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Conceited Son-in-law/C9 This Man Can't Afford to Offend Me
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C9 This Man Can't Afford to Offend Me

Zhang Lin didn't mind his lackey's panicked expression.

Hundreds of thousands of people had started his business, rapidly increasing his market value to 400 million. What he relied on was the ruthlessness of the business scene, the bloody plunder.

As his market value skyrocketed, Zhang Lin's ambition and confidence also swelled.

He didn't believe that a single move of his mouth could threaten the Sheng Ming Corporation.

What's more, it was Qin Zhuo, the well-known trash.

So he yelled at his lackey, "What are you so flustered for? If you have something to say, do you have someone who wants to buy shares and cooperate with you? "Tell him not to come see me for anything less than fifty million. I'm not in the mood."

The attendant was sweating anxiously, but when Zhang Lin finished, he said impatiently, "CEO Zhang, the Sales Department's manager just called. He said there's a problem with our supply channel, if we can't deliver the goods in time, the company will pay a huge penalty fee."

"What?" Zhang Lin thought he heard wrong.

He thought to himself, after all these years of fighting in the shopping mall, only he dared to cheat others, and no one would dare to harm him.

Now, not only was there someone trying to harm him, but they were also going to make him bleed greatly. How could this be possible!?

Zhang Lin's thoughts raced as he thought of a solution.

However, before he could come up with a solution, his cell phone rang again.

When his follower answered the phone, the panic on his face became heavier and heavier.

After he finished listening, his hands began to tremble. He tapped several times before hanging up.

"Director Zhang, the HR Department's manager said that the company's upper echelons had collectively written a letter of resignation. They had given up their monthly salary and bonus and wanted to leave immediately. The HR Department's manager has also... I have also applied to have you leave … "

Zhang Lin was dumbfounded.

The matter of the source of the goods was not fatal. At most, he would just raise the price and look for other partners. It would be fine to destroy the east wall and repair the west wall, but he would be able to recover gradually.

However, the upper echelon was the brain of a company. Without the brain, people die, and so does the company.

The upper echelons had all left together? This was too strange.

It's not just that.

One by one, they called without stopping. The phone never stopped ringing.

If it was a follower who answered the phone, he might have broken down due to a slight mental loss.

However, no matter how good his character was, his follower's face was full of shock. He could only tell the contents of the phone to Zhang Lin one by one.

"Zhang... "Director Zhang, someone reported that our company illegally occupied the land. The main building has a serious quality problem which is a violation of the rules and there is a possibility that it could face an indefinite period of closure and reorganization."

"Director Zhang … "There is a mysterious consortium controlling the stock market. Our stock price is falling in the form of a cliff. The losses are temporarily incalculable, but the amount is getting bigger and bigger..."

"Director Zhang, our e-business has suffered a hacking attack. The price of all the goods has been changed to a dime and all the warehouses have been emptied. The estimated loss is 7 million."

Zhang Lin opened his mouth in shock and sat on the ground.

His head was in pain, more painful than when Qin Zhuo pressed it down on the table.

He was originally high and mighty, looking down at Qin Zhuo from the clouds.

But suddenly, Qin Zhuo twitched his mouth and a huge hand pulled him down.

He fell into the abyss, a dark and suffocating place.

Zhang Lin looked at Qin Zhuo in despair, "You did this?"

He asked even though he knew the answer. With so many evil things erupting at the same time, who else could it be but him?

Qin Zhuo stood by the window. The sunlight was shining on him.

He looked out the window at the traffic, lost in thought, oblivious to what was going on inside the house.

He didn't care, because there was no suspense. When he called the security guard on time, the matter had already been settled.

Hearing Zhang Lin's question, Qin Zhuo turned around and smiled, "What do you think?"

Zhang Lin took a deep breath. His entire body was enveloped in a dense chill. He was about to collapse.

Just a single phone call was enough to bankrupt the Sheng Ming Corporation. This ability to turn the tide with a flip of his hand had left him with a deep sense of despair.

In the face of such devastating energy, he was like a tiny ant, unable to resist at all.

The bell was still ringing, but the attendant did not know whether he should pick it up or not.

Even if he didn't accept it, everyone knew that the message he sent was a bunch of bad news.

Zhang Lin's psychological defenses had been broken down. Qin Zhuo was someone he could not afford to offend. If he continued to be stubborn, the whole Sheng Ming Corporation would disappear.

Zhang Lin didn't have any other choice. "Putong", he kneeled down and said with regret, "I was wrong, I really was wrong. Please stop. Please, I beg of you, I can do whatever you want."

Qin Zhuo looked at Zhang Lin as if he was looking at an injured kitten and a puppy, "Did you know your mistake? "Good girl."

Zhang Lin raised his head, blood flowing from his forehead into his eyes and merging with his tears. It was painful to the eye, but he did not dare to move or blink as he waited for Qin Zhuo's judgement.

Under Zhang Lin's pleading eyes, Qin Zhuo dialed the number, "Security, you can stop now."

Immediately, the phone that gave Zhang Lin countless nightmares rang crazily again.

But what came was no longer bad news.

The e-Shop's website returned to normal. The share price no longer plummeted, but rose slowly. The upper echelons withdrew their resignation letters, channels began to supply normal goods, and notifications of illegal land occupancy and closures were cancelled …

Just one phone call from Qin Zhuo was enough for Zhang Lin to go from the human world to hell.

According to rough estimates, the market capitalization of Sheng Ming Group fell from 400 million to 50 million.

After evaporating more than 300 million, Zhang Lin didn't dare to complain at all. On the contrary, he had to be grateful to Qin Zhuo.

He knew that if Qin Zhuo didn't tell him to stop, he would be in an even more miserable state. He would be penniless, even owing a huge amount of money and destroying his entire life.

Zhang Lin wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and said angrily, "Mr. Qin, what do you need me to do? I, Zhang Lin, will not refuse it even if it costs me my life! "

Qin Zhuo touched his nose and said, "You don't need to do anything to me. You only need to apologize to Tang Yunling. If she is willing to forgive you, then let bygones be bygones." If you continue to have a trace of ill intentions towards her, I believe you will know how miserable your fate will be. "

Zhang Lin felt a wave of fear. So there was such a strong man guarding Tang Yunling's side. He actually dared to extend his evil hands towards her. If this wasn't seeking death, what was it?

Zhang Lin nodded his head quickly like a chick pecking rice. "Don't worry, Mr. Qin. If I, Zhang Lin, can't do it, I won't need Mr. Qin to do it. I will commit suicide to apologize."

Seeing Qin Zhuo wave his hand, allowing him to leave, Zhang Lin let out a long breath, and with the support of his attendant, he staggered out of Shuixuan Hotel.

Qin Zhuo looked at his watch. The waiter had already taken the badge for a period of time. Logically speaking, it was already in the manager's hands.

It had to be said that the manager's reaction was a bit slow.

Not long after, orderly footsteps sounded out. The manager of the Shuixuan Hotel led a row of waiters towards Qin Zhuo.

Everyone stood, bowed, and bowed to Qin Zhuo!

The manager opened his palms and handed the badge to Qin Zhuo. He said respectfully, "Sir, your Heavenly Knight badge, please accept it."

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