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C6 The Man of Legend

The General Manager of Dandelion Advertising Company was called Yang Jian.

Yang Jian was a potbellied middle-aged man with a bald head and an unfriendly face.

Early this morning, Yang Jian received a message from the higher-ups, asking him to meet the new CEO.

Yang Jian put on a handsome suit that didn't fit him at all. He waited here and there, but New President wasn't there. It was as if a ghost had appeared.

At this moment, Yang Jian actually received news that a bastard was causing trouble at the company and had beaten his niece into a pig's head.

Was the heavens looking down on him, the general manager?

Without saying anything further, Yang Jian waved his hand and led a bunch of ferocious men in suits downstairs.

When they reached the hallway on the first floor, they saw a few security guards groveling on the ground after being beaten up. An expensive video camera was turned into scrap metal, causing Yang Jian's anger to ignite and the fat on his face to tremble.

"Which blind bastard came to my territory to seek death?"

Hearing her uncle's voice, Lin Yun's face lit up.

Uncle is here! That stinking poor bastard Qin Zhuo, let's see how he will kneel and beg for mercy later.

Lin Yun's smile caused another severe pain on her swollen face.

"Hiss …"

She gasped from the pain, covered her face and ran to Yang Jian's side.

Lin Yun pointed at Qin Zhuo and said fiercely, "Uncle, it's him!"

Qin Zhuo, on the other hand, was still sitting there reading a magazine. He was mesmerized and calm, as if he was surrounded by air.

Yang Jian had a big temper and immediately roared, "You bastard! Listen up, I'll give you two choices. One, kneel down to my niece …"

Before Yang Jian could finish his sentence, Qin Zhuo closed the magazine, raised his head and stared at Yang Jian.

In an instant, Yang Jian felt like he was struck by lightning.

He recalled the new documents he had received that morning. There was a picture of New President on it.

Yang Jian had already calculated in his heart that he must curry favor with New President.

Thus, he had at least seen that photo a few hundred times.

New President's appearance was as though it was carved into his heart with a knife.

Thus, Yang Jian only needed a single glance to recognize it …

It's him, it's New President!

It's over, it's all over!

Yang Jian swallowed the rest of his words.

He was drenched in cold sweat as he knelt in front of Qin Zhuo, trembling.

The security guards and the black suit thugs were all dumbfounded. Could this general manager have been constipated to the point that his legs had gone limp? Otherwise, how could he have kneeled down to a poor kid?

Lin Yun was even more shocked and wanted to pull Yang Jian up, "Uncle, what are you kneeling for? He's just a good-for-nothing, even worse than a dog. "

Yang Jian gritted his teeth and said angrily, "Lin Yun, you're too presumptuous! "This is New President, kneel down."

With this said, everyone was flabbergasted.

The security guards were so scared that they shut their mouths, not even daring to let out a scream.

The black suits rejoiced. I'll go, but luckily, I didn't force myself to attack.

Lin Yun's face still had a mocking smile, "His CEO? Uncle, are you getting old and muddle-headed? If he's the CEO with such a ghastly appearance, then I'm the queen. I'm … "

Lin Yun didn't continue her sentence.

Because she saw Yang Jian was trembling and her uncle's forehead was covered in cold sweat.

She knew her uncle. He was a very cautious person, and he would never speak without thinking.

Then she saw the folder that had fallen to the ground.

That folder was originally carefully kicked by Yang Jian, but due to the shock and excitement earlier, the folder fell out.

A page slipped out of the folder, and the photo on it was Qin Zhuo.

The smile on Lin Yun's face froze. When he saw the words "new CEO" on the paper, her legs gave way and she fell heavily onto her knees, kowtowing to him with all her might.

"Qin Zhuo, ah, no, Chairman Qin, it is my dog eyes that are looking down on people, it is my eyes that are blind and do not recognize Mt. Tai. Chairman Qin, please forgive me for once. I'm willing to do anything to repay you. "For the sake of my old classmate …"

Qin Zhuo got up and said coldly, "Forget it, I can't climb that high."

