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He didn't even dare to touch her as tears streamed down his face. How did her little sister become like this? It had only been a day.

Feng Qing's gaze was cold as he looked at Meng Xia, who was lying on the ground. She was only sixteen to seventeen years old, yet she was already beaten to such a state.

"You are truly ruthless. How do you think I should let you go?"

"What are you going to do?" Feng Ruo struggled, how could she be as overbearing as she was just now?

"You'll know what I want to do later!" Xie Mei smiled.

However, this smile turned into fear in Feng Ruo's eyes.

The current Feng Qing made her feel unfamiliar, no! She must have changed when she came back.

She was afraid that Feng Qing would kill her, so she didn't want to die yet.

"Big sister, I was wrong. I don't dare to do it again. Please spare my sister!" I don't dare to do it again! "

Because she had been beaten by Feng Qing earlier in the day, her wounds were currently burning with pain. Thus, Feng Ruo's entire face became distorted, and she looked even more terrifying.

Feng Qing laughed with disdain!

If she could beg for mercy now, then why would she let them go when they were begging previously?

"Meng Bai, do what she did to your little sister!"

Meng Bai looked at Meng Xia on the ground, then looked at Feng Ruo who was being controlled by Feng Qing, hesitating.

She was only a servant girl, how could she be disrespectful to her master? However, seeing Meng Xia beaten up like that and hating Feng Ruo to the bone, how could such a kind-hearted little sister be beaten half to death?

While Meng Bai was pondering, Feng Qing's voice rang out, "Meng Bai, you two sisters have already offended her, so why do you need to care so much?"

"How dare you! "I am the second lady of the Prime Minister's Estate, how dare a mere servant girl like you hit her master?"

"Miss! "I ?" Meng Bai didn't move for a long time.

"What are you afraid of?"

Meng Bai took a deep breath and closed his eyes. She had already offended him once, so he didn't care this time. Thinking this way, he closed his eyes. Two slaps resounded through the room.

Meng Bai was stunned. His heart was pounding as he took in a deep breath, his face at a loss.

What did she do? She had actually slapped Feng Ruo twice.

Instantly, two palm imprints appeared on Feng Ruo's face.

"Meng Bai, you're too gentle!"

Meng Bai woke up from the shock of Feng Qing's words. The wind had turned into a mess.

The Miss had actually said that her hand was light, but she had used all of her strength. Even now, her palm still hurt!

"Miss! "I ?"

"Good job!" Feng Qing smiled and patted Meng Bai's shoulder.

"You! "Feng Qing, I will kill you!" Feng Ruo pounced towards Feng Qing like a madman.

With a flash, Feng Ruo threw herself forward and crashed into the corner of the table, fainting on the spot.

Meng Bai looked at the unconscious Feng Ruo and looked at Feng Qing in fear, "Miss! She's not dead, is she? " If Second Miss died, she would definitely pay with her life.

"He's not dead yet, he's just passed out! Help Meng Xia out first and get a doctor to take a look at her! "

"But?" She glanced at the person on the ground. How could she let the young mistress bear the burden of helping her like this?

"If we don't support her, she'll really die!"

Feng Qing watched as Meng Bai helped Meng Xia out before turning his head to look at the startled young maid at the side.

The young maid met Feng Qing's gaze and immediately knelt down. Her body trembled as she said, "Please spare my life, Eldest Miss. This servant did not see anything!"

Seeing her like this, Feng Qing couldn't help but think, is she a demon? It seems like she didn't do anything!

"What did you not see? Your master is not dead yet, he just fainted!"

He ignored the people at the side and rudely lifted Feng Ruo, throwing her onto the bed as if she was something.

It looked pretty good, but she didn't expect it to be so heavy. She looked at Feng Ruo's hand in disgust, wiping it again and again. No, she had to wash her hands.

After returning to the courtyard and seeing Meng Xia, Feng Qing returned to his room. Just as he took off his jacket and was about to take off his second piece of clothing, his hand stopped.

Three silver needles were thrown at the roof, and the masked man on the roof sidestepped and flew into the room.

"It's you!"

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