Conceited Son-in-law/C13 20 Million Yuan per Meal
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Conceited Son-in-law/C13 20 Million Yuan per Meal
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C13 20 Million Yuan per Meal

Before coming to the hotel, Tang Yuan had already settled the bill.

At the Shuixuan Hotel, the most expensive wine was around 30 thousand wine bottles, about 20 bottles of red wine, and a table full of dishes.

This one million was nothing compared to a twenty million yuan villa.

That was why Tang Yuan waved his hand and told the big guy to eat and drink. He didn't feel sorry for the big guy at all.

Who knew that he would actually eat twenty million just like that? How could he accept that?

Tang Yuan was frightened and found it hard to accept, so he slammed the table with all his strength and said angrily, "Mr. Manager, you are cheating on me, are you not treating me like a little lamb? You can get twenty million for a single meal? Alright, let's see what abilities you have at Shuixuan Hotel that you would dare scam others like that. "

Seeing that Tang Yuan had expressed his stance, the group of people also slammed the table and stood up with a threatening attitude. They clearly wanted to bully the few by having more people on their side, scaring the waiter.

The waiter timidly said, "But... "But it really is that much money, I can show you the bill …"

Tang Yuan said rudely, "What does a waiter like you know? Call your manager. Let me tell you, today's matter is not over. "

The waiter was relieved and ran away. After a short moment, a man in a suit and leather shoes walked over. He was the Shuixuan Manager whom Qin Zhuo had met yesterday, the lucky one who had touched the Heaven Knight badge.

The manager habitually glanced around. With just a glance, he saw Qin Zhuo, who was sitting in the corner of the side table. He was so scared that his legs went soft and he almost fell down.

The manager felt uneasy and prayed that he would not offend him. After all, he had the Heavenly Knight Badge.

If he got angry, forget about this small restaurant in Buzhou City, even if all the other hotels in the entire world added together, they still wouldn't be able to compete with him.

When this scene appeared in Tang Yuan's eyes, he couldn't help but feel proud. He thought it was due to Tang Family and was so scared that the manager became weak.

"Are you the hotel manager? "Hurry up and deal with this. Your hotel can swindle others, but if you swindle me, I will make it so that you will not be able to bear the consequences."

The manager had already heard everything from the waiter. He looked at Tang Yuan and said, "Sir, the price of this wine is clearly marked in black and white. I don't know if there's any bullshit about it or if you want to go back on your word?"

Tang Yuan chuckled, and pointed at the empty red wine bottle. "Refuse to pay?" I have plenty of money, so I will never renege on my debt. Explain to me, this stupid bottle is worth 750 thousand? "

The manager picked up the red wine bottle and pointed to the gilded logo on it. "Caffey Xi Di red wine, limited edition worldwide. It was flown to the hotel last night."

In fact, Qin Zhuo had to do with this.

Originally, it was hard to sell top-quality red wine like the Caffei Xi Di in a small place like Buzhou City. All the major hotels did not have any goods on hand, and Shuixuan Hotel was the same.

However, yesterday, Qin Zhuo went to the Shuixuan Hotel, scaring the CEO of Shuixuan. That small place was full of hidden talents, so he had to fly a batch over overnight.

Tang Yuan did not know the inside story, so he brought his team over to act cool. He started yelling about the most expensive wine, causing the current situation.

There was a saying among the people about the Caffy Xi Di wine. With just a sip, it had drunk a year of ordinary people's wine. It also talked about the high value of the wine and the reason why it was so popular among the top rich and powerful people.

"Pah!" Tang Yuan was still unsatisfied, "Do you think I have never seen the real world, and even limited the special edition. No matter what, this shitty thing isn't worth 750 thousand."

Actually, before the manager came, the people from Tang Family had already looked up the price through their phones, and it was indeed worth the money.

However, Tang Yuan could not hold back his anger. When he thought of how he had failed to steal the chicken and get the rice, he could not swallow his anger. Wanting to argue against him was, of course, just making trouble for no reason.

The manager secretly glanced at Qin Zhuo again. Seeing that Qin Zhuo didn't make any movements or expressions, he became even more unsettled and asked, "Are the two of you sitting together?"

Tang Yuan glanced at Qin Zhuo and Tang Yunling, and couldn't help showing disdain on his face. "No, don't blame me for everything they spend."

The manager breathed a sigh of relief.

Originally, for Qin Zhuo's sake, he could have waived this matter.

To be able to sell it to the owner of the Heavenly Knight badge for a favor, not to mention 20 million, even 100 million wouldn't be a loss. However, since they weren't going together, then that was good. There was no need to be polite.

Suddenly, the manager's attitude took a 180 degree turn. His expression turned cold and he said in a tough tone, "Sir, the 18.75 million red wine and dishes on the table amount to 19.92 million. Please pay up immediately and don't charge anything on credit."

Tang Yuan said stubbornly, "Where did you get your confidence from? You ate the heart of a bear and the guts of a leopard by talking to me like that?"

The manager took out his cell phone and put on an air of calling security, saying, "Sir, if you continue to pester me, I'm afraid you'll end up in a very awkward situation."

At this time, the Tang family's old patriarch finally couldn't bear it anymore. He knew that the Hotel's foundations were not something Tang Yuan could do whatever he wanted, so he stood up and said, "I'm the Tang Family's patriarch, Tangxi Zhen. Look, can you give me some face?"

The manager said expressionlessly, "I'm sorry, rules are rules. Pay up in front of everyone and don't take credit. It's not good for me to take advantage of my seniority. "

Tangxi Zhen was also angry. He pulled down his face to plead for mercy, but he didn't expect that this young man would not give him any face at all.

Tangxi Zhen poked his crutch and said, "Brat, when I came out to adventure, this world wasn't as unreasonable as yours. Don't be so unreasonable!"

The manager smiled coldly. He didn't have any intention of backing down. The atmosphere was tense and the atmosphere was tense.

At another table, Tang Yunling pushed Qin Zhuo nervously and whispered, "What do we do? It seems like things are not going well. "

She did not realize that when she was at a loss, she would immediately ask Qin Zhuo about this "useless trash".

Qin Zhuo yawned and said in boredom, "Let's just watch."

Tang Yuan reckoned that this wasn't enough. He picked up a bottle of red wine and smashed it on the table, causing the pieces to fly out.

He held the half bottle of red wine in his hand, walked up to the manager, and cursed, "Fuck, you're giving me face, aren't you? Are you looking for a beating? "

Just as the situation was about to get out of control, a loud and clear voice suddenly sounded.

"Let me see, who dares to make a move on my territory?"

Everyone shifted their gazes towards the source of the sound. A towering figure walked out.

Tangxi Zhen took a glance and exclaimed in shock, "It's Lee Zhixiong!"

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