Yang Jian looked up shakily and gathered up his courage, "Chairman Qin, Lin Yun is my niece, can you give her a chance …"

Qin Zhuo looked at Yang Jian and stretched out two fingers, "I also give you two choices. One, get lost from her. Two, get lost from her."

Yang Jian's eyes darkened and he didn't dare to say anything else.

Furthermore, he knew that with his niece's personality, there was a high chance that she was the one who started all of this. The CEO was already kind enough to not implicate her.

As soon as Qin Zhuo finished his words, he walked away, leaving the group of people in a daze with complicated feelings in their hearts.

A few seconds later, Qin Zhuo appeared at the door again.

Lin Yun thought that things had changed for the better, so she quickly crawled to Qin Zhuo's feet and complimented, "Chairman Qin, I knew that you wouldn't care about this person's past and wouldn't get angry with trash like me …"

Qin Zhuo raised his leg, causing Lin Yun's hands, which she tried to carry over, to miss. He pointed at the destroyed camera.

"Limited edition Supranational Sc700 camera, 7.5 million, compensation."

Lin Yun felt her limbs go weak as she collapsed onto the ground.

7.5 million! How could she have so much money?

She was famous in Buzhou City, but her fame had not materialized, so it was impossible for her to save her.

With a bright future ahead of him, he was courting his own death.

Lin Yun felt her vision darken, and she almost fainted on the spot.

Coming out of the dandelion agency, it was almost noon.

Qin Zhuo decided to go to the market first. Tang Yunling was still busy at the company.

As usual, Qin Zhuo would prepare the meal and deliver it to Tang Yunling.

Tang Yunling had a bad stomach. It was only after two years of careful care from Qin Zhuo that she gradually improved.

In terms of food, Qin Zhuo had always done it himself. All the dishes he made were suitable and delicious, taking care of Tang Yunling thoroughly.

When Qin Zhuo passed by a remote alley, a dark shadow moved in the shadow of the alley.

Then, like a ghost, a person appeared behind Qin Zhuo and bowed respectfully.

Qin Zhuo turned around, looked at the person who came over and nodded, "Alright, you don't have to be so formal."

The young man known as Wei Ke was tall and muscular. He had a solemn expression and a determined look in his eyes. One could tell at a glance that he was a ruthless man who was licking his blood at the edge of a blade.

But at this moment, there was excitement in his eyes, and even his voice was trembling.

"Owner Qin, good … Long time no see. "

"Master Qin" was the title that the people of the Heaven's Expanse Department addressed Qin Zhuo. It meant that Qin Zhuo was the master of the Heaven's Expanse Palace.

In these two years, the development of the Human Realm Upon Heavens all depended on the accumulation of Qin Zhuo's past to rise steadily.

However, their leader was gone after all. Everyone felt like they were missing something.

Now that this legendary man was about to return, how could he not be excited?

"Master Qin, the princess of the imperial family has been inviting you to the imperial palace to discuss life and philosophy."

"The president of the Alliances Foundation opened the 45th multinational corporation. I hope that you, Qin, can show them your face and attend their ribbon cutting ceremony."

"The international movie star, Miss Dianli, wants to deal with the Qin family …"

Qin Zhuo raised his hand and interrupted the guard's words, "I'm busy. I need to go home and cook."

"Err …"

Looking at Qin Zhuo's departing back, the normally steady Wei Ke also had a face full of confusion, and his heart was in turmoil.

Even famous figures of the world couldn't even compare to a normal meal with their invitation letters!

Wei was definitely one of the "Ten King Earth" in the Human Realm Above Heavens. His status was also very prestigious. He had seen all kinds of big scenes, but every time he saw Qin Zhuo, he would feel inferior.

As expected of a legendary man, he was so cool and unrestrained, sighing with emotion.

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