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"Benefactor, is that you?"

Liu Junting, who was kneeling on the ground, had a complicated expression on his face.

His voice was shaky, but it was sincere.

Three years ago, Liu Junting participated in an international economic conference for the super rich.

Originally, with Liu Junting's level, he could not even enter the door. However, because he got the help of a big boss, he was able to listen from a corner and watch from afar.

At that time, Liu Junting had met Qin Zhuo. However, he had only seen Qin Zhuo's back and expression, so he didn't immediately recognize him.

Halfway through the meeting, a group of people came out of nowhere.

A total of twenty-eight people, twenty-eight people who claimed to be gods of death.

These gods of death all climbed out of mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Their killing techniques were superb and incomparably brutal. No matter where they went, they would always be tyrannical characters.

Their claim to kill the rich and powerful who were attached to the "Human Realm Upon Heaven" made everyone tremble in fear.

However, there was one person that he did not have, and that was Qin Zhuo.

Qin Zhuo even said that he wanted to smoke a cigarette and asked who brought a lighter.

At that time, Liu Junting slightly trembled as he handed the lighter to the tall and straight back.

Then, Qin Zhuo started to smoke, and slowly blew out circles from his eyes one by one.

When he started his attack, this man who looked more like the god of death had used only two breaths of time to destroy the top twenty-eight assassins in the world.

That moment was something Liu Junting would never forget.

Therefore, when Liu Junting opened the letter and saw the words "Thank you for your lighter", his whole body trembled as if he had fallen into an icy cave.

"Get up." Qin Zhuo said.

Liu Junting nodded. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead and stood up carefully.

"Mr. Qin, do you have any orders?"

Liu Junting did not know Qin Zhuo's true identity, nor did he know why Qin Zhuo would appear in Buzhou City. However, he knew that if Qin Zhuo wanted to kill him, even if he had ten thousand bodyguards, he would not be able to survive.

Therefore, he definitely couldn't let Qin Zhuo become an enemy, and he still had to do his best to curry favor with Qin Zhuo.

"No need, you go out first." Qin Zhuo said.

Everyone in the room was waiting for Liu Junting to come out of the bathroom.

Tang Yuan, who was in a hurry, ran to the bathroom door and waited.

Seeing Liu Junting come out, Tang Yuan immediately reached out to support him.

Tang Yuan felt that Liu Junting must be cursing that piece of trash, Qin Zhuo, when he went into the washroom.

When he thought here, Tang Yuan was more like a pug as he wagged his tail and begged for mercy behind Liu Junting.

However, Liu Junting didn't even look at him.

Liu Junting walked to the front of the round table, loosened his throat and said, "Let's end today's meeting here, I'm tired." The day after tomorrow, I will meet with representatives of the various families in Buzhou City.

Tang Yuan was secretly happy, in the entire Tang Family, his branch was the most favored and powerful.

Therefore, Tang Yuan thought that as the representative of Tang Family, he had no doubt about it.

Moreover, the gift he gave Liu Junting today was the most expensive and also the most suitable one. He also helped Liu Junting ruthlessly humiliate Qin Zhuo, which must have left a deep impression in Liu Junting's heart.

Liu Junting asked Tang Yuan, "What's your name, Tang?"

Tang Yuan was ecstatic. Liu Junting wanted to take care of him? Thus, he happily said, "Mr. Liu, my name is Tang Yuan."

"Oh, okay then, except for Tang Yuan."

These words were powerful and loud, causing the atmosphere in the room to instantly turn stagnant.

As for Tang Yuan, he thought he heard wrong.

When he was sure that he was blacklisted by Liu Junting, his face turned pale and he fell on a chair.

Tang Yuan couldn't accept it and pointed at Qin Zhuo who came out of the bathroom hatefully, "Why me? Not that trash? "


Liu Junting raised his hand and gave Tang Yuan a resounding slap on the face!

Everyone was stunned, especially Tang Yuan.

He had always been the only one who dared to bully others. No one dared to bully him, not to mention the fact that he had been slapped in the face.

However, the person who slapped him was Liu Junting, a person who could support both heaven and earth in his Qiongnan Province.

Not only did Tang Yuan not dare to get angry when someone like him slapped him, he even had to force out a smile.

"Mr. Liu, are you …"


Yet another slap on the face!

"Something blind."

After the fight, Liu Junting straightened his coat and left a few cold words.

Under the astonished gazes of the crowd, he walked out of the room.

