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Conceited Son-in-law/C11 Family Dinner
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C11 Family Dinner

These few years, Buzhou City had been developing at a rapid pace, revealing its commercial value. Thus, it attracted the attention of Liu Junting and the other elders.

Liu Junting is a true activist, swift and decisive, who has already drawn up a preliminary development strategy.

Before the real collaboration had even begun, he had already bought an entire high-end office building in a bustling area.

At this moment, the office building was still empty.

Tang Yunling's foot could even hear the melodious echo when she stepped in, causing her to shrink back in fear.

"Go, it will go smoothly." Qin Zhuo stretched his back and comforted him.

Tang Yunling rolled her eyes at Qin Zhuo, "You only know how to say such useless words. You won't be able to help me anyway."

She clenched her small fists to cheer herself up, then she ran inside with small steps, nervously taking the elevator to the top floor.

Tang Yunling heard that this time she was going to face Liu Family's professional manager, but when she stepped out of the elevator, she was surprised to find that Liu Junting was already standing quietly at the side, waiting for her.

Heavens, this was the number one clan in Qiongnan Province, Patriarch Liu Junting.

Tang Yunling bowed frantically, "Mr. Liu, I'm sorry to have made you wait."

Liu Junting quickly replied, "Miss Tang, don't be too polite."

Tang Yunling seemed to see a trace of fear in Liu Junting's eyes. What was this situation? He should be the one to be scared.

Tang Yunling could only find the only reasonable explanation for all the unusual things that had happened. She was wrong.

Gentleman Liu Junting made an invitation to the side, "Miss Tang, please, let's go to the office."

This was a luxurious office with good lighting, excellent vision, and a luxurious office. Tang Yunling sighed with emotion as she saw Liu Junting gently deliver a stack of contracts in front of her.

"Miss Tang, please sign it with your hand."

"Ahh …" Tang Yunling was stunned.

So many of the aristocratic juniors had all been defeated by Liu Junting. He himself was prepared to go through eighty-one tribulations. Why did he skip all of them and directly sign the contract?

Tang Yunling flipped through the contract and was even more shocked.

Generally speaking, for two different class of partners, the weaker party would more or less suffer a loss. This practically became a clear rule, but in this contract, it was written that the starting fund for the cooperation, the operating costs, and so on, would be mostly covered by Liu Family, but the profits, Liu Family was only a small part of the contract.

Wasn't this equivalent to a pie falling from the sky?

Tang Yunling was flabbergasted. Normally, one would go through bloody battles and scheming in one's own company. Who would have thought that the bosses would be so easy to talk about and be so generous?

Tang Yunling signed her name in a daze. After coming out of the office, she was still a little unconscious, as if she was in a dream. It was very unreal.

Tang Yunling raised her head and looked at the sky.

All these years, her lineage had suffered countless grievances. The contempt and ostracism from her own family pressed down on her like a mountain, making it hard for her to breathe.

Now that she had won this alliance, it meant that her faction could finally be proud of itself.

At the thought of this, Tang Yunling couldn't help but shed two streams of tears.

A furtive person appeared in the corner. He took out his cell phone and took a picture of Tang Yunling crying.

The man dialed his number excitedly and reported, "Tang Yuan gongzi, Tang Yunling came out. She didn't succeed and was crying silently in front of the office building."

Tang Yuan was unable to contain his joy after receiving the message and felt relieved.

Although he had never believed that Tang Yunling could negotiate a partnership, it was still a gamble to leave the Tang Family and such a major matter, so he was more or less uneasy.

Tang Yuan laughed sinisterly and muttered to himself.

"Tang Yunling, ah, Tang Yunling, I told you not to feel wronged. That useless husband of yours likes to mess things up. Why don't you just follow him and see yourself die." Your family is the shame of our Tang Family. Fortunately, you all are about to get the hell out of here, so just thinking about it makes you feel good! "

"Ugh …" "Wait a minute, there's still room for me to do this."

Tang Yuan's thoughts raced. He thought about how to maximize the benefits. He slapped his thigh and made a plan in his mind.

Firstly, he sent a message to the group of Tang Family that he wanted to invite his entire family to the Shuixuan Hotel for a meal.

In front of everyone, Tang Yunling could not go back on her word. Furthermore, she had to be fast and give them no chance to react.

Secondly, once Tang Yunling got out of the Tang Family, wouldn't Tang Yuan have the final say over the ownership of her villa?

Originally, the villa wasn't worth much money, but after the recent price increases, and after Tang Yunling renovated the interior and exterior of the villa, the price could no longer be described as the same.

Tang Yuan estimated that 10 million people would want it, and 20 million could still be negotiated. This was a large sum of money, so the money to treat the guests was nothing.

Tang Yuan laughed so hard that his mouth was crooked.

Thus, when Tang Yunling walked out of the office building and got into her car, she saw the news from the family group chat.

"Tang Yuan is treating us to a meal? "He must not have any good intentions."

Qin Zhuo stuck his head out from the side and glanced at the message, "If there's anything to eat, then it's a waste of time."

Qin Zhuo thought, uh, Shuixuan Hotel? It sounded a little familiar. Yesterday, he had beaten up Zhang Lin in this very hotel.

Tang Yunling thought about it for a while and felt that it made sense. The whole family had gathered together, and she had just announced that they were going to cooperate.

Thus, Tang Yunling told Qin Zhuo to go straight to the Shuixuan Hotel.

Tang Yuan was a person with severe procrastination, but for matters like harming others and himself, he had always gone all out.

Before long, Tang Yuan had counted the number of people and decided on a spot.

The twenty odd Tang Family people majestically drove into the Shuixuan Hotel.

Except for the adults who were out at work and the children who were studying in the school, what was supposed to come had come.

Old Tang, Tangxi Zhen, felt that his body wasn't as uncomfortable today, so he decided to relax his muscles and bones before being supported over.

Tangxi Zhen sat on the seat of honor, and everyone else followed his lead and took their seats.

When Qin Zhuo and Tang Yunling were about to sit down, Tangxi Zhen said with disdain, "Is that where you're going to sit? Sit to the side. "

Tang Yunling put her hands in her bag and was about to take out the contract when she heard this.

Seeing that the two of them didn't move, Tangxi Zhen hit the ground with his walking stick and said loudly, "What I said didn't matter, right? I told you to sit aside, didn't you hear? "

Tang Yunling took out half of the contract, stuffed it into her bag, zipped it up and walked to the side in a huff.

She turned around and saw that Qin Zhuo was still standing there. She said angrily, "Are you deaf? That place is a place where we are not fit to sit. "

Seeing the reaction of the crowd at the main table, Tang Yuan beamed with joy. Lee Xiuting tilted her head and chatted with the people beside her. She pretended not to hear anything and showed no intention of speaking up for her daughter.

Qin Zhuo shook his head and smiled coldly. He retreated to the side and thought to himself.

For a small family like the Tang Family, if you didn't learn the merits of other families, you would learn how to be cold-blooded, merciless, and how to kill each other.

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