Come on Daddy!/C1 I Owe You a Son to Repay Your Kindness
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Come on Daddy!/C1 I Owe You a Son to Repay Your Kindness
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C1 I Owe You a Son to Repay Your Kindness

Facing the mirror, Rose Linder carefully applied lipstick on her tender cherry lips.

Perfect, very beautiful.

Delicate white skin that glistened by the glittering light. A beautiful pair of soul-catching clear eyes that makes you feel deeply caught at just a glance. Matched with her tender and dazzling cherry lips that makes people unable to resist kissing her.

She looked at her perfect appearance in the mirror and smirked, satisfied with her look.

Holding the room card tightly, she calmed her anxious heart and kept walking towards the presidential suite.

She could clearly recall the uneasiness in the voices of the people around her with every step.

"Rose, the doctor said that Wyatt is dying. You grew up together and Wyatt saved your life once. He is your fiancé, you're the only one who can save him now. Please think of a way to save him this time...” Wyatt Young’s mother cried and kept begging her.

"Sister, if there’s a child that matches Wyatt's blood type, we can use the blood in the umbilical cord to save him. It’s just that no one has the right blood type, then how can there be a child?” Naomi Linder’s eyes looked worried, “What if something happens to Wyatt… Older sister, what are you going to do?”

She thought about it, indeed, what would she do? Who would give her happiness if something happened to Wyatt?

He saved her life, so how could she just sit back and watch knowing his life was at risk? Clearly, she had to repay this favor.

Rose took a deep breath while standing in front of the presidential suite. The person inside of this suite was none other than Bright Lee, the one who had the same rare blood type as Wyatt.

He was born in a powerful family that had been around for over a hundred years already. He was also the leader of the Distance Group, which controlled the economic lifeline of City J.

There were rumors about this man — they say that he was cold and cruel. Anyone who went against him was faced with his ruthless methods. There were even crazy rumors that he caused a lot of bloodshed just to gain more power to secure his position. This man shouldn’t be provoked.

How could someone like him even think of sacrificing himself just to save someone? If only she was not out of options, she would have never made this choice to go to him.

She no longer cared about the consequences she would face after deceiving this man. Wyatt’s life was more important now.

Rose finally opened the door using the room card. She held her breath while listening to the movements around her as she silently walked in.


She heard a loud sound coming from the master bedroom. She walked over and silently opened the door to look inside. The table lamp was flipped over the ground and the room was dim.

"Who is it?!" The man sitting at the edge of the bed propped one hand on the bedside table tensely and bowing slightly. His voice was low and seductive.

It seemed that the medicine he took earlier had a reaction in his body.

Rose elegantly walked inside and stood in front of him.

A faint light reflected from the fallen table lamp, Rose then saw Bright’s perfect handsome face that looked like he had been favored by God. Eyebrows that were high, a straight nose, and his eyes were black as the night and deep as the sea which made people think they would sink in it.

Although his thick eyebrows were deeply knitted, and his face was covered with sweat, this made him look more manly and handsome.

"Who are you!?" Bright’s gaze was sharp as a blade as he looked at her. She felt guilty and didn't dare to look at him directly.

Even though he was sitting while looking at Rose who was standing in front of him, that didn’t reduce the pressure of making her feel he was a person with a higher power.

Rose smiled alluringly as her slender fingers unbuttoned her trench coat. She seductively said, “I’m a person that can help you.”

As soon as she stopped talking, her trench coat fell and it revealed a thin lacy black dress. She looked sexy, enchanting and very seductive.

This made Bright, who was on the verge of losing control due to the effects of the medicine, even more unsettled.

"Get lost!" He looked away and growled low.

Rose ignored his command as she bent down and softly grazed her slender fingers on his sexy and protruding Adam’s apple. She said softly, “I’m very clean, you have nothing to worry about.”

Bright grabbed her seductive fingers and coldly said, “I don’t need your help.”

However, the effect of the medicine was getting stronger by the minute. It felt like his body was on fire and that feeling was very hard to ignore.

Rose saw the desire in Bright’s eyes. His desire made his eyes turn into a deeper color, "Are you sure? This pain caused by the medicine will be hard to bear. I will not pester you, I only need money for my family. One million will be enough.”

She knew that people like him don't like to be pestered, so she only wanted to show a bit of a weakness so he would drop his guard down.

Rose pouted slightly and blew air into Bright’s ear which he felt like a tingling session that made his mind go numb. It was the final straw, Bright could not control himself anymore.

He hurriedly pressed down Rose on the soft bed. His passiveness turned into an initiative to subdue this fiery little woman.

Bright was like a hungry wolf as he stared with a sharp gaze at the delicious woman pinned down by him.

Under the dim light, her skin glistened like jade and was white as snow. Her body under his palm felt extremely smooth.

Rose had a feeling that she was going to be ravished and devoured by this person. She felt scared, but nothing could be done anymore, she needed to endure this.

The lacy black dress she wore was no more, torn apart by Bright’s palm. She shivered and as the cool air crept onto her bare skin.

The light and shadow intertwined, and the dark fragrance floated around.

She was not able to do anything but to close her eyes and silently endure it.

A tear escaped from her eyes the moment she felt the pain coming from her body.

Bright was shocked for a moment because she didn’t lie — she really was clean.

Rose was not able to sleep, it felt like she was tortured throughout the night as Bright’s energy was so vigorous.

Previously, she thought that the normal dosage would have no effect on Bright, so she added a bit more than the normal dosage. It never came to her thoughts that she would suffer like this.

She didn’t know how long it lasted, but it seemed like a century to her. In the end, he got up as if he was already satisfied enough.

Bright threw a piece of medicine on the bed and coldly said, "Take the medicine now and don’t leave any trouble behind.”

He was so passionate last night, it was difficult to resist and stop. The hotel has emergency condoms in the room, but Bright didn’t wear a condom.

Rose calmly took the medicine and drank the cold water.

"Take your money and leave. Don’t ever appear in front of me again.” His tone became even colder as if frost had formed. “Otherwise, don’t blame me.”

After saying that, Bright went to the bathroom.

Rose heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom. She forced herself to get up and endure the soreness she felt all over her body. She dressed up and picked up the cheque placed at the head of the bed. She turned around to leave as she placed the cheque inside her trench coat pocket.

After leaving the city's Four Seasons Hotel, Rose spat out the pill hidden under her tongue.

She raised her hand and wiped the corner of her mount, then she hailed a taxi and got in. Her emotions were all over the place, she was unable to hold back the tears anymore. She kept crying until her eyes got red from the soreness.

Her first time should have been left for the person she loved the most, but she had no choice but to give it to a stranger. She was no longer pure after what happened.

Now, she only hoped that she could get pregnant this time so that she could save Wyatt’s life.

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