Master Yi is really unlucky to be targeted by such a person. Uncle Xiang-er has been on the road for his entire life. I heard that there are many brothers in the other provinces! Although the Zhuo family is also in the underworld, compared to others. . . Sigh! Let's not talk about it anymore. Let's see how my makeup is done. "

" I don't know how to look in a mirror! Let's go, let's go. No one will tip me later!"

Fu Jin came out from the inside and washed her hands as she pondered. . .

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