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Conceited Son-in-law/C1 Son-in-law of the Tang Family
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C1 Son-in-law of the Tang Family

"Qin Zhuo, are you lame or dead? I called for you to buy a present and you took so long to get here?"

At the entrance of the Yun Ding Hotel stood a tall and beautiful woman. She wore a tight and refined dress, and her temperament was elegant.

At this moment, she had one hand on her waist as she shouted angrily.

She was Qin Zhuo's wife, Tang Yunling.

Hearing his wife's call, Qin Zhuo quickly ran to Tang Yunling's side. "Come on, let's go in."

Tang Yunling stepped to the side as if she was too close to Qin Zhuo and would dirty her clothes.

She looked disgusted as she muttered.

"I, Tang Yunling, have really been struck with bad luck for eight lifetimes. How did I end up marrying a cripple like you?"

"If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have brought you to this banquet. It would have been too embarrassing if you had come."

Qin Zhuo was already used to hearing such sarcastic remarks and felt like his ears were growing calluses.

It could be said that in the two years that he had been involved in Tang Family, the Tang Family had never treated him as a human being.

His life was very sad. He would wash the clothes, mop the floor, run errands … All sorts of dirty labor fell on him.

Even so, Qin Zhuo did not receive any respect.

The snobbish Tang Family ordered around him all day, ordering him around like a servant.

It was just that the Tang Family did not know that Qin Zhuo did not have a single background because no one was able to find out about his background.

Qin Zhuo was the leader of the mysterious organization, "Human Realm Above Heaven".

The Ethereal Sky Sect was spread all over the world. It possessed unparalleled wealth and held the economic lifeline of countless heroes.

The Ethereal Sky Sect had two Empyrean Gods, the Five Immortals and the Ten Earth Kings, each of whom had the power to sweep the four directions.

Two years ago, Qin Zhuo hid himself at the peak and returned to Buzhou City.

In order to comply with his father's dying wish, he had married Tang Yunling into the Tang Family.

Time flew. Suddenly, two years had passed.

"What are you staring at? "Let's go."

Tang Yunling frowned and pushed Qin Zhuo forcefully. The two of them walked into the resplendent and luxurious Yun Ding Hotel.

Those who entered or left the hotel were either rich or powerful.

Only Qin Zhuo, who was dressed cheaply, looked out of place.

Night fell.

The Grand Cloud Hotel was illuminated like a waterfall, shining through the glass walls.

At the top floor of the hotel, in a luxurious private room, everyone was dressed beautifully and drinking merrily.

The main character in the private room was Liu Junting, who was sitting at the banquet table.

Liu Junting was the patriarch of the number one Qiongnan Province family, a top-notch person who could summon the wind and rain from the Qiongnan Province.

Liu Junting had his eyes on Buzhou City's development prospects, so he wanted to transfer the heavy industry to Buzhou City. This meant that he had to find a local partner and help each other to win the battle.

Originally, it would be very difficult for such an opportunity to fall to the Tang Family.

However, the ancestors of the Liu and Tang Family were quite close to each other, so when Liu Junting visited Buzhou City, he wanted to first have a chat with them.

Although it was just a way of reminiscing about the old, everyone in the Tang Family were trying their best to show Liu Junting that they wanted to win the cooperation.

The younger generation of Tang Family clustered around Liu Junting, each of them thinking of a unique move, wanting to show off.

As everyone toasted, the door to the room was pushed open. Qin Zhuo and Tang Yunling walked in one after the other.

Immediately, a few scornful gazes landed on the two of them. Some people even whispered amongst themselves.

"Why is Tang Yunling here?" This declining bloodline of hers is simply the shame of our Tang Family. "

"That's right. Tang Yunling still dared to bring her useless husband here. How embarrassing."

Tang Yunling clenched her small fists tightly, her face turning slightly red from the words of these people.

She glanced around the large round table. It was filled to the brim with people. Tang Yunling no longer had a seat for her. Could it be that she could only stand there awkwardly?

At this time, a young man dressed in an expensive suit stood up. His eyes were rolling as he sneered, "Little sister, don't be anxious."

His name was Tang Yuan, and he was Tang Yunling's cousin. Within Tang Family, he was the one with the most respect, and had always been a tyrant.

Tang Yuan carried a plate of food from the table and put it on the ground. He smiled and said, "Little sister, look, there really isn't any extra space. How about you two just eat it on the spot?"

Eat it on the spot! Was he treating Tang Yunling and Qin Zhuo like dogs?!

It was as if a small sun was burning inside Tang Yunling's heart. That was her fury! She gritted her teeth so hard that she wanted to rush up to Tang Yuan and skin him alive, but she couldn't.

Has her bloodline suffered less grievances? But in front of Liu Junting, she must not be rude.

If she could win the collaboration with Qiongnan Province and Liu Family, then she, Tang Yunling, would soar into the skies and wouldn't have to suffer the wrath of her own family anymore.

Therefore, Tang Yunling had to endure it.

Tang Yunling finally managed to suppress the anger in her heart. She looked to the side and saw Qin Zhuo standing straight with an expressionless face. This made her angry again.

