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"After the disk is given to me,my corporation will surpass his in a matter of time" she heard Riley saying to someone over the phone, she tucked the disk into her pocket and walked down the staircase.

"I'm off to gambling" she said "where's the disk?" he asked "i couldn't get it on time" she lied "shit, just damn it" he cursed under his breath.

Elena walked out of the mansion and headed for her sports bike.the black sport bike was flashy and expensive, she would prefer to drive a bike than a million cars, she switched on the bike and zoomed off in the blink of an eye.

She got to the den of gamblers where she was popular for her skills in gambling.and a regular customer, sometimes she fought with other gamblers including females if she gambled with the rough ones.she was a graduate, she was a rough badass girl.

She have some admirers, one of which was a one time customer, kelvin miles,who was the executive of miles entertainment,a video gaming company.he was attracted to elena by her beauty and strength, he had woo her severally but she was a sly witted fox and he had never gave up in befriending herr.


Darren and ethan waited close to the gate of the george mansion with their car "are you okay?" ethan asked when he saw darren in pain "don't worry, just watched if she would come".

Three hours later,a sport bike drove speedily towards the large gate.elena was taken aback when she saw a car parked at the entrance of the gate.she pressed her honk but the car remained quiet.

She got down from the bike, and walked towards the expensive car.darren waited for the perfect timing, she removed the helmet as the breeze blew gently.while elena was trying to call someone from the inside by knocking on the window when she felt a heavy weight on her head and she blackout immediately.

[I will come home tomorrow] ethan typed and sent the message to parent using her phone.


Elena was woken up by the rays of the sun that came from the floor to ceiling glass window.she dragged the duvet over her body not realizing she was not in her room.she opened her eyes in a daze to find out she was neither in her room not mansion.

Raising her palm to shadow her eyes from the morning sun, she turned to the other side,her heart skipped more than ones, her eyes nearly falling out of it socket "how was your night?" darren asked with a glint of anger in his eyes.elena was deadpanned,how did she get to this almighty mansion, darren Sterling was one of the top people she feared.

Darren was putting on a black sleeve that was unbuttoned showing the medium sized bandage that now has a side filled with blood.guilty formed in her heart "ms george are you surprised?" Elena could not even speak, she wouldn't believe if anyone told her that she would get caught overnight by the overbearing CEO of the great sterling family.

New chapter is coming soon
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