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Under the colorful lights, the woman in the fiery-red dress was walking in the noisy nightclub with a smile on her face.

She received an assignment to assassinate the leader of the Heavenly Eagle Gang. She walked into the private room and saw a man leaning back on the sofa. He smiled at the fiery-red figure and said, "He's here!"

The woman sat opposite of him and said, "Director Mu, I'm sorry that I was delayed because of something, do you mind?"

"I'm fine!" "Miss Feng, is there something you need from me? I am very willing to work for a beauty." The man stared at her with lustful eyes.

"Is that so?" Before he could finish his sentence, a silver thread had already passed through the man's neck. Before the man could even speak, he had already died.

The woman smiled and quickly dodged the surprise attack. Just as she was about to break out of the window, she frowned as she felt pain on her back and the darkness before her grew more and more.

So cold! It was so hard to breathe! She had clearly been shot, but why did she feel like she was suffocating in water?

She slowly opened her eyes. She was really in the water. What was going on? Wasn't she dead? Memories flooded into his mind like a flood.

Feng Qing! It was fine if she was not in good health, but she was someone who had been invited by her sister to the place where they were invited. She waited for a long time, but before she could arrive, Feng Ruoruo bribed a few of the people who wanted to kill her, and perhaps this was the first time they did such a thing. Perhaps, this was the first time they did it because they were too timid, so they threw her by the river in the wilderness, and because they were too weak, they fell into the water and drowned like this!

The corner of his mouth twitched. He had actually been drowned before he was killed.

Very good! Feng Ruo Ruo remembered it!

Because of this body, when she swam to the shore, her face was pale. It seemed that she would have to take care of this body in the future.

Under the moonlight, he observed his surroundings. He walked forward and stopped under a tree. Breathing heavily, he leaned against the tree and sat down.

F * ck! Her weak body did not suit her at all. She was exhausted after just a few steps. When had she, Feng Qing, been so weak before?

It wasn't that she hadn't lived in the wilderness before, but her current body wasn't as strong as in her previous life. If she encountered any ferocious beasts, she could only end up as a plate for food.

When he reached a corner, he quickly hid in the corner closest to her and listened to the distant battle. He only saw more than ten people surrounding a man wearing a mask.

"I never thought that the exalted Palace Master Xuanming would fall into our hands. It's really a miracle in the martial arts world."

The masked man snorted coldly, "You think you can kill me? Dream on!" As he spoke, he pointed his sword towards those people. Even if they were injured, it still wouldn't affect their lightning-fast speed. In a few moments, those people were already halfway to the ground.

Seeing that he was so powerful despite being injured, they couldn't help but feel fear. One of them said, "What's there to be afraid of? Today, it's time for him to be poisoned. Kill him!"

Feng Qing looked for a while before turning around to sit down. Even though the masked man was injured, those people were still not his match. Knowing that they were no match for him, they still threw themselves at him to die. His tone was laced with killing intent.

Damn it!

Feng Qing cursed. She hadn't noticed when he had arrived at her side. While she was feeling vexed, she also sighed. She could still persevere after recovering from such a heavy injury.

Feeling a sharp pain on her neck, a small bloody wound appeared instantly on her neck. "I was just passing by." She had already felt the man's killing intent, and now she was no match for him. Even if it was before, she probably wouldn't be a match for him.

"Ha!" Passing by? " The man sneered and continued, "By the way, come to this wilderness in the middle of the night."

Feng Qing did not move. The wound on his neck was a warning to her, "I was knocked out and left here. Otherwise, why would a weak girl like me come to this desolate place in the middle of the night?"

The man held the sword on her neck and said coldly, "I can let you go, but from now on, I have to follow by my side until we leave this wilderness." He was heavily injured right now and had to rely on his own abilities to walk out.

Feng Qing sized up the masked guy in front of her. She was sure that if she didn't agree, she would immediately report to Hades. Moreover, with her current abilities, she might not be able to get out of this place.

The man led the way first. Feng Qing stood up and patted off the dirt on his body as he followed behind him.

The man at the entrance of the cave didn't even turn around as he said, "Go find some firewood." Then, he didn't care if the woman agreed or not and went in. He urgently needed to treat his wounds because he had used all of his strength to deal with those people.

Feng Qing looked at this vile man's figure as he entered. He hated this to the point that his teeth itched, but he still obediently followed his orders.

After a while, when Feng Qing came in with a firewood, she also brought a rabbit with her and looked around, only to discover that there was a hot spring that was still steaming. She smiled, and when she opened her eyes, she was already in the water.

Ye Zichen walked to his side and looked at the masked man, who had his eyes tightly shut. She had worked so hard outside, yet he was sleeping soundly here.

He kicked twice with his foot, "Hey! Wake up! " The person did not react and gave another two kicks, but there was still no reaction. Sensing that something was amiss, he squatted down. His clothes were already soaked in blood, and some of them were already half dry.

Without much time to think, she rudely ripped off the man's clothes. The wound on his chest was not only deep, but the flesh and blood kept flowing out, and as she grabbed onto the corner of her clothes, she started tearing off a piece of clothes, and walked towards the hot spring, soaking in the water before walking over to the man's side and gently wiping off the blood. She repeated this process, and fumbled with the man's body until she found a white porcelain bottle, then after hesitating for a moment, she picked up the sword from her neck and cut open a small wound on the rabbit's leg. Handmade needs to be improved.

After doing all this, he walked in front of the rabbit and sighed. He tore off the corner of his shirt to bind the rabbit carefully.

Although these ancient people liked to play with mysteries, they might as well take action and carefully remove the mask on their faces. Beneath the mask was a face with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes, thin lips like the petals of a flower, and a mark that seemed like a flame on it. Was this really Pan An's appearance? Feng Qing had seen many beautiful men and women admit that this man was incredibly beautiful, with a face that could make men and women feel jealous.

"Remember, you owe me your life!" she said to the sleeping man.

The man woke up in the middle of the night and frowned as he looked at the bandaged wound on his body. Was it her doing? He looked at the woman sleeping against the wall. There was no change in his eyes. This woman's perception was extraordinary. He didn't know if she was sent by his good nephew to kill him. She would rather kill a thousand wrongly than to let off a single person.

Feng Qing, who was still sleeping, felt a burst of murderous intent. He immediately opened his eyes and flew towards her, quickly moving to the side and looking at the sword. Wasn't this the sword that was once on her neck?

"You want to kill me?" Feng Qing coldly gazed at the man not far away. At this moment, her entire body was emitting killing intent.

"You saw my true face, so you deserve to die!"

"Ha!" She sneered. She wanted to kill him just because she saw his real appearance. "What if I don't agree?" You want to kill her, you need her permission, right?

"It's not up to you!" With that, he quickly attacked her.

Damn it!

She cursed him for dodging everywhere. She hated this body now, giving it to him but not giving him a healthy one. When she was distracted, the moment a man took control of her, he would grab her by the neck. With a little strength, she would die in his hands, but he only took control of her.

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