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"Because..." A faint fragrance wafted over. He whispered in her ear, "Where's there a man with skin as tender and white as yours? Have you ever seen a man with breasts like this, eh?" As he spoke, he shot a look at the slightly hunched chest.

Feng Qing pushed him away and crossed his arms over his chest as he looked at him defensively while silently cursing.

Why didn't she think of these things? She was simply stupid, even more stupid than a pig.

When she was caught off guard, Xia Hou's Ink Seep had unknowingly taken the hairpin from her head. In that instant, his hair fell like a waterfall, and the creator of the hairpin even said, "This looks much more pleasing!" But it's not very good to be covered in silver needles all over your body? "

Damn it! When did he discover her and take away all her hidden weapons?

"It doesn't matter to you whether it's good or not!" Feng Qing retorted snappily, as he took the opportunity to attack.

Because she was injured, her speed was clearly much slower. If she wasn't like this normally, at least no one would be able to get close to her without her being able to react.

"He's pretty fierce!" Xiahou Ink Seep sidestepped to let her go, grabbing her hand at the same time. He stared blankly at the moment he touched her wrist.

Heart Devouring Gu! How could she be infected with this Gu? From the looks of it, he had been infected with the Gu for at least five years.

"Let me go! Trash guy, do you believe that I won't break your hand? " He struggled.

The moment she struggled, he woke up from his deep thoughts and said, "You're still so angry after being captured by me? "She really is a slut without any cultivation!"

"You are a shrew, your entire family is a shrew! "Is there even a need to train? How could you hug me when you're so well-rested? Do you not know if men and women are intimate with each other?"

"Are you a woman!?" At most, she is just a sharp tongued little girl! " With that, he tapped on her chest, picked her up, and carried her into the room.

"What are you doing? I'm telling you, even if you dare to touch a single hair on my head, I won't let you off even if you chase me to the ends of the earth!"

"Puchi!" A laugh came from the top of his head, "What are you thinking about? This young master is not interested in this fragile body of yours." He only wanted to check her pulse, and the Heart Devouring Gu was not an ordinary Gu. If he didn't understand the Gu, he definitely wouldn't live past three years.

"Then why did you tap my acupoint?" After Feng listened to him, her tone became a bit calmer, but she still gritted her teeth.

Just as he had said, her fragile body could no longer withstand any destruction. Even if he wanted to do something to her, she could not stop him.

Xiahou Ink Seep lifted her onto the soft couch and made her do it. Then he crouched down and put his hand on her pulse.

The shadow guard in the dark noticed that his own body was bent down to take someone's pulse. His movements were smooth and he couldn't help but open his mouth wide. Even the expressionless Leng Hao had a trace of surprise on his face.

Only Lord Ling, who had the authority to make his mistress lower her head, could do so. He didn't expect a woman to make his master lower his head as well.

This was indeed the trial of the hero and the beauty. The master was no exception, the guard thought to himself.

As if sensing the threat from his master, the guard raised his head and saw a cold gaze sweeping over him. He couldn't help but shiver.

It was really cold!

"When did you get the Gu?"

He was speechless. So he wanted to help her check her pulse. Why did he have to be so ambiguous? She had thought that ? Seeing him teasing her, he did it on purpose. This damnable man did it just to tease her, and when he thought of this, he glared at him. He really wanted to slap that charming face, but he checked her pulse and endured.

"What!?" Seeing your expression, it seems like you are unhappy with me? " He thought she was a talent to help her, and he was interested in the insects in her body.

The Gu sleeping in her body had not been awakened, so it was already a miracle that she could survive until now.

Once awakened, the Heart Devouring Gu would slowly devour the Gu's heart, causing the Gu victim to be tortured to death.

5-6 years, at that time she was still only a child that wasn't even 11 years old. The heart of the person who gave birth to the Gu was truly vicious, not even sparing the children.

Xiahou Ink Seep opened her acupoints and stood up.

"It's a Gu and not a poison?" Feng Qing was slightly surprised.

She thought it was poison, but it turned out to be a poison.

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