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Conceited Son-in-law/C7 Divorce Now?
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C7 Divorce Now?

The Tang Family Villa was located in the outskirts of the city.

The surroundings were verdant and lush, and the environment could be considered beautiful.

Tang Yunling's father was the illegitimate son of Old Master Tang.

Thus, this line was not valued by the Patriarch, but rather lived in the cold words of other relatives.

Back then, when Tang Family had distributed the residences, Tang Yunling's father owned the worst villa.

Fortunately, Tang Yunling's mind was sharp. After some renovations and the addition of greenery, the villa was instantly upgraded by quite a few levels.

Qin Zhuo opened the door of the mansion and walked in while carrying several plastic bags of vegetables.

Before he could step into the living room, he heard his mother-in-law Lee Xiuting's disdainful voice.

"Qin Zhuo, hehe, you still have the face to come back, you piece of trash? Honestly speaking, Yunling becoming a Tang Family represents something. Are you trying to add fuel to the fire from behind the scenes? "

Lee Xiuting sat on the sofa while holding a nail clipper. She didn't look up at Qin Zhuo, but her voice was filled with disgust.

"That's what Yunling wants to do herself." Qin Zhuo replied indifferently and carried the dish into the kitchen.

Lee Xiuting threw the nail clipper on the ground, stood up and shouted.

"Stop, did I let you go? Alright, back then when I saw that you kept quiet, I thought that you were just a useless trash. To think that you would be such a harming person. Who is that Liu Junting? Is his business something that Yunling can meddle in? "

"You don't know how many young masters and gold coins have been scolded at Liu Junting's temporary residence in the past few days. How easy is this cooperation?" I think you just want to kill Yunling! "

Qin Zhuo didn't reply, he just felt a bit sad.

It was hard to tell whether Lee Xiuting's aggressive appearance was actually considering for her daughter or for the benefits she would get.

Qin Zhuo carried the dishes into the kitchen. He turned on the tap and washed the vegetables.

Lee Xiuting was not resigned to this and directly chased him into the kitchen, pointing and talking, "I understand, you must be scheming something. You want us all to get out of the Tang Family, right?"

Qin Zhuo looked at Lee Xiuting. His gaze turned cold like a cold sword stabbing towards her.

"You should have confidence in your daughter."

Lee Xiuting shuddered and involuntarily retreated two steps.

How did this good-for-nothing suddenly gain such momentum?

Lee Xiuting looked at Qin Zhuo again. He returned to his usual look and silently washed the dishes.

Was it an illusion?

Lee Xiuting coughed a few times, but continued, "Qin Zhuo, prepare to sign the divorce agreement. Whether you agree or not, this marriage is a foregone conclusion. Yunling will not regret it for the rest of her life."


Qin Zhuo's thoughts drifted into the distance, and he couldn't help but recall the past.

At that time, he had just graduated from high school and was alone in the world.

His father worked as a mason at the construction site. Due to overwork, he suddenly suffered from illness. Fortunately, he met the kind Tang Yunling.

Tang Yunling ignored the ridicule and ridicule from her family and took good care of this stranger. Without hesitation, she took out her remaining savings to treat his illness.

After her father's illness was resolved, Tang Yunling helped him resign from his job at the construction site. She also found him a job with decent pay and ease. She also frequently visited her father to make him take care of his health.

From then on, her father was certain that Tang Yunling was the Qin family's only daughter-in-law.

Qin Zhuo still remembered that his father once told him, "No matter if you fall into poverty or are proud of your success, if you can't even protect her, then you aren't worthy to be my son."

Therefore, Qin Zhuo had been accompanying Tang Yunling silently for the past two years. He was prepared to maintain this companion of his forever.

But now, Lee Xiuting wanted him to divorce Tang Yunling?

Heh, unless Tang Yunling was willing, even God Emperor wouldn't be able to break this marriage.

Seeing that Qin Zhuo did not utter a word, Lee Xiuting continued to speak harshly. "If you do not take a piss and look at yourself, how are you worthy of my daughter? It's still Zhang Lin, Young Master Zhang, who is young and talented. He is handsome, handsome, and rich. He is a match made in heaven with my daughter. He even gave me a pair of jade bracelets today. "

Zhang Lin was the CEO of a clothing group with hundreds of millions of yuan in assets. His private life was chaotic, and he had been pestering Tang Yunling.