"Marrying such a useless husband, will I, Tang Yunling, really have a chance to shine?"

At this moment, the round table was filled with all kinds of delicacies.

Liu Junting didn't have any intention to use his chopsticks because he had already gotten tired of eating these things.

When Tang Yuan saw this scene, he immediately complimented, "I've heard that Mr. Liu has extraordinary eyesight and an elegant interest in collecting antiques."

"Oh?" Liu Junting replied indifferently. He was finally interested.

Tang Yuan immediately took out an exquisite box made of gold silk and opened it. Inside was a pair of lifelike jade.

"This is a piece of jade that has been auctioned with great difficulty by the later generations. I hope Mr. Liu will accept it."

"Mm, you're being considerate."

This jade had a full luster, and the feathers and lines were ingeniously detailed. In addition to that, it was made of ancient jade, so it was definitely worth quite a bit.

However, Liu Junting did not show any expression on his face, he just nodded his head.

It was this little affirmation that made Tang Yuan ecstatic in his heart.

This was Mr Liu's affirmation. Once it was confirmed, there would be hope.

When the other Tang Family s saw this, their eyes immediately turned red. After all, none of them were willing to give up on others, they all took out gifts that they had meticulously prepared, and offered them up respectfully.

"A complete thousand year old Lingzhi from the Xiongyi County. I hope Mister Liu will accept it."

"Mr. Liu, please accept the limited edition 'Emerald Heart' bracelet."

… ….

They were all luxurious and expensive gifts.

When it was Qin Zhuo's turn to make a move, everyone looked over, waiting for him to embarrass himself.

Qin Zhuo didn't seem to disappoint the crowd. He touched his chest pocket and took out an envelope.

"Oh, one letter."

With these words, the entire room fell into silence.

Everyone watched as Qin Zhuo handed a letter to Liu Junting. The expression on their faces became very interesting.

Following which, there was a burst of mocking laughter.

"Qin Zhuo, do you think you're worth a thousand words? If you truly are poor, I can give you ten or eight dollars a day for treating the letter like a treasure. "

"Mr Liu, don't be angry, he's just someone who has been taken in, he is not our Tang Family at all."

Needless to say, Tang Yunling was so frightened that her face turned pale.

This trash, what is he making a fuss about? Asking him to prepare a gift meticulously, he prepared a letter?

It's over, it's over. Tang Yunling scolded Qin Zhuo a thousand times in her heart. She also hated herself for leaving the matter to such a useless person.

As for Liu Junting, he was also stunned when he saw the letter in front of him.

He had received countless gifts, hundreds of thousands of which were not even worth his attention. Several million which were barely worth it and several tens of millions which were only worth his worth in the end.

But this letter …

Was this young man trying to humiliate him?

Liu Junting was about to get angry, but he felt a wave of pressure.

It was as if he was standing at the foot of a towering mountain, and the mountain was collapsing, about to bury him.

This feeling, this familiar feeling … …

Liu Junting was a little surprised. He glanced at Qin Zhuo and felt that this young man looked a little familiar.

Liu Junting was very knowledgeable and knew that he shouldn't be careless. He immediately took the envelope.

He quickly opened the envelope and took out the letter.

There were only a few words on the letter, but it was these words that made Liu Junting stunned.

Cold sweat broke out on his forehead as his hands trembled. It was as if he had been struck by lightning.

When Tang Yuan saw the change in Liu Junting's expression, he felt angry.

He thought Liu Junting was angry because he was angered by Wu Tie to the point that his face turned pale. Alright, this good-for-nothing can't do proper work, but he did quite well in finding a coffin for himself.

Therefore, there was no need for Liu Junting's specific instructions. Tang Yuan felt that his chance to show off had come.

Tang Yuan picked up the red wine and splashed it on Qin Zhuo's face as he roared angrily, "Qin Zhuo, what are you, a trash, doing? It's fine if you normally stay in the Tang Family and eat nothing, but now you dare to come out and embarrass yourself? "

Everyone in the seats echoed him, and at the same time, they began to curse.

Tang Yunling couldn't hold it in anymore and stood up to scold, "Tang Yuan, what are you doing? If you want to do it, I'm going to do it to him."

Yes, Tang Yunling really despised Qin Zhuo. At this moment, she wished she could strangle Qin Zhuo to death.

However, Qin Zhuo was her husband. In front of other branches, she and Qin Zhuo were a family after all.

Slap Qin Zhuo's face. Slap Tang Yunling's face, she definitely won't allow it.

"Ignore him." Qin Zhuo waved his hand. Tang Yunling speaking up for him made his heart feel warm.

Qin Zhuo picked up a packet of tissues and walked straight to the bathroom.

In the mirror, Qin Zhuo wiped his face and clothes.

Very soon, there was some movement behind him. Someone had opened the door of the washroom and walked in.

Then there was a crack and the door was locked again.

The next thing that happened was the sound of his knee hitting the ground.

Qin Zhuo turned around and saw Liu Junting kneeling in front of him.

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