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C14 The Regional Director Cooked the Dishes Himself

The person had a fierce and vicious face, and his face was sharp as if it had been cut by a knife.

He wore a sleek suit, and as he walked, he rubbed his fingers together. Even though he didn't say anything, he still gave off a mountain-like aura.

He was the CEO of Qiongnan Province area, Lee Zhixiong!

The manager walked to Lee Zhixiong's side and bowed respectfully, "Hello, CEO."

Tangxi Zhen held onto his walking stick with trembling hands and also wanted to go to Lee Zhixiong's side to say hello. Some Tang Family stood up to help him, but they were all opened by his crutch, afraid that Lee Zhixiong would be displeased.

"This lowly one is the Patriarch of Tang Family, Tangxi Zhen. Greetings, Chief Li. Director Li, can you …"

Lee Zhixiong completely ignored Tangxi Zhen. He rubbed his thumb ring, looked at everyone and asked, "Again, who is it?"

Tang Yuan knew that he couldn't afford to offend this person, so he didn't dare to reply for a while. However, with a flick of his hand, the half of the bottle fell to the ground with a thud.

Lee Zhixiong raised a finger and moved his mouth, "Fight."

Immediately, a ferocious young man came out from behind Lee Zhixiong, aggressively walking towards Tang Yuan.

Some Tang Family wanted to stand up and stop them, but they scared Tangxi Zhen and shouted, "Sit down, no one is allowed to stop me."

The young man picked up a red wine bottle and smashed it on Tang Yuan's head.

The red wine bottle was broken into two. Tang Yuan's head was almost bloomed, and blood flowed down from his hair and face.

No one dared to speak, so Tangxi Zhen did not dare, and the Tang Family naturally did not dare to speak up. As for Tang Yuan, he didn't dare to make a single sound, not even to make any more sounds of pain.

Tang Yuan was originally a person who bullied the weak and feared the strong. If it was said that Liu Junting's body was emitting an aura of authority, then Lee Zhixiong's body was filled with a true murderous intent.

Tang Yuan was clear that if he spoke rudely again, he would very likely leave his life here.

Originally, Lee Zhixiong didn't care about this area. Just because a few years ago, when Shuixuan Hotel was developing in this region, it encountered a large amount of obstructions, and was pushed out by the alliance of the powerful and influential clans of the region.

After that, Lee Zhixiong became the president of Qiongnan Province, and then, Shuixuan Hotel had smoothly taken root, everything was peaceful.

No one knew what method Lee Zhixiong used. They only knew that those who opposed Shuixuan could only swallow their anger and submit obediently.

Because no one knew of his methods, he was even more terrifying, like a demon that could devour life.

Tangxi Zhen knew very well that in front of Lee Zhixiong, his entire Tang Family was nothing. Therefore, even if his beloved grandson was beaten up, he could only watch from the side.

Only, why would such a person appear in a small Buzhou City?

Of course, this was also related to Qin Zhuo.

At this moment, a waiter walked in front of Lee Zhixiong, bowed and said respectfully, "CEO, your soup is almost ready."

Lee Zhixiong, who had a hideous expression, instantly let go of his murderous aura. With a face full of smiles, he said happily, "Really? Hurry up and bring me all the dishes. I'm sure your esteemed guest can't wait any longer."


Although the crowd didn't dare to make a sound, their hearts were in turmoil.

There was still a boss more amazing than Lee Zhixiong on the scene?!

To be called a VIP by Lee Zhixiong and to be asked to cook by him personally, turning him from a devil with a horrifying face into a man with a smiling face, what kind of status was that!?

Isn't this too unbelievable? Everyone looked around, but they couldn't find this kind of Giant Goat.

Five waiters walked over with a silver plate each. Lee Zhixiong took a silver plate and planned to personally deliver the dishes, but he actually lowered his attitude so much.

Under the watchful eyes of countless people, Lee Zhixiong brought the silver plate to Qin Zhuo's side. He carefully put down the plate and said softly, "You must be hungry. The dishes are here."


The scene was deathly silent!

Almost everyone opened their eyes and their mouths wide open. They felt that they might have seen wrongly, or that they were in a dream.

How could it be Qin Zhuo?! This useless good-for-nothing!

Did he have a terrifying hidden identity? Did everyone greatly underestimate him?

