Conceited Son-in-law/C3 Get out of the Tang Family?
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Conceited Son-in-law/C3 Get out of the Tang Family?
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C3 Get out of the Tang Family?

Bu Yun Plaza was the largest plaza in Buzhou City. Although it was newly built, because it was adjacent to a commercial street, there were many people walking around and it was bustling with noise and excitement.

At this moment, a large group of people surrounded the plaza as they waved and shouted in excitement.

Occasionally, people would run over from the surrounding streets and surround them. All of them were walking as if they were flying, as if they would miss something if they were late. It was as if they were rushing to be reincarnated.

When Qin Zhuo got closer, he could hear what the fanatical crowd was shouting.

"Long live Lin Yun! Goddess Lin Yun, I love you! "

It turned out that in the middle of the plaza, there was a simple and crude looking stage.

On the stage stood a seductive and cold looking woman. She wore a low-cut long skirt, and her entire body flowed with a captivating sexy aura.

The woman was holding the microphone and singing a love song lovingly. It was obvious that she was the Lin Yun who had caused this group of people to go crazy.

Lin Yun gave a faint smile after singing the song, the spring in her eyes seeming about to spill out. Then she waved her hand and blew another kiss around, and the crowd went into an uproar.

Lin Yun? Qin Zhuo read the name and looked at the people on the stage.

It's very similar, no, it's not alike, it's her!

The person on stage was Qin Zhuo's high school classmate, Lin Yun.

Speaking of Lin Yun, in her student days, she and Qin Zhuo did not have much interaction. Once they graduated, Qin Zhuo would leave home and they would not have the chance to meet again.

However, Qin Zhuo's memory had always been extraordinary, he would never make a mistake.

So, she had snuck into the entertainment industry and become a celebrity?

At this moment, a beam of light flashed above the heads of the onlookers, using it to select the so-called lucky fan.

The beam of light circled back and forth a few times before finally stopping not too far away from Qin Zhuo.

Immediately, countless beams of light focused over, shining on that lucky spectator.

Qin Zhuo was just being illuminated by the corner of the light beam.

Lin Yun made some symbolic congratulations and then caught a glimpse of Qin Zhuo in the crowd.

Lin Yun thought for a moment with a frown and looked away in confusion. Then, she couldn't help but take a few glances, as if she finally recognized him.

"You are … Qin Zhuo? Right. "

Seeing Qin Zhuo nod, Lin Yun said with a flirtatious voice.

"This Qin Zhuo is my classmate in high school."

More eyes and light beams gathered on Qin Zhuo.

In the eyes of these fanatical fans, being able to have a relationship with a goddess was an unparalleled honor. Thus, the envious crowd started clamoring, and some of them even pointed their fingers at Qin Zhuo to express their dissatisfaction.

At this moment, Lin Yun saw clearly that Qin Zhuo was wearing cheap clothing.

It was like Lin Yun had changed her attitude toward the Beijing opera. The enthusiasm on her face was instantly extinguished. She was still smiling, but it was a mocking smile.

"Qin Zhuo, you don't seem to be doing very well?"

In high school, Lin Yun had a poor academic performance. She sat in the last row, wore no makeup, had an ordinary appearance, and looked like a trash that couldn't be recognized even if she was thrown in the crowd.

Qin Zhuo, on the other hand, had excellent grades and was a maverick with a lot of chicks. Lin Yun also liked Qin Zhuo a lot, but she always kept a warm face and a cold butt, so she kept it in her heart.

Now, looking at Qin Zhuo dressed in shabby clothes, Lin Yun's sense of superiority suddenly shot up. She was glad that she didn't fall in love with him.

He thought to himself, "Heh heh, what are you pretending for in high school fashion. Now that you're behaving like this, who would fall for you?"

Qin Zhuo looked straight at Lin Yun and said, "Really? I think I'm having a good time. "

Upon seeing that someone dared to talk back to Lin Yun, the fanatical fans nearby immediately went to support him.

"Look at you, you're so poor. If I wasn't classmates with Lin Yun, would my goddess even look at you seriously?"

"Yeah, I'll tell you, you prick up your ears and listen. "Lin Yun has talked to the dandelion advertising company a few days ago. They will be signing an official contract tomorrow."

"With Goddess Lin Yun's perfect conditions, coupled with her robust Liu Family, becoming a super first-rate celebrity is just around the corner. Don't even think about eating swan meat like a toad."

Lin Yun was a little flattered by the praise of her fans, as if she was now a big celebrity that was the focus of everyone's attention.

Thus, Lin Yun handed out the signature photo to Qin Zhuo with a kind of charity.

The signature showed her holding only a corner of the photo, as if she was afraid of getting her hands dirty when she bumped into Qin Zhuo.

"Since we are high school classmates, I'll give you a autograph too. "You should treasure them properly, only those that you can never hope to reach higher levels are worth cherishing."

Qin Zhuo didn't answer the photo as he stared coldly at Lin Yun.

"Will the dandelion advertising company sign you? "I'm afraid that unfortunately, your contract trip won't go smoothly."

Qin Zhuo's few words made Lin Yun's face darken. Does this pauper know what a dandelion ad agency is? Was he worthy of mentioning it?

Lin Yun's eyes were ice-cold as she thought to herself, "My uncle is an executive of the dandelion. Will my contract not go smoothly?"

Seeing that Qin Zhuo didn't pay any attention to her, he just walked away.

Her teeth itched with hate, but she smiled at the thought of her uncle.

In Lin Yun's eyes, with her uncle's power, killing Qin Zhuo was like stepping on a bug.

"Trash, we'll see."

As the night wore on, Buzhou City finally extricated itself from the bustle, and walked towards its quiet and deep slumber.

On the second day, it would awaken once again, welcoming countless opportunities that would fall from the sky.