Lee Xiuting always put Zhang Lin on her lips when she was burying Qin Zhuo.

But now, Lee Xiuting felt that she had to speed up her journey. She had to catch Zhang Lin, this golden son-in-law, before Tang Yunling was kicked out of Tang Family.

"Yunling wouldn't fall for Zhang Lin." Qin Zhuo said lightly.

Qin Zhuo had full confidence in Tang Yunling's character.

Although Tang Yunling usually shouted at him, but she was a kind and devoted person.

Lee Xiuting pouted. "Pfft, it's my family's business if you don't like it, so don't meddle in it. Let me tell you in good intentions, I've already made an appointment for Zhang Lin for Yunling. The two are eating at the Shuixuan Hotel, who knows, maybe they'll cook the rice while eating … "

Lee Xiuting knew that Tang Yunling was stubborn and ignored Zhang Lin, so she made up a reason and lured Tang Yunling to the Shuixuan Hotel.


Qin Zhuo stopped chopping the vegetables. With a flick of his hand, the kitchen knife stabbed down and deeply embedded itself into the cutting board.

Suddenly, Lee Xiuting felt her vision blur. She couldn't even see clearly. She could only feel a gust of wind blowing past her and Qin Zhuo was gone.

"Trash, to be reincarnated?" Lee Xiuting scolded.

The Shuixuan Hotel was also a five star hotel.

Compared to the Yun Ding Hotel's extreme luxury, the Shuixuan Hotel valued atmosphere and atmosphere.

Therefore, the Shuixuan Hotel was a sacred place for the rich to date.

At a VIP table near the window, there was a sumptuous feast. Candles were lit on both sides of the dining table, and there were even flowers.

Zhang Lin ate a piece of steak and then lecherously stared at Tang Yunling who was sitting opposite him.

Tang Yunling frowned. The dessert in front of her didn't move at all.

She said impatiently, "Zhang Lin, I've told you a thousand times, I have no interest in you. If you have nothing else, I'll leave. "

Zhang Lin raised his goblet, took a sip of the red wine and smiled, "You're so beautiful, are you really willing to spend your life with that trash? "He can't give you anything, Yunling. Give me a chance, I can give you everything you want."

"Qin Zhuo, he …"

Tang Yunling whispered Qin Zhuo's name.

Yes, she looked down on Qin Zhuo and often got angry at him.

But after two years of being together, how could they not have any feelings for each other?

The man who drove him home without any hindrances;

The meticulous man who took care of his daily life;

It turned out that the man who had shielded her from the wind and rain had already quietly occupied the position in her heart.

He didn't think that once someone separated him from her, his good side would become even more prominent.

"It's not good for Qin Zhuo to do anything, he's also my husband, I won't divorce him."

Tang Yunling came back to her senses and said.

Suddenly, she saw Zhang Lin's vulgar face as he reached out his hand to touch her face.

Tang Yunling felt a chill run down her spine. She stepped to the side and shouted angrily, "Zhang Lin, what are you trying to do?!"

After being rejected by Tang Yunling so many times, Zhang Lin became angry. His face darkened, "What are you doing? You invited me to this sort of place, what kind of trash are you and you don't have any points? "

Zhang Lin grabbed Tang Yunling's hand and used brute force to try to pull her into his embrace.

Tang Yunling jumped in fright and struggled to break free.

Sharp nails scratched a few bloody lines on Zhang Lin's hand.

After Zhang Lin let go of her hand, Tang Yunling ran out of the hotel and rushed out without looking back.

At this moment, Qin Zhuo arrived at the hotel entrance and bumped into Tang Yunling, who had rushed out.

Qin Zhuo saw the tears in Tang Yunling's eyes and asked anxiously, "Yunling, are you okay?"

"It's none of your business."

Tang Yunling ran away wiping away her tears. She was very angry, but she wasn't angry at Qin Zhuo. Instead, she was angry at her mother, Lee Xiuting.

It was as if Lee Xiuting saw her as a commodity, a tool that could attract wealth.

He didn't even ask for her opinion before pushing her to an outsider.

Tang Yunling felt wronged in her heart, but no one could explain it to Qin Zhuo. What was the use of saying it to him? If he couldn't even save himself, why would he bother finding trouble with him?

Seeing Tang Yunling running further and further away as she felt wronged, Qin Zhuo clenched his fists tightly.

"You're courting death!" Qin Zhuo spat out these two words and stepped into the hotel …

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