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Standing in front of the Qingcheng Tower, he couldn't help but sigh with emotion. Indeed, it was the largest brothel, and its grandeur was comparable to that of the imperial palace.

As soon as he entered, many women surrounded him. The smell of makeup assaulted his nostrils and he frowned.

"Young master, it looks unfamiliar. Is this your first time here?"

"Young master, I've prepared some dishes and wine, would you mind sharing a cup with me?"

"Young master! Come to this servant's place! "

All sorts of coquettish voices surrounded him.

"I'm sorry! "Everyone, let's not talk about this. I've come to find your boss. If any of you can help me out, I'll have a drink with her." Feng Qing said straightforwardly.

"Young master, wait a moment, shall I call the boss?" After saying that, he disappeared like a madman.

Feng Qing heaved a sigh of relief and could not help but tremble. Wasn't this girl from the ancient brothels too crazy? She detested the smell of the makeup on her clothes.

The smell was too strong!

However, it was good that she was pretty. This way, he wouldn't have to go through so much trouble to find her.

Just like this, a certain person had his legs crossed as he ate and drank to his heart's content, waiting for news.

Not long later, a lady in white appeared in front of Feng Qing.

He then turned to Feng Qing and smiled, "It's you, Young Noble, looking for me?"

"I am Feng Qing, could you please take a step back and speak?"

"My little girl, Xia Guelong!" The woman nodded and walked toward the second floor.

He opened the door, sat down and looked at Feng Qing with a smile from start to finish, "I wonder if Young Noble Feng has any business with me?"

"I heard Qingcheng Tower is the largest brothel in the capital, I want to work with Aunt Liang, what do you think?"

The woman took a sip of the tea on the table, "Young master, you must be joking. I am just doing some small business. "It's not the biggest brothel in the capital."

"Before I went to look for him, I had already investigated Qing Cheng Tower thoroughly. Why would Uncle Xia need to be modest?"

"Young Master wants to cooperate, what benefits does this little girl have?"

"If you cooperate with me, all the money from the Qingcheng Tower will belong to you. However, Miss Xia, you have to promise me one thing!" Feng Qing looked at her. She definitely had to obtain this brothel.

"What condition?" The woman was a bit moved. Who wouldn't do such a great deal?

"The one behind this is me!"

Xia Geliang thought for a moment before agreeing. "Alright!"

Feng Qing took out five hundred thousand taels of silver from his bosom: "This is five hundred thousand taels of silver. Lady Xia, please gather all the orphans and beggars in three days. I will be here in three days!"

"Gather all the orphans and beggars, young master wants to ?"

"I'm not going to do anything wicked, Miss Xia can be at ease."

"I can agree to Young Master's request, but the concubines in Qingcheng Tower are all homeless people. Young Master, is that alright?"

Of course, he also knew that most of the women here were homeless or had been bought here.

"It's up to you to decide whether these women will stay or stay. Those who are willing to leave, let them go!"

"Young Master Xie!" This subordinate will take his leave! "

"Subordinate!" It was proof that Xia Geliang was willing to be on the same side as her.

"No need to call me that. Just call me Fengqing!" Compared to subordinates and the like, she preferred to use names because names were originally meant to be called after.

Feng Qing! Then don't call me Miss Xia, just call me by my name! " Xia Gege coldly smiled!

"If there's nothing else, then I'll be leaving first. I'll leave this place to you! "

Feng Qing got up and walked to the door. She thought of something and suddenly stopped. She turned her head and said, "Qing Cheng Lou is not as good as Feng Lai Lou!"

"I will do as Young Master says!" Xia Guoliang understood his meaning. She had also picked one up at random, using it for five years.

Feng Qing nodded his head and left!

Xia Guanlian stared at his departing back as she smiled, her heart filled with puzzlement and bewilderment.

He held the blueprints for the spear in his hand and headed straight to the place where he was going to forge the weapons.

Immediately, someone came over and asked, "What does young master need?"

Feng Qing didn't say anything as he took out the blueprint and placed it on the table.

The shop owner did not understand his actions and looked at him in puzzlement. "Young Master, this is?"

"Can I create the patterns on the map?" Feng Qing retorted.

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