Tang Yuan touched his face and stood there in a daze.

Tang Family was a whole body, a whole body that collapsed and disintegrated.

The various bloodlines were mutually exclusive, without any kinship at all.

Therefore, once Liu Junting left, the banquet naturally could not continue anymore and everyone left.

As soon as Qin Zhuo walked out of the hotel entrance, he heard Tang Yunling's delicate shout.

"Qin Zhuo, stop!"

Tang Yunling ran in front of Qin Zhuo. Her face was slightly red as she asked while gasping for air.

"Why did Mr. Liu become so hateful to Tang Yuan after coming out of the bathroom? You were in the bathroom. What happened? "

Qin Zhuo shrugged helplessly and said seriously, "Alright, I'll be honest with you. Liu Junting is my subordinate."

Tang Yunling widened her eyes in fright and quickly covered Qin Zhuo's mouth with her hand.

"You … What are you talking about? If Mr. Liu were to find out... With a wave of his hand, his Tang Family can disappear from Buzhou City.

Qin Zhuo thought to himself, the truth is, Liu Junting doesn't even have the qualifications to be my subordinate. Of course, he couldn't really say such words out loud.

Seeing that Qin Zhuo no longer had any intention to spout nonsense, Tang Yunling relaxed her grip on him.

"This Tang Yuan, he must have offended Mr. Liu before. Pfft, he deserved it. Mr. Liu should have slapped him a few more times."

After that, Tang Yunling muttered to herself in grief.

"Sigh, even without Tang Yuan, this Tang Family representative would not fall on my, Tang Yunling's, head."

Qin Zhuo said indifferently, "So you want to be the representative of Tang Family and go negotiate with Liu Junting? This is very simple. "

Tang Yunling was immediately angered. How could her declining bloodline be so easily angered by her own family? Simple? How was it easy?

"You, a cripple, don't even know how to talk? Why not? Just talk? "

"I'm so angry today, scram home by yourself, don't dirty my carriage."

While Tang Yunling was cursing, Qin Zhuo had already walked forward. His body was straight as he threw himself into the darkness.

The late autumn night was cool.

But at night in Buzhou City, it was as busy as day, and the bustling atmosphere spread to the surroundings.

Before long, Qin Zhuo's phone rang.

He took it out and saw that it was an unfamiliar number.

"Hello, Mr. Qin. I'm Jun Ting."

Qin Zhuo picked up the phone. It was Liu Junting's voice.

"What's the matter?"

Liu Junting said respectfully, "It's like this. It's only because Liu Family is short-sighted and didn't pay much attention to the business strategy development of Buzhou City."

"Currently, in Buzhou City, there is only one Dandelion Advertising Company."

"So I'm sorry, the only one who can give Mr. Qin a greeting gift is this advertising company."

Qin Zhuo was stunned for a moment. What was Liu Junting doing?

"Give it to my company?"

Liu Junting added anxiously, "Please don't mind Mr. Qin, even though the market value is only 2.1 billion, just treat it as a little gesture from Jun Ting. Furthermore, Mr. Qin is Jun Ting's savior. "

2.1 billion was an astronomical number to Tang Family; to Liu Family, it would be painful to part with it, but to Qin Zhuo, it was but a drop in the bucket.

Besides, Qin Zhuo understood that Liu Junting's goal of giving away the company, whether it be to repay the gratitude or out of fear, was to win over the company.

Qin Zhuo would never become anyone's blade.

Therefore, Qin Zhuo asked one word at a time, "You have to know, whether you send me or not, our relationship won't change at all, and I won't do anything for you. So, do you still want to send me?"

Liu Junting's voice began to tremble, "I do not dare, please accept it kindly, Mr. Qin."

"Alright then, it's up to you."

Qin Zhuo hung up. Advertising company?

It was a good thing that the Outer World was involved in a variety of industries around the world. However, for the entertainment media industry, it was still rare to find anything to do with it.

It's good to have this dandelion ad agency as a lead knife.

What Qin Zhuo didn't know was that the moment he hung up the phone, Liu Junting, who was on the other side, let out a long sigh of relief.

Liu Junting felt a burst of fear. The richer they were, the more they would be afraid of death.

And Qin Zhuo just so happened to be that person who could take Liu Junting's life by hooking his pinky.

Therefore, Liu Junting did not dare to let Qin Zhuo do things for him. He only hoped that Qin Zhuo would not want his life.

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