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C5 You're Not Talking about It

Lin Yun was stunned for a moment. She did not expect Qin Zhuo to be so daring to come to the Dandelion Advertising Company.

Did he like to walk into a trap? It just so happened that they had to settle the accounts from last night, in case, in order to pinch this little bug to death, they would have to expend more energy and search for a needle in the ocean in Buzhou City.

Lin Yun raised her hand and pointed aggressively at Qin Zhuo.

"Qin Zhuo, you think you're fit to step into the company's door? Look at the surrounding equipment, they are all valuable items. If you touch a piece of clothing and scratch a lens, you won't be able to afford to sell yourself. "

Qin Zhuo said indifferently, "I work here."

Qin Zhuo felt a little helpless. He had decided to leave after handing in the position and leave. What happened afterwards was left to his subordinates in the Human Realm Upon Heavens. He didn't expect to run into enemies from his enemies.

As expected, Lin Yun didn't believe him at all. In her eyes, she would feel uncomfortable if Qin Zhuo really worked for the same company as her.

Lin Yun sneered, "Work?" How laughable, our company does not lack sweeping floor, washing dishes, hurry up and get lost! Even if you are, you are not worthy. Want to apply? "None at all."

Qin Zhuo pretended to be curious and asked, "Oh, so it's up to you to apply. Are you a company executive or CEO?"

"I …" Lin Yun paused before a smile appeared on her face, "Although I am not the CEO, but I know the new CEO. He chased after me like a beggar, gave me a sports car and a mansion, and said he was going to use 90 percent of the company's resources to support me. "

"Now, it's your honor to talk to me. You should go burn incense to worship Buddha. "In the future, if you want to see me again, you'll have to look at the screen."

A dark line flashed across Qin Zhuo's heart. He thought that since this woman started to panic, she didn't even need to type.

Unfortunately, his eyes were all blind and he didn't know the proper CEO who was standing in front of him.

Lin Yun, of course, knew she was imagining things.

Although she hadn't met the new CEO yet, she felt that since she was a man, she would definitely be subdued by her appearance and eventually bow down under her skirt.

Lin Yun couldn't wait to finish her thought. She didn't want to waste her breath here.

"I'll give you a chance. Kneel down and apologize to me immediately..." Seeing that Qin Zhuo didn't like to talk to her, Lin Yun clenched her teeth.

"Alright, don't blame me." Her expression gradually changed from scorn to cold as she shouted, "Someone come, someone come quickly, we've caught a thief!"

After shouting, Lin Yun looked to the side and saw a camera set up in front of the advertising room. She raised the camera with both of her hands and slammed it into the ground.

Clang! The expensive camera rolled a few times on the floor, accompanied by the sound of shattering glass.

After throwing the camera, Lin Yun put her hands on her hips and smiled as if she had succeeded in her trick.

"This Super-State Sc700 camera is a world-limited custom-made camera. There are only 30 of them and its price is 7.5 million. You, Qin Zhuo, sneaked into the company to steal it. I found you. Hehe, scum of the lowest level like you, you deserve to live in that dark place in the prison. "7.5 million, you'll never be able to pay it in your entire life."

"..." Qin Zhuo was stunned for half a second.

When Qin Zhuo was stunned, Lin Yun thought he was afraid and became even more proud of herself.

Before long, the sound of noisy footsteps could be heard.

A group of security guards quickly gathered around with swinging sticks.

One of the security guards, who was the leader, scanned the scene and was too lazy to ask what happened. He raised his baton and shouted at Qin Zhuo, "Where did this brat come from? To our company to be presumptuous! "

The security guard shouted at the top of his lungs, wanting to show off in front of Lin Yun.

Lin Yun was very famous in the Buzhou City, she was the so called goddess of both men and women.

Her coming to the dandelion agency to sign the contract today had caused a minor sensation, from security guards to staff members all asking for her autograph.

Qin Zhuo sighed in his heart. It seems like there's a big problem with this company from top to bottom.

Qin Zhuo turned around and prepared to enter the elevator to head upstairs.

However, his actions had undoubtedly angered Lin Yun even more.

How dare you ignore me? Lin Yun took out her cellphone and threatened.

"Qin Zhuo, once I press this button, the police will call. Since you have parents and don't have parents to teach you, I'll teach you how to respect others. "

Qin Zhuo's body suddenly flashed. His eyes turned cold and murderous.

He was like a sword, always hidden in its scabbard.

However, once it was pulled out, it was sharp and threatening.

Qin Zhuo's eyes were like the scythe of the god of death, staring straight at him.

"What did you say?!"

For his father, Qin Zhuo had retreated from the peak of the world!

Even now, that huge guilt still hung over him.

It was also because of his father that Qin Zhuo's killing instinct had been reduced to its lowest.

But now, there was actually someone who dared to say that he had parents who taught him what to do.

He couldn't tolerate it!

He absolutely could not tolerate it!

Lin Yun still hadn't realized how big of a mistake she had committed. She still maintained a haughty attitude as she stressed word by word, "I said you had parents …"


A solid slap landed on Lin Yun's face, like a bolt of lightning.

Lin Yun was stupefied. Before she could feel the intense pain, shock had already surrounded her.

She didn't expect that someone who wasn't even worthy enough to carry her shoes would dare to hit her!

"Are you crazy? How dare you …"


Another slap on the face, a louder and heavier slap.

Only then did Lin Yun feel the pain, as if countless ants were gnawing on her face.

Lin Yun's self-esteem was about to be shattered by this slap.

I am Lin Yun, the Lin Yun who would cause a sensation wherever she appears in Buzhou City! Lin Yun, who was going to become a top tier celebrity in the future!

"You poor bastard … My parents have never hit me before! "


Qin Zhuo raised his hand and slapped him again.

These three palms were faster than each other and more painful than each other.

After the third slap to her face, Lin Yun didn't dare to speak anymore. She started to get scared. This person in front of her really had the guts to do anything.

Lin Yun's head was empty and continuously buzzed. It was as if the few slaps had struck her soul out of her body.

The surrounding security personnel were stunned for a few seconds!

Qin Zhuo's actions had completely exceeded their scope of knowledge.

Lin Yun, who was so high up in the air and was doted on by thousands of people, was actually beaten up.

That was their goddess, the goddess that they were willing to kneel and lick!

The security guards came back to their senses and threw their sticks at Qin Zhuo like hungry wolves.

"Courting death. You dare to hit my goddess?"

"If you don't stay here today, I'll use your surname."

Qin Zhuo was too lazy to fight with the lackeys, so he directly kicked each of them into disarray.

Then, Qin Zhuo looked at Lin Yun.

Lin Yun hid herself in a corner and looked away. She bit her lips and pressed on the phone.

"I've already told my uncle that he is the general manager of the dandelion. "I swear, Qin Zhuo, you're dead for sure. If you don't break your hands and feet today, you won't be able to get out of this door!"


Qin Zhuo responded with a simple "yes". He pulled out a chair and picked up a magazine from the display cabinet.

Then, he sat down on a chair, crossed his legs, and leisurely read a magazine. He didn't care about the impending disaster at all.


Too arrogant!

Do you still have the leisure to read magazines at this time?

Lin Yun was so angry that she almost vomited blood. She clenched her fists, her nails digging into her flesh.

Fine, fine, fine. I'll let you act arrogantly first and see how you die in a moment!

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