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The fire outside the room was blazing brightly. The guard then walked up to the door and asked, "Eldest Miss, what happened?"

The man covered her mouth and leaned close to her, whispering into her ear, "If you don't want to be the direct descendant of the Prime Minister's daughter, then it's best if you don't speak carelessly!"

Feng Qing glared at him in response to his threat as he gnashed his teeth and said: "I'm fine, I was just dreaming!"

"Eldest Miss, for your safety, why don't you let your subordinate take a look?" The guard was worried.

Feng Qing wanted to say something, but the masked man controlled her. His gaze seemed to say: If you dare to spout nonsense, then tomorrow, the entire city will be filled with scandals of your Eldest Miss Feng's men!

"No need, I'm not wearing any clothes!" She hadn't been wearing any clothes.

"Then this subordinate will take his leave!"

After they left, Feng Qing opened his mouth and said: "Can you let me go now?"

The masked man laughed and truly distanced himself from Feng Qing, "Miss Feng said that you have the ability to panic ? Tsk tsk tsk, he really is not ordinary strong! It's not red in the face, but it's not beating at all! "

"I didn't say I was panicking, so why do you blush so much?" He lowered his head to look at her.

The masked man followed her line of sight.

That's right! It was still well-stocked. Compared to those mediocre and ordinary fans, it was much better. At least it was to his taste!

Feng Qing was furious and stomped his foot. F * ck, where was he looking at?

The masked man's expression changed and he let out a muffled groan. He angrily looked at the proud woman and wished he could break her neck.

"How dare you step on me!" He was using "I" and not "this one", so one could imagine how angry he was. However, every time he saw the crabapple mark on his right shoulder, he would forcefully endure it.

"Humph!" If she couldn't beat the pervert, she could only step on him.

The masked man sneered and quickly left. He was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he would be angered to death by this woman.

There's something wrong!

Feng Qing cursed as he looked at his torn clothes. He was so angry that he stomped his feet. Why did she have to destroy the only piece of clothing she had? What was she going to wear tomorrow?

In the morning, Feng Qing was wearing a set of clothes he got from Meng Bai. As he was about to leave, he heard a scream. The whale-like scream came from Meng Bai, who was in her room.

He ran over to Meng Bai and asked, "Meng Bai, what's wrong?"

Meng Bai looked at Feng Qing in shock and asked, "Miss, you've recruited a thief in your room. How are you? Are you hurt?" As she spoke, she looked around at Feng Qing. Seeing that she was unharmed, she felt at ease.

The corner of Feng Qing's mouth twitched as he finally understood what she meant. Looking at the messy floor, she became angry. That damned pervert actually destroyed her room to such an extent.

"Meng Bai!" It's not a thief, it's me! "

Meng Bai did not understand! What was Miss doing?

"Young mistress, you ?" Miss did it, for heaven's sake! How could Miss have made the room look like a battlefield?

Feng Qing smiled embarrassedly. She was the one who did that, alright? She really wanted to clarify that it wasn't her, it was that pervert.

"Alright, Meng Bai, stop asking. Didn't you want to see your little sister? Hurry up and go. She'll wake up soon. She's injured so she can't move, so why aren't you rushing over?"

She just didn't want Meng Bai to ask again, otherwise, she would be so angry that she would want to hit someone. She, Feng Qing, had never been beaten up like this before.

Upon hearing that it was Meng Xia, Meng Bai hastily said a few simple words to Feng Qing, "Miss, please let this servant clean this place! Your servant will take her leave first! "

"Go! "Go on!"

People were passing by on the main street of the capital. Feng Qing was sitting on the second floor of the teahouse with his legs crossed. He was dressed in men's clothes and his long hair was tied up by a hairpin.

"Shopkeeper, which brothel in Dance Country is the largest?" Feng Qing asked.

The shopkeeper was a little surprised. This young master didn't look like someone who would indulge himself in luxury, but he didn't expect ?


Indeed, one should not judge a book by its cover. The shopkeeper's praise from before had turned into disdain, but it was none of his business. He replied, "Turn left in front and turn right. The brothel called Qing Cheng is the largest in the capital!"

"Thank you!" He got up and left.

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