Among them, Tang Yunling was the most surprised. Living under the same roof with Qin Zhuo for two years, she felt that she knew Qin Zhuo thoroughly. No matter how she looked at it, he didn't seem to have any amazing status.

There was someone in the banquet who was too surprised and could not help but mutter, "Boss Li, did you go the wrong way? That person is our family's Live-in Son-in-law, a trash. "

Lee Zhixiong's expression turned cold and he moved his finger, "Slap him."

Immediately, a young man rushed over and gave that person another two slaps. The young man's face swelled up as blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He scared everyone into silence.

Lee Zhixiong faced the crowd and announced in a clear voice, "Everyone, the person beside me …"

Qin Zhuo thought, "Not good, f * ck, this guy is going to speak nonsense." He immediately raised his leg and secretly stomped on Lee Zhixiong's foot.

This stamp exerted some strength, and Lee Zhixiong instantly felt a heart-wrenching pain.

Having been in the Jianghu for so many years, Lee Zhixiong was meticulous and understood Qin Zhuo's intention at once. He definitely couldn't say the following words.

He thought for a moment, then continued, "It's not easy for my Shuixuan Hotel to take root in this area."

There was a trace of gunpowder within these words, reminding him of the battle between the Shuixuan Inn and the local wealthy families back then.

"But fortunately, the development went smoothly. In order to celebrate the 100 thousand th birthday of Buzhou Hotel in Buzhou City, this CEO personally cooked a meal of our shop's signature dish. "Hey, this Mr. Qin Zhuo beside me is the luckiest person at table 100 thousand"

Everyone understood that Lee Zhixiong said it was a celebration, but in reality, it was a warning.

The meaning was very clear, back then my Shuixuan Hotel, was a place where all of your clans joined hands, and even the aristocratic families with Qiongnan Province joined in, thus we still obtained complete victory. You defeated all of us, especially you two, a small Tang Family, please do not be a demon in my Shuixuan Hotel.

The Tang Family s were all suppressed by Lee Zhixiong's imposing manner. Lowering their heads, they did not dare to speak.

But in fact, Lee Zhixiong was bitter inside. F * ck, in order to help Qin Zhuo lie, he even brought up the matters of his old age.

Whoosh …

At the same time, everyone let out a heavy sigh.

Say it, with Qin Zhuo's status, how could he let Lee Zhixiong cook for him if he wasn't lucky?

Especially Lee Xiuting. She fearfully patted her chest as she thought to herself, "Heh, I've been looking at this trash for two years. How could I be mistaken?" He was just a piece of trash. Even if he got lucky once, he would still be a piece of trash.

The others had similar thoughts as Lee Xiuting.

On the other hand, Tang Yunling thought it was nothing. She didn't believe that her husband was a big shot anyway.

At this moment, looking at the table full of good dishes, which were personally made by the president of Shuixuan, Tang Yunling, who had been starving to death, drooled, "You're pretty lucky. This time, it's all thanks to you that I got this blessings."

Qin Zhuo said in a low voice, "You've made use of me so much."

If these words were heard by Tang Yunling, she would have surely scolded him for not having much ability and would only use his mouth to brag.

Seeing that the two people enjoyed their meal, Lee Zhixiong was relieved. He turned around immediately and became full of murderous spirit as he stared at Wu Jun. "I'll give you half an hour, not a second more. If you can't afford 20 million, I won't let you go back alive."

Lee Zhixiong wasn't just spouting malicious words, he was someone who kept his word.

Tang Yuan was covered in cold sweat as he nodded fearfully, "Thank you, Director Li, for being so generous for half an hour. I will definitely collect the meal fees."

Lee Zhixiong snorted coldly and left in satisfaction.

Only now did Tang Yuan remember that the reason he invited this meal was to force Tang Yunling to scram out of Tang Family, so that he could occupy her villa.

Thinking of this, Tang Yuan nudged Tang Yanyan secretly.

Tang Yanyan, who was sitting on the side, was scared senseless by the previous situation. Tang Yuan pushed her a few times before she recovered and got up, feigning confusion. "Eh, isn't today the day that big sister Tang Yunling talks about cooperation?"

Qin Zhuo smiled coldly. He went in all directions and finally got to the point.

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