The Tang Family was looking forward to an opportunity.

Speaking of the aristocratic families in Buzhou City, there was still a place for Tang Family s.

However, compared to the rise of other families, their Tang Family was like the setting sun that was about to set.

So, we must fight for a chance to cooperate with Qiongnan Province.

Early in the morning, the people from Tang Family had gathered at the Ancestral House.

Everything in the Ancestral House exuded the aura of a classical, money-burning tycoon.

This was the place where the Tang Family Clan Master, Tangxi Zhen, lived. On a huge bed that was transformed into a multi-functional treatment bed, the one lying was the Tang Old Master, Tangxi Zhen.

Tangxi Zhen was suffering from a strange disease and had yet to recover from his serious illness. He was relying on the high medical fees.

The power of the Tang Family also fell into the hands of Tang Yuan's faction. Seeing how close the people in the house were to them, they knew the position of each faction in the Tang Family.

Tang Yuan was the closest to him as he sat on the side of the bed. His hand was still being held by the Tang Ancestor, who was also looking at him with a kind gaze.

The rest of the people were also able to stand around the bed.

Only Tang Yunling and Qin Zhuo were forced to stand in the corner.

Tangxi Zhen's face was already pale. Plus, he was very angry at the moment. His entire face looked somewhat sinister.

He fiercely said, "This Liu Junting is going too far, relying on his own huge background, he doesn't put my Tang Family in his eyes? What right does he have to hit my grandson? "

No one in the room dared to make a sound. Everyone knew that the Tang Ancestor was speaking in anger.

Moreover, if Liu Junting was present, Tangxi Zhen would not dare to say anything and would have to kneel and bow to Liu Junting.

This was the difference in strength. This was the cruel reality.

Tangxi Zhen saw that no one answered him, so he swallowed his anger and asked something else.

"Fine, tell me, other than Tang Yuan and his grandson, who among you has the ability to represent Tang Family?"

Tangxi Zhen's gaze swept across everyone in the room. Every time he glanced over, he would sigh.

When his gaze landed on Qin Zhuo and Tang Yunling, a look of disgust appeared on his face.

Qin Zhuo's mouth twitched. He took a step forward and suddenly said, "My wife, Tang Yunling, is suitable."

Everyone was stunned for a moment before they all revealed a contemptuous smile.

How dare this cowardly bastard speak in front of Old Master Tang?" He wanted to bring suffering upon himself?

Tang Yunling was frightened when someone suddenly called her out. She wanted to pull Qin Zhuo back, but she did not turn her head to shoot.

She really did want to be this representative, but now that old tutor Tang was so infuriated that he recklessly recommended himself as a representative, wasn't he the only one who was sure to take the lead?

Sure enough, Tangxi Zhen's expression turned ugly.

"Oh, how could that unpromising family have such abilities?"

Tang Yunling initially blamed Qin Zhuo for being too rude, but upon hearing Old Master Tang's words, she felt incredibly wronged. Her eyes had already turned red …

Since we are both from Tang Family, no matter what, I, Tang Yunling, am still your granddaughter.

Even if my father was your illegitimate child, it was still your bloodline.

Tang Yunling was both angry and annoyed. The knuckles of her hands had turned white.

Everyone was waiting to see this pair of jokes. Qin Zhuo lived up to everyone's expectations and said, "Yunlingrin is not suitable to be the representative. You can ask Tang Yuan."

Everyone was stunned once again. Asked Tang Yuan? The one who shouldn't be asking the most was Tang Yuan, right? Qin Zhuo cooked at home everyday and his brain got damaged?

Actually, Qin Zhuo kicked the ball to Tang Yuan because he was very clear on Tang Yuan's petty thoughts.

In this collaboration, no matter which Tang Family branch succeeded, they would still beat Tang Yuan.

This was something that Tang Yuan definitely didn't want to see.

Therefore, Tang Yuan would definitely choose someone to talk to but not succeed.

Tang Yuan thought that this person was Tang Yunling, because Tang Yunling's husband, Qin Zhuo, had offended Liu Junting miserably.

Originally, Tang Yuan could not understand why Liu Junting would hit him.

Now that he thought about it, he understood that the Tang Ancestor was gravely ill and that his bloodline held great authority over his Tang Family.

If Qin Zhuo offended Liu Junting, then who was Liu Junting? It's a big boss!

The boss naturally wouldn't take it out on Qin Zhuo, so he, Tang Yuan, got slapped for Qin Zhuo.

Now, if he recommended Qin Zhuo and Tang Yunling as representatives and sent them to Liu Junting, Liu Junting would definitely skin them secretly.

With this kind of conclusion, no matter how unhappy Tang Yuan was, he had no choice but to recommend him to the person he hated the most.

Therefore, Tang Yuan gritted his teeth and held back the fire in his heart as he said this in a serious tone.

"Tang Yunling has a business mind and a cautious way of doing things, grandfather. Maybe she really is suitable."

What was going on? Tang Yuan was really nice to Tang Yunling?

Everyone in the room felt this was outrageous, but they immediately understood. After all, they were all people who had taken advantage of the situation, so it was easy for them to come to a mutual understanding.

At this time, even if they were unwilling and wanted to continue fighting, they all knew that Old Master Tang loved to listen to what Tang Yuan had to say.

If they fought again, not only would they not get it, they might even lose what they had now. It would be better to give a personal favor to Tang Yuan, so everyone started to recommend Tang Yunling.

Tangxi Zhen's face was full of dissatisfaction, but he could only sigh helplessly, as if he had to obey the public's wishes.

Suddenly, Tangxi Zhen tried his best to hold his head up and said, "Okay, I made that right. But if we don't succeed, Tang Yunling, get the hell out of Tang Family."

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