Conceited Son-in-law/C15 It Is Impossible to Live with Self-inflicted Evil
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Conceited Son-in-law/C15 It Is Impossible to Live with Self-inflicted Evil
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C15 It Is Impossible to Live with Self-inflicted Evil

In a moment, everyone shifted their gazes to Tang Yunling, waiting to see a good show.

Tang Yunling had been here for so long, they thought, and had not spoken a word about how the partnership was progressing. It was obvious that she had been taken in and failed, or else she would have announced it.

Tangxi Zhen opened his mouth and said, "Tang Yunling, you have already written a military order, if you can't negotiate it, you will voluntarily leave the Tang Family."

These were the conditions personally imposed by Tangxi Zhen to get out of Tang Family when discussing the failure of the cooperation.

Tang Yunling's father was Tangxi Zhen's illegitimate child, so this bloodline had become a stain in his eyes, making him look down upon them. He had always wanted to find a good excuse to let this stain out of his Tang Family, and this was the best opportunity.

Qin Zhuo rubbed his nose and said, "But I remember that someone said that if the negotiation was successful, he would get out of Tang Family."

Tang Yuan chuckled, "Trash, it's your turn to speak? I, Tang Yuan, will keep my word. If she gets the cooperation from Liu Family, without saying a word, I will immediately get out of Tang Family. "

Tangxi Zhen also nodded in solidarity, "I, Tang Yuan's grandson, will keep my word, and all of you must keep your promises and not pester them too much."

The rest of the Tang Family also echoed Tangxi Zhen's words and started to mock him.

"From the looks of it, they really think that we can continue? "Don't you know what you're talking about? If you can't see the coffin, you won't cry."

"That's right, we are all witnesses for this wager. No one can blame us for it. We just have to wait and see them get lost."

Seeing everyone talking back and forth, Tang Yunling began to suspect life, as if she had really failed to talk about it.

She opened her bag, took out the contract documents, and held them up as she said, "But I've succeeded in my negotiations. The contract has already been signed."

"Haha, since you have failed, why don't you just scram …" "What?!"

Tang Yuan smiled like a lowly person who had achieved his goals, but soon after, he froze.

He rushed to Tang Yunling, snatched the contract from her, and flipped through the pages.

The deeper he went, the paler his face became and the more cold sweat on his forehead became. When he saw the seal of Liu Family and Liu Junting's signature, his face turned ashen.

Tangxi Zhen also realized something was wrong. He quickly supported himself with his walking stick, walked over to Tang Yuan, and picked up the documents to read.

Tangxi Zhen had been in charge of the Tang Family for dozens of years and had seen countless documents and contracts. He only needed a few glances to know that this was a genuine cooperation contract.

Tangxi Zhen's face was unsettled. To be able to get the Liu Family was his dream.

This represented his Tang Family, and this aristocratic family that was gradually ending like the setting sun was about to regain its glory.

However, this collaboration had been negotiated by Tang Yunling, and was discussed by the person whom he viewed as the shame of Tang Family.

Just a moment ago, everyone had been solemnly declaring that they would fulfill the wager agreement.

In other words, his most beloved grandson, wanted to leave the Tang Family and become a stranger.

Tangxi Zhen's inner emotions were very complicated. As for Tang Yuan, he was on the verge of collapse.

His meticulous plan for a "good show" actually fell upon him.

Not only did he not occupy Tang Yunling's villa, he still owed her twenty million yuan and had to scram out of his protective umbrella — Tang Family!

Several heavy attacks landed at the same time, Tang Yuan was in despair.

Tang Yuan cast his pleading eyes on Tangxi Zhen, hoping that Tangxi Zhen could save him.

As the Patriarch of Tang Family, for the sake of his beloved grandson, Tangxi Zhen was willing to give up his pride, even if he had to go back on his words once.

Just when Tangxi Zhen was about to open his mouth to go around, Lee Zhixiong came out again. He stood there and said coldly, "I'm not interested in gambling. But if you go back on your words in Shuixuan's territory, that would be disrespect to Shuixuan. "

Tangxi Zhen was so scared that his face turned pale, while Tang Yuan was on the verge of tears.

In the end, under Lee Zhixiong's surveillance, Tangxi Zhen announced that Tang Yuan was expelled from Tang Family.

Lee Zhixiong continued, "Since we are expelling them from the Tang Family, all of the property that belongs to your Tang Family will have to be taken back."

Tang Yuan, "..."

Aren't you a big shot? Why are you so free to meddle in our family's affairs?

Of course, Tang Yuan would never dare to say these words out loud. He could only grumble in despair.

Tangxi Zhen didn't have any other choice. He wanted to help his grandson last. This meal was worth 19.92 million yuan. If he shared it, then it wouldn't matter anymore.

Unexpectedly, Lee Zhixiong said coldly, "To treat is to treat, and to treat becomes AA. Is this the standard of Tang Family?"

Tang Yuan's expression was as if he had just f * cked a dog. He looked at Tangxi Zhen again, hoping that his grandpa would help him a little.

However, with Tangxi Zhen's status, he did not dare to refute Lee Zhixiong's words.

If he made Lee Zhixiong unhappy, he could find a random reason to make Tang Family suffer.

As an outsider, Lee Zhixiong being involved in Tang Family's family affairs was not very reasonable.

However, strength could make everything reasonable.

Especially Lee Zhixiong, who had overwhelming strength compared to Tang Family.

Lee Zhixiong secretly looked at Qin Zhuo. Seeing Qin Zhuo give him an 'ok' gesture, he relaxed a few steps.

Lee Zhixiong had roamed the society for many years, and he had a good eye and knew what was on his mind. He gave a small favor to Qin Zhuo, so he relied on his identity to come out and meddle in this matter.

Lee Zhixiong had originally been operating around the capital of Qiongnan Province, but this time he came to Buzhou City completely on the orders of the CEO, to visit and make friends with Qin Zhuo.

Of course, it was to befriend someone without any purpose at all. If the great leader with the Heaven Knight badge knew that they were up to no good, then it would be hard for the entire Shuixuan to escape its responsibility.

And Tang Yuan, the farce of lifting a rock to smash his own foot was also coming to an end. In order to pay back the 19.92 million, he spent all his savings, mortgaged a company that was opened in his own name, and borrowed money everywhere.

In just a night's time, this arrogant and domineering son of a noble family became a poor person with a debt.

Qin Zhuo walked out of the Shuixuan Hotel and took a few deep breaths of fresh air.

He had to sneak out before Lee Zhixiong found out, otherwise, who knew what trouble he would encounter.

Tang Yunling trotted over to Qin Zhuo's side and said, "Qin Zhuo, why don't you go find a job and do whatever you want. From scratch, as long as you do your job well, you'll have some prospects."

This time, Tang Yunling's tone was very calm, completely unlike her usual sarcastic tone.

Today, she saw something different with Qin Zhuo. She didn't want Qin Zhuo to have nothing better to do, so she willingly fell to being a useless trash.

Qin Zhuo shook his head, "Why are you looking for a job? Is idling around uncomfortable?"

Tang Yunling gritted her teeth, "Qin Zhuo, are you really that willing to be looked down by others? Don't you want to change the opinions of others?"

Qin Zhuo said lightly, "Prejudice is something that cannot be changed."

"You …" Tang Yunling pointed at Qin Zhuo as her anger surged up. Her heart was instantly seized by disappointment. She wanted to scold him, but she suddenly choked on her words.

She shook her hand and ran off in a huff.

Looking at Tang Yunling's back, Qin Zhuo revealed a doting smile. Stupid girl, as long as you are safe and sound.

Suddenly, with a sound of a wink, one or two black ghost-like Lincoln lengthened and stopped beside Qin Zhuo.

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