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C12 Full Language Aptitude

The dishes were served one by one. It was a sumptuous meal at a time. Everyone was waiting for Tang Yuan to give the order before they took action.

The side table where Qin Zhuo and Tang Yunling were sitting was still empty. It was obviously arranged by Tang Yuan.

The reason why he invited this meal was to embarrass Qin Zhuo and Tang Yunling.

Beside Tang Yuan sat a woman. She had dyed yellow hair and wore a blue evening dress. She could be considered pretty and charming, but compared to the exquisite and perfect Tang Yunling, she was far inferior.

Her name was Tang Yanyan, Tang Yuan's sister, and she married into Han Family a year ago.

Han Family were strict rules, and she rarely went back to her parents' home to visit. This time, in order to keep the situation going for his brother, he hurried over.

Seeing the cold atmosphere, Tang Yanyan said to Tang Yuan in unison.

"Brother, you've put on such a grand show, and even brought out money to treat everyone to a meal. Do you have some good news to tell everyone?"

Tang Yuan was all smiles as he waved his hand, "No rush, no rush. Let's fill up everyone's stomachs first."

He glanced at Tang Yunling, feeling extremely proud of himself.

Tang Yuan did not want to expose the fact that Tang Yunling had "failed" the collaboration, so kicking Tang Yunling out of Tang Family would be the grand finale.

This was a good show. Naturally, one had to eat and drink to see it.

Therefore, Tang Yuan reached out his hand and snapped his fingers, calling the waiter, "Bring me the most expensive wine in your hotel, one bottle each."

He pointed at Qin Zhuo and Tang Yunling and said, "Except those two."

Before the wine was served, there was no point in eating alone. Everyone started to chat.

Tang Yanyan was even more cunning as she shouted out in an exaggerated manner, "Brother, this Shuixuan Hotel is very famous! Wine is very expensive, aren't you a little too extravagant?"

Everyone began to praise him as they started to praise him as well.

"Brother Tang Yuan has always been a generous person. Only someone like him, who has money and knows how to earn money, would have such confidence."

"Not only that, you even have the spirit and ambition. You're simply a young hero, worthy to be the pillar of my Tang Family."

Some people who knew Tang Yuan's thoughts, in order to curry favor with him, brought up the topic towards Qin Zhuo.

"Sigh, comparing oneself to others is infuriating. Some people only know how to wash clothes and mop up. Compared to Brother Tang Yuan, they are simply incomparable."

"You can't put it like that. If there was the most useless and useless of prizes, I think he would definitely get first place. Hahaha …"

Tang Yunling clenched her fists tightly and was about to flare up.

Qin Zhuo tapped the table with his fingers and said, "Don't bother, let's eat first."

Tang Yunling was so angry that her pretty face turned red. "Yes, yes, yes. You're used to being such a wimp, but I can't stand it." Looking at the empty table, she gritted her teeth and said, "Eat, eat, how can I eat?"

This was indeed a bit awkward, so Qin Zhuo called for the waiter to prepare to order.

Who knew that the waiter shook his head and said apologetically, "Sir, I'm sorry, but your dishes are being prepared by someone else, I have no right to order for you."

What? Someone was doing it? I've never ordered anything, so Qin Zhuo was also a bit confused.

Hearing that, Tang Yuan suddenly mocked, "Don't you understand? The hotel despises you for being so poor. They know that you can't afford it, and they don't want to do business with you. It's already not bad that they didn't kick you out. "

Everyone laughed along with Tang Yuan and said some cold words.

At this moment, Tang Yuan's order arrived.

Just by looking at the beautiful appearance of the red wine bottle, its proper scale and its high quality brand, one could tell that these wines were expensive.

Tang Yuan ordered a total of 25 bottles and the waiter brought red wine up to them.

The last waiter was a bit different, with a high nose, blue eyes, white skin, and a strange accent.

Tang Yuan had been to the Shuixuan Hotel before and knew that she was Georgian. In order to show off, he said in the only Georgian he knew, "Hello."

Out of politeness, the waiter responded in Georgian, "Hello."

