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"Alright!" This short one also showed Feng Qing's joy.

Ye Yi City directly went to the Ling Palace and told Duke Ling everything that had happened in the Prime Minister's Estate.

"Imperial Uncle, you don't know how arrogant that Young Miss is, so you directly gave Prime Minister Feng a kick." Feng Shaoheng's face flushed red, and he couldn't voice out his bitterness.

The man sitting quietly listened to Ye Yi Cheng's words, his face expressionless.

"I just don't know what this Feng Shaoheng is up to, but he actually went so low as to try and coax Madam Feng to stay. Royal Uncle, do you think that Feng Shaoheng has some sort of scheme?"

Shen Sihai's position in the imperial court was higher than his, so Feng Shaoheng naturally had to rely on Shen Sihai.

As for that Miss Feng, I heard that she was a sickly child. How did she change after this incident?

Other than Miss Feng usually doing good deeds, almost no one came out of the two doors and through the doors. Therefore, almost no one recognized her.

The seated man didn't know, but he would.

And that damned woman, better not to let him find her.


"Royal Uncle! What are you thinking! " Seeing the Emperor Uncle's face grow colder and colder, he didn't understand, and thought he had said something that would make his Imperial Uncle angry.

"I'm fine!" Cheng'er! "Could it be that you've been going on like this all day?" the man asked.

"Ah?" What does royal uncle mean? " Did they want him to fight for the position of supreme expert?

However, he did not have any plans to fight for the throne. Why did he have to give himself such a heavy list when he was in the middle of a mountain and river?

"When did This King want you to compete?" The man was slightly displeased.

"Then royal uncle is?"

"It's time for you to go to the military camp to gain some experience."


The man's sword-like eyebrows creased in displeasure, as if displeased by Ye Zichen's noisy appearance.

"What's the problem?" Ye Zichen looked at him in displeasure, while his eyes were filled with threat.

"No problem, it's just that, Imperial Uncle, can I go later?" Ye Yi City discussed once again.

He really didn't want to go to the military camp or anything like that. Killing people wasn't suitable for him.

"What do you think?"

"Alright! I will report this to royal father! "Since royal uncle has nothing to do, then Cheng'er will take his leave," he dejectedly replied.

He had plenty of ways to not go anyway!

The man thought about what Ye Yi City had said. The young lady of the Prime Minister's Estate had changed. He had heard of it before, but he just didn't believe it. He didn't expect it to actually be like this.

"Shang Qing! Go and check on the direct daughter of the Prime Minister, Feng Qing. " He needed to know who Feng Qing was.

"Yes!" "Your Highness!" The shadow in the darkness disappeared as soon as it received the order.

The guard standing next to the man asked, "My lord, is there a problem with the Prime Minister's daughter?" Otherwise, even a lowly direct daughter could have sent the prince to investigate.

"Don't you feel that there's something amiss with the commoners causing trouble in the Prime Minister's Estate?!"

After the man said this, the guard was immediately enlightened. Not only did the commoner ruin Second Young Miss Feng's reputation, but he also let everyone in the capital know that Feng Shao had abandoned his wife, abused his daughter, and committed heinous crimes.

No matter how dissatisfied Feng Shaoheng was, he didn't dare to do anything. He could only let Miss Feng lead him by the nose.

If something were to happen to Miss Feng, it would be even worse for him. Not only would he not be able to move, he would have to protect her well.

Such a smart person!

The guard could not help but sigh!

At night, the man stood by the window with his arms crossed. The night wind blew past him, lifting up the hair on his forehead and gently blowing it down.


"The cause of the commoners' deaths was caused by a big, bearded man, but this subordinate was unable to find the whereabouts of that big man. It was as if he had disappeared from the world." The guard answered truthfully.

The man's eyes flashed. A word suddenly appeared.


Heh! Since this Miss Feng was even able to use a disguise technique, she was able to arouse a trace of interest in him.

"Hm!" You can leave now! "

At night, Feng Qing sized up this body. She would never have thought that she would be transported to a dynasty that had never existed in history.

The moment she fell down, she saw a blurry figure. Although that figure was a little blurry, she would never forget who it was even if she died.

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