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It was him!

How did he know about her mission? She had always been a secretive person when she carried out missions. There was no way she would make any mistakes.

Meng Bai looked at Feng Qing in the mirror and asked, "Miss, do you think the Second Miss can let my sister go?"

"If you don't believe me, then why are you looking for me?"

"No!" This servant does not suspect Miss, but the relationship between Second Miss and Miss! " After all, Meng Xia was her only sister.

How could Feng Qing not see through her thoughts? As an outstanding assassin, it was essential for him to learn to look at other's faces.

He stood up and walked outside.

Meng Bai followed her and asked in puzzlement, "Miss, it's already so late, where are you going?"

He turned around. "Aren't you worried about your sister?"

"Oh!" Meng Bai finally reacted. Originally, she had thought that it would take a few more days!

After this morning's incident, many people were somewhat afraid of Feng Qing. They wanted to ask if there was anything that a person who dared to beat up even the Prime Minister wouldn't dare to do.

This was why all of Feng Qing's journey was smooth sailing. A few observant people even bowed to her.

"Greetings, First Miss!"

Feng Ruo's servant saw Feng Qing and respectfully greeted him: "Eldest Miss!"

Feng Qing Leng glanced at it for a moment, then turned his gaze away. He sized up the surroundings before slowly opening his mouth: "This miss has come to find Feng Ruo Ruo! Call her out to see me? "

The servant girl looked at her hesitantly. Both sides were in a dilemma because she could not afford to offend Feng Qing now. Even if Feng Ruo was grounded, she could not afford to offend her as well.

Now, if Feng Ruo was grounded, her temper would be even worse.

"Could it be that I can't order you around?"

"First Miss redemption, not because I'm not going, but because no one is allowed to see Second Miss!"

"Is that so?"

The maid's heart trembled when she saw Feng Qing's gaze. Moreover, she was lying at the moment, so she was even more afraid.

Feng Qing smiled as he walked towards the servant girl and sat down in front of her. It was a kind of 'if you don't call out, then you won't leave' form.

"Nothing! "Since little sister doesn't want to see me, I will wait until she is willing to see me."

Not long later, Feng Ruo came out from the back room and glared hatefully at Feng Qing. The hatred in her eyes was revealed without the slightest hesitation.

"Big sister!" Don't you know my sister is grounded? Why would they come back? "

"I know!" In this city, everyone knows that the second lady of the Prime Minister's house has been grounded because of her mistreatment of her own sister! " Feng Qing smirked as he played with the teacup in his hand.

Fighting against her? That was not something she had the ability to do.

"This matter is indeed related to you!"

"So what if I am? What I did was less than a third of what you did. "

Feng Ruo mockingly smiled. She was too careless this time, otherwise, she would have the right to speak here.

"Feng Qing, do you know why I want you to die so badly?" Feng Qing didn't say anything. How would she know that she wasn't a god? She knew everything.

Feng Ruo smiled mysteriously, and her next words made Feng Qing spurt out blood: "I won't say it now."

"Do you think I would believe you!?" Feng Qing smiled disdainfully with a nonchalant expression. If she really believed her, then her life would truly be in vain.

Feng Ruo glanced at Meng Bai who was standing, and changed the topic, "You came for a person!"

"I suppose so?"

"On what basis?"

"I will take him away with me today."

"Can you take her with you? Meng Xia is my servant girl, what qualifications do you have?"

"Whether I say it or not will be my decision. I'll give you two choices. The first is to let me take him away, and then take him away after beating you up."

"Big Sis is blatantly robbing me, aren't you afraid that Father will punish you?" Feng Ruo was furious.

"So what if I am? As for punishment, does he dare? " Feng Qing replied in a domineering manner.

Feng Ruo was so angry that she wanted to slap her face.

"You ?" Before he could finish his words, his neck was strangled.

"I'll ask again, do you want to play or not?" The strength slowly increased.

Feng Ruo was surprised at Feng Qing, as she had completely forgotten her own situation. What kind of martial arts did Feng Qing know?

Feng Ruo gritted her teeth, "Let them go!"

When he was brought here, his entire body was covered in blood, and the whip marks were extremely shocking.

"Meng Xia, you ?" The moment Meng Xia was brought up, Meng Bai rushed over to her side.

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