Tang Yanyan's eyes immediately lit up as she clapped. "Bro, aren't you being too knowledgeable? I've never even heard this language before, let alone spoken."

Tangxi Zhen also looked at Tang Yuan lovingly, nodding, "Yuan'er will definitely be able to make great contributions in the future."

Even the Patriarch spoke, and the rest of the people started praising with all they had. The Rainbow Fart was even louder and more intense than the previous wave, and it praised Tang Yuan to the point that he was unable to control himself.

Qin Zhuo waited for everyone to finish bragging before he smiled at the waiter and asked, "Are you Abkhaz?"

The waiter was pleasantly surprised by the question, and she could not help but say in Abkhaz, "Sir, how did you know? This is too surprising, and it makes me so happy. "

The waiter is indeed Georgian, but she prefers to claim that she is Abkhaz and that she speaks Abkhaz from the novel.

Most people, in order to show off their knowledge in front of her, would speak Georgian to her, and she was already used to it.

Qin Zhuo, on the other hand, was able to instantly tell that she was Abkhaz. For a moment, she was extremely excited and immediately shouted out in Abkhaz.

Only then did the waiter realize that he had made a mistake because the other person would not understand.

However, she never expected Qin Zhuo to directly reply to her in Abkhaz.

"Well, I was there for a while, and there was a nice memory of mine, a place called Zugdidi."

"My God, Zugdidi is my home." The waiter was stunned. Immediately, hot tears welled up in his eyes.

Qin Zhuo replied with a smile, "Then congratulations, your childhood must be very happy and happy. It was a beautiful place, with mountains, rivers, and skies; everything was fascinating. "

The waiter found it hard to believe that she could feel the warmth of her hometown on this stranger's body.

Chatting with him was a very enjoyable thing. It was like a gentle breeze blowing against one's face, relaxing and relaxing.

At first, everyone thought that Qin Zhuo was speaking nonsense, but looking at the surprised face of the waiter, the two of them seemed to be answering the question like they were talking nonsense. They did not look like they were speaking like experts.

Tang Yunling was flabbergasted. This useless fellow actually had such a skill? Very well hidden.

Although Tang Yunling didn't want to admit it, she had to admit that she blushed when she saw Qin Zhuo speak in a language she didn't understand.

The others were also stunned, but soon, they thought to themselves, what's the big deal, learn such useless things! No wonder he could only be a good-for-nothing.

Tang Yuan laughed coldly, "Who knows, maybe he just got to know some poor Abkhaz guys. The two of them shared a similar situation and sympathized with each other, so they learnt a little bit from each other."

Tang Yuan's words undoubtedly made the waiter unhappy. However, since the other party was a customer, she could not flare up. She returned a sincere smile to Qin Zhuo and left.

With Tang Yuan's shallow knowledge, he obviously couldn't learn about Qin Zhuo's experience.

One of the Ten Kings from outer space came from Abkhazia. Although Qin Zhuo went to Zugdidi for a few days, he learned the Abkhaz language from him.

The Summer Bug couldn't speak, so Qin Zhuo didn't want to explain.

As for Tang Yuan, he raised his glass and invited everyone to drink. He wanted to ease the awkwardness of his showing off and overturn the car.

After eating his fill, Tang Yuan thought that the time had come. He took out his bank card and threw it to the waiter, who came to pay the bill.

As long as he paid the bill, the meal would be finished.

When that time came, these bunch of fellows who had eaten nothing but meat would all stand by his side and kick Tang Yunling out of the Tang Family. They were all determined to do it today.

However, the waiter immediately came back and handed the bank card to Tang Yuan. "Sir, I'm sorry, your bank card does not have enough balance."

Tang Yuan said angrily, "You don't have enough money, are you blind? I have over seven million on me. It's more than enough to pay for this meal. "

The waiter lowered his head and apologized again, "I'm sorry, sir, but I really don't have enough money. Look, there's only this wine at your table. "25 bottles of Caffy Xi Di red wine, 750 thousand, that's 18.75 million, and …"

"What?!" "Over ten million …" Tang Yuan took a deep breath and broke out in a cold sweat.

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