Complicated/C2 Who is she
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Complicated/C2 Who is she
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C2 Who is she

"Darren!" ethan called when he saw darren's white sleeve was soaked in his own blood.he ran towards him and help walk him to the office, calling an ambulance, cold sweat broke on his forehead.though, he was a year older than darren,he still feared the man because of his bad temperament.darren dropped a fluffy white cloth on the desk and ethan eyes widened when he saw the cat hoodie,he quickly threw it back on the desk and asked "who's she?" "I don't know" darren replied and looked at his palm that was covered with blood.

Elena was a young girl from a decent and wealthy family.she grew up with a terrible character despite all efforts of her parent.the george family were also one of the wealthiest family in the country and elena was not known,her parent always hide her from the world unlike her elder brother Riley george who was a CEO after taking over from his father.

Riley pampered her like the baby sister she was,he deals in underworld and black market and elena had started learning hacking skills and so on from him.he never engage in crime,elena was his shield to his mid twenties,he was also a an eligible bachelor to many ladies and was famous for his fast growing corporation.

Riley was sitting at the balcony when he heard elena's swearing and cursing,it didn't take him a second thought before he knew the hoodie was gone. "what happened" he asked "i was caught by that CEO okay?" she said and stormed into her room.

Riley always wanted to surpass the Sterling corporation but all was in vain,he had tried every means and it seemed elena was the only way he could succeed.

After darren's wound have been dressed, he lay on his giant bed staring into the ceiling.the face of the girl kept popping into his head,he could have matched her familiarity with someone he knows.he browsed his phone searching for Riley george's photos.while he was scrolling,he saw a photo of Riley in a beautifully decorated dinning table, sitting on one of the chairs,a young lady sat tenderly.the photo of her was blur but darren knew it was the girl whom he had seen.

Darren was a gentle young man but he was hard to please.

Elena sat opposite her mirror as she applied a light make up to her face.she had committed many crimes but being recognized by the CEO would be the worst part of it.she could recall that handsome and proud face, she had seen him anytime he comes to their mansion but she was always indoor or a safe place where no one could see her

and would watch them had fun.she had cost her father and mother alot of pains so they stopped her from appearing in public.

Everyone knows the Georges have a daughter but they never get to know her.she stood up and walked out of the room with the disk she stole from the Sterlings corporation.

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