Conceited Son-in-law/C10 Heavenly Knight Badge
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Conceited Son-in-law/C10 Heavenly Knight Badge
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C10 Heavenly Knight Badge

When the manager got the badge, he weighed it for a moment and could not see why.

However, for Shuixuan Hotel to be able to become a global chain hotel, aside from having a strong financial capital and service attitude, it also had many other qualities.

Exploring for truth was one of the qualities of Shuixuan.

The manager immediately took a photo of the badge and sent it to the regional director for verification at the highest priority.

The region's president concluded with, "The design is strange, the material unique, not ordinary, but he also did not recognize this thing."

Only when the photo of the badge was sent to the president of Asia did he make progress. However, he had only seen it before, on a very important occasion, when he was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it.

However, he didn't dare come to a conclusion easily.

In the end, the CEO of Shuixuan Hotel received a photo of this badge. With just a glance, he was shocked because he knew about this.

There were only ten of these in the world, and they were given to the top talents in all walks of life, even he did not have the qualifications to receive them.

When the news reached the manager, he almost lost his balance.

In such a small Buzhou City, when did such a figure appear?

There were only ten of them in the entire world. How outstanding were they? How amazing were they that they were worthy of having a Heavenly Knight emblem?

The manager didn't dare to think about it, because it went beyond his imagination.

The manager could only pass the emblem to the owner of the emblem without stopping. At the same time, he helped the owner deal with any possible troubles.

Qin Zhuo nodded and took the Heavenly Knight Badge from the manager.

Then, he pointed at the messy surroundings. When he beat Zhang Lin up, he made this place dirty and messy.

"We will take care of it, sir." The manager quickly said.

"As long as I don't give you guys any trouble." Qin Zhuo kept the Heavenly Knight badge and walked out of the hotel.

"I don't dare!" The manager, along with the waiter, bowed respectfully towards Qin Zhuo's back.

After Qin Zhuo left, the manager finally relaxed. It was as if the surrounding temperature had returned to normal and he could now breathe normally.

Earlier, the CEO had instructed him to fawn over the emblem's owner no matter what.

However, the manager didn't have the courage to befriend a big boss of this level. Now, he could only look at Duan Ling Tian's back and sigh emotionally.

Another morning.

The sun was bright and the breeze was warm. It was a good day.

Tang Yunling, on the other hand, was not at ease. When she was putting on makeup, she had even drawn the wrong picture on her eyebrows. So he wiped it off and repainted it, and even though it was done, he felt that nothing was right.

Tang Yunling was nervous. She was going to be a representative of Tang Family today and talk about cooperation with Liu Junting. She was not confident at all.

Tang Yunling carried her bag into the living room. When she saw Qin Zhuo sleeping soundly on the sofa, she got angry. Luckily, she thought that he was doing well yesterday.

"You bastard, you don't care about me at all. Are you hoping that I won't be able to continue the conversation and get kicked out of Tang Family to drink the wind? "No wonder you're so excited to get involved in front of Grandpa."

Lee Xiuting also yawned and walked into the living room.

If it was a normal day, she would definitely throw a chair at Qin Zhuo when she saw him sleeping so peacefully.

Or directly kick Qin Zhuo awake, command him to wash clothes mop the floor, the housework is round.

At this moment, Lee Xiuting laughed. "Forget it, forget it. This good-for-nothing won't be able to stay in our house for long anyway."

Yesterday, when she saw the tears in Tang Yunling's eyes as she ran into the bedroom to cry, she thought it was a success. Although she called Zhang Lin and didn't answer, she didn't think much of it and thought that Zhang Lin was preparing some sort of surprise.

Ha, she was finally going to chase this good-for-nothing away. Lee Xiuting was overjoyed.

Tang Yunling knew her mother, so she was sure they were going to talk about Zhang Lin. She felt disgusted and didn't want to hear about it, so she rushed out of the villa and went to the garage to get her car.

As soon as she stepped out of the door, she saw a person standing there. Before she could open her mouth, that person had already kneeled down with a 'thump'.

Taking a closer look, it was Zhang Lin.

His face was bruised and his forehead was swollen.

Tang Yunling was shocked, "Zhang Lin, what are you doing? As I said, I won't divorce you, and I won't marry you. "

Zhang Lin ignored the wound on his forehead and kowtowed towards Tang Yunling. "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. Please forgive me …"

"Go away, I won't get a divorce, and I won't... "What, forgive?" Tang Yunling was a little confused. It was only then did she understand that Zhang Lin had come to ask for forgiveness.

Tang Yunling scratched her head. What was going on? A scumbag like Zhang Lin had always been pestering him. Yesterday, his true nature was exposed and he wanted to use violence. Why did it seem as though he had become a completely different person in just a single day? Did his brain burn out?

When Lee Xiuting heard the commotion, she also walked out of the villa.

Qin Zhuo followed behind him. He shook his neck and yawned, as if he was still in a deep sleep.

When Zhang Lin saw Qin Zhuo, he trembled as if he had seen a ghost. Then, he kowtowed even harder as he repented loudly.

"Miss Tang, I'm not a human, I'm an animal. I deserve to die." "I shouldn't have pestered you. I swear, if you dare have any thoughts towards this girl in the future, you will definitely be struck by lightning and die a horrible death."

Seeing Zhang Lin kowtowing until his forehead was covered in blood, Tang Yunling was so scared that she covered her eyes with her hands. She didn't know how to reply.

Lee Xiuting was also extremely frightened. She ran over to help Zhang Lin up, "Young Master Zhang, what are you doing? "There's no need to propose to me. Get up first and I'll agree on behalf of my daughter. We'll be family in the future, what's the point in not talking?"

Zhang Lin pushed Lee Xiuting away, "Don't harm me, go away."

Zhang Lin secretly glanced at Qin Zhuo. Seeing that Qin Zhuo was not angry, he heaved a sigh of relief. Then he changed his position and continued to kowtow and admit his mistake.

Wherever Tang Yunling went, Zhang Lin kowtowed to her. Seeing that Zhang Lin wanted to follow her again, Tang Yunling fumed, "What are you trying to do?"

Zhang Lin was having a hard time speaking. How could he dare to do anything? He could only continue to kowtow and say, "Miss Tang, I've come to ask for your forgiveness …"

Tang Yunling said, "You …" If you don't disturb me in the future, I'll forgive you. "

Zhang Lin immediately raised his hand and swore. Each word was sincere and his face was filled with deep pain. People had no choice but to believe him.

Tang Yunling waved her hand with a helpless look on her face, "Then... "Alright then, you can leave now, I'll forgive you."

Zhang Lin stood up and bowed a few times towards Tang Yunling as if he had returned to the day.

Lee Xiuting was still unwilling to give up, so she asked Zhang Lin a few questions.

Zhang Lin angrily shouted at her to leave while dodging.

Was there something wrong with Lee Xiuting's head? To have such an awesome son-in-law, and yet to even pester your father, almost causing your father's death.

Tang Yunling waited for the surroundings to quiet down before calming down and thinking about what had happened.

Yesterday, Qin Zhuo was the only one who knew about the grievances he suffered. When he rushed out of Shuixuan Hotel, he met him at the entrance, could it be him?

Tang Yunling looked towards Qin Zhuo and saw him with sleepy eyes. He was kicking the fallen leaves on the ground with a disappointed look.

Am I stupid? How could it be him! I don't know what kind of ability he has, how could he scare Zhang Lin to that extent. Tang Yunling shook her head, shaking off all these messy thoughts.

Qin Zhuo turned his head and revealed a silly smile, "What are you thinking about? "Let's go, I'll send